7th Annual Another Dam Race: Parker

10.5 mile race down the Colorado river. open to all Paddle families. Starting on the California side  ending on the Arizona side of the river at Blue water resort and Casino. This is where the party begins a Racers only raffle, the  infamous Tri tip outdoor bbq, refuel with Real Water, Azunia Tequila, Kona Brew. Share story with old and new friends. 2016 will be another exciting paddle/race. 

Late registration:  

3pm Friday 11/4/2016 CASH ONLY at the Blue Water Resort and Casino, Parker, Arizona Registration location at the Cantina River's Edge next to the wake park

Race Start:

9:00AM River Lodge Resort 675 Parker Dam Rd. Parker Dam, CA (access from the California side of the river below the Parker Dam)

Race Finish: 
Bluewater Casino River's Edge Cantina area

Lunch and Awards to follow at the outdoor theater grass area between casino and the Cantina

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

William Ashford1OC-160+Guy
Toni Bushong2OC-160+Girl
John Croteau4OC-1Legends 50+Guy
Michael Ashford7OC-1Legends 50+Guy
Alex Stuart8OC-160+Guy
Danny Caron10OC-160+Guy
Richard Davidson, Sandy Davidson14OC-2Legends 50+Mixed
Bruce Slater15OC-160+Guy
Cathy Chandler17OC-1Legends 50+Girl
Deidre Baggett18OC-1Legends 50+Girl
Ken Smith, Mary Bisson24OC-260+Mixed
Mark Geraghty33SUP Under 14'60+Guy
Judith Walaszczyk34SUP Under 14'60+Girl
Rochelle Beasley36SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
Margaret Neiman39SUP Under 14'60+Girl
Mundo Juillerat40SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
John Tyler41SUP Under 14'60+Guy
Martie Wells44SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Crystal Bernal45SUP Under 14'60+Girl
Christa Kiter46SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
G P Pelliteri47SUP Under 14'60+Girl
Paul Rusin50SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Kai Dano52SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Jim Murphy57SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Bridget Bero60SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
Kerry Thompson62OC-1Legends 50+Guy
Maureen Dempsey, Kevin Dempsey64OC-260+Mixed
Elaine Peat-foster67SUP Under 14'60+Girl
Jim Thompson68SUP Under 14'60+Guy
Christi Barbieri72SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
Paul Parry73SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Patrick Little76SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Kristin Thomas78SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
David Daum80SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Jack Garland81OC-160+Guy
Robert Bertelli89K1Legends 50+Guy
Maggie Adams93SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
James Rojas97OC-1Legends 50+Guy
Lance Erickson102SUP Under 14'60+Guy
Sandi Gates104SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
Thomas Stephenson106SUP Under 14'60+Guy
Bill Mcgrath117SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Bob Long128SUP Under 14'60+Guy
Doug Emery132SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Jerry Penhall134OC-160+Guy
Jane Culp166SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
Gary Simmons170SUP Under 14'60+Guy
Jim Shelley172SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Jeff Balaban174SUP Under 14'60+Guy
Brad Gill, Leeann Bare175OC-2Legends 50+Mixed
Scott Diederich180Surfski SingleLegends 50+Guy
Wendy Dewitt184OC-1Legends 50+Girl
Viviana Pinilla185SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
Tom Needham189OC-160+Guy
Matt Larkin190SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Lance Ponce202OC-1Legends 50+Guy
Darrell Robinson206SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Cori Freischlag210SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
Brian Phelps217SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Rene Bruz221SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Karen Ward222SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Girl
Steve Raap224OC-160+Guy
Todd Moffatt225SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Clete Dadian226SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Mitch Kahn227Surfski SingleLegends 50+Guy
Phil Kramer243SUP Under 14'Legends 50+Guy
Willie Lau300OC-160+Guy
Sandra Ms16OC6OpenGuy
Audrey Stempel19OC6OpenMixed
Kim Williamson20OC6OpenGirl
Dave Quinn21OC6OpenMixed
Stephen Mahelona22OC6OpenGuy
Stacie Mahelona23OC6OpenGirl
Kui Eugenio29OC6OpenMixed
Henry Guzman43OC6OpenMixed
Leilani Deleon58OC6OpenGirl
Sheila Beuler59OC6OpenMixed
Jennifer Humboldt63OC6OpenGirl
Scott Bingham69OC6OpenGuy
John Gallaudet70OC6OpenMixed
Lisa Nichols77OC6OpenMixed
Mary Barriault84OC6OpenGirl
Toni Brown88OC6OpenMixed
Renee Oliver92OC6OpenGirl
Jill Johnson96OC6OpenMixed
Jim Taylor98OC6OpenGuy
Marni Parsons101OC6OpenMixed
Dave Martyn116OC6OpenMixed
Rj De Rama125OC6OpenGuy
Denise Young129OC6OpenMixed
Katrina Lyter130OC6OpenGirl
James Rojas153OC6OpenGirl
Marni Parsons Crew Three154OC6OpenMixed
Jim Taylor Crew Two155OC6OpenMixed
Kapolioka Ehukai White158OC6OpenMixed
John Gallaudet Crew Three159OC6OpenGuy
Kui Eugenio Crew Two163OC6OpenMixed
Sandra Ms Lb Two164OC6OpenGuy
Sandra Ms Lb Three165OC6OpenGuy
Maika Scott179OC6OpenGuy
Marni Parsons Crew Four213OC6OpenGirl
Bo Ng216OC6OpenMixed
Bruce Griffiths48OC6Legends 50+Guy
Cathy Carlson94OC6Legends 50+Girl
Jill Stafford119OC6Legends 50+Girl
Denise Young152OC6Legends 50+Girl
Mary Barriault Crew Two156OC6Legends 50+Girl
Mary Barriault Crew Three157OC6Legends 50+Mixed
Kanaka Crew Two160OC6Legends 50+Guy
Kanaka Crew Three161OC660+Guy
Kanaka Crew Four162OC660+Guy
Sheila Beuler192OC6Legends 50+Mixed
Newport Double Hull Mixed A244Double HullOpenMixed
Newport Double Hull Mixed B245Double HullOpenMixed
Newport Double Hull Mixed C246Double HullOpenMixed
Tj Munks6SUP 12'6"U16Guy
Teri Carlin12SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Corey Carlin13SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Margaret Coulombe, Cecilia Ng25OC-2OpenGirl
Melanie Caron26SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Diana Durham, Stacey Dyer28OC-2OpenGirl
Ilona White, Jose Heredia30OC-2OpenMixed
Havy Lanier35SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Sheena Frizzell37SUP 14'OpenGirl
James Riley42Prone (All)OpenGuy
Shawn Willhite51SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Eric Daughtry53SUP 14'OpenGuy
Jeff Kay54OC-1OpenGuy
Nathan Lau55OC-1OpenGuy
Terry Stevens, Kristin Stevens56SUP Unlimited (2-Person)OpenMixed
William Weiss61SUP 14'OpenGuy
Tom Carras, Gary Springer65OC-2OpenGuy
Steffi Griffin66SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Melissa Newton74SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Ramona Hill82SUP 14'OpenGirl
Wes Stone83Prone (All)OpenGuy
David Kao85SUP 14'OpenGuy
Terry Frogley86Prone (All)OpenGuy
Jasmine Stiles87Prone (All)OpenGirl
Schyler Perez, Gary Mortimer90OC-2OpenMixed
Keagan Lamar95SUP 12'6"U16Guy
Ryan Fullerton99SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Dan Denniston100SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
John Gates103SUP 14'OpenGuy
Danny Marron105SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Vincent San Nicolas107SUP 14'OpenGuy
Conor Doyle108Prone (All)OpenGuy
Alex Visconti109SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Raden Baldogo110SUP 14'OpenGuy
Adam Cameron111SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Will Schmidt112SUP 14'OpenGuy
Shonna Litton Brown113SUP 14'OpenGirl
Court Fetter115SUP 14'OpenGuy
Jason Kierein118SUP 14'OpenGuy
Kurt Benson122SUP 14'OpenGuy
Susie Kiley123SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Michael Timmermeyer124OC-1OpenGuy
Suzette Robinson126SUP 14'OpenGirl
Helen Matthews127SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Dawn Emery131SUP 14'OpenGirl
Kate Tommey, Alanna Hoyer133OC-2OpenGirl
John Acosta135SUP 14'OpenGuy
Brian Bender136OC-1OpenGuy
Jarod Miller, Jeanna Ashford167OC-2OpenMixed
Jennie Sandvig169SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Nicole Rhoades171KayakOpenMixed
Wendy Trout173SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Dara Fowler176SUP 14'OpenGirl
Bryan Klaers177SUP 14'OpenGuy
Roy Thorne178SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Zibi Wadzynski181SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Mark Lowe182SUP 14'OpenGuy
Anne Cook183SUP 14'OpenGirl
Jason Meffe186SUP 14'OpenGuy
Heidi Heinz187SUP 14'U16Girl
David Heinz188SUP 12'6"U16Guy
Steve Ward201SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Sean Stevenson203SUP 14'OpenGuy
Rob Griffin204SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Tiffany Tudyk205SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Justin Van Dyck207SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Trent Mcwhinney208SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Ralph Cabansag209SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Chris Sinatra212SUP 14'OpenGuy
Anne Deconinck215SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Dave Boehne218SUP 14'OpenGuy
Jenny Kingsley219SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Kirk Mitchell220SUP 14'OpenGuy
Lisa Hammond223SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Mike Becker228SUP 14'OpenGuy
Steven Lynch229Surfski SingleOpenGuy
Rene Bruz240SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Anthony Vela241SUP 14'OpenGuy
Adam Brown242SUP 14'OpenGuy
Luke Wilson247SUP 12'6"U16Guy
John Knippers248SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Rob Borrelli3OC6OpenMixed
Kel Schwartz11OC6OpenGirl
Renee Shirakawa32OC6OpenGirl
Alex Gonzales38OC6OpenMixed
Ray Shipman49OC6OpenGuy
Tracy Rogers71OC6OpenMixed
Kas Metzler75OC6OpenMixed
Joseph Munro79OC6OpenMixed
Heather Burns114OC6OpenGirl
Noam Elroi120OC6OpenGuy
Susanna Ieng121OC6OpenMixed
John Gallaudet150OC6OpenGuy
Jeff Estep5OC6Legends 50+Guy
Forrest Wild27OC6Legends 50+Mixed
David Moranville31OC6Legends 50+Guy
Victoria Boss91OC6Legends 50+Girl
Justin Feesago200OC660+Guy
Marni Parsons Crew Two211OC6Legends 50+Mixed

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Start will be on the water accessed from the River Lodge Resort
You are responsible to get yourselves and equipment to the start line race morning  
Coordinate carpool after race to retrieve vehicles with other paddlers
Paddle 10.5 miles down the Colorado River to the finish line at the Bluewater Casino


Nov 5, 2016


Parker Dam, CA