Big South Fork River Dash

The Explore Kentucky Initiative is proud to announce the creation of the Big South Fork River Dash, an inaugural race sponsored by Southern Paddlesports, McCreary Tourism, Farm House Inn Bed and Breakfast, Outdoor Venture Corporation, Mountain Tech Media, the McCreary County Chamber of Commerce Be In The Water, DCH Technologies, The Affordable Outdoors, and the Big South Fork Scenic Railway. This event will be one of the last paddlesports race of 2016 in the upper Southeast.

Paddlers will have a chance to experience the beauty of the Big South Fork ional River & Recreation Area, one of our country’s great frontiers through a 8 mile flatwater river dash down the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River while being surrounded by scenic gorges, sandstone bluffs, and lush forestland. This is a spectacular paddle sports event you do not want to miss!

Registration Deadline: November 8th, 2016 

Race Cap: 50 Paddlers 

Registration Cost: 

  • $35 Solo craft

  • $50 Tandem craft

Rentals are available via Sheltowee Trace Outfitters

  • $22 Solo Kayak
  • $32 Tandem Canoe or Kayak

Race classes will consist of the following:

  • Men and Women's SUP (All Board lengths)

  • Men and Women's Solo Kayak

  • Men and Women Solo Canoe

  • Tandem Kayak

  • Tandem Canoe

Awards will be for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in class!

All Racers Will Receive:

  • Free train ticket for the Big South Fork Scenic Railway.

  • Commemorative coin

  • Raffle ticket for various prizes including a Tandem Kayak, Red River Gorge Zipline Pass, and more.

  • 10% Discount on dinner at Whistle Stop Cafe

9:30 AM. to 10:30 AM. Check in.
10:30 AM. Pre race meeting (mandatory)
11 A.M: Mass Start 

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Adam Wade3C1AllGuy
Tim Schramm4High Performance KayakAllGuy
Josh Trosper5KayakAllGuy
Shara Sumner6KayakAllGirl
Mark Snider7High Performance KayakAllGuy
Erik Snider8High Performance KayakAllGuy
Jim Brunton9High Performance KayakAllGuy
Sam Whisman10KayakAllGuy
Randy Ray11High Performance KayakAllGuy
Staci Daugherty12KayakAllGirl
Pamela King14KayakAllGirl
Mary Flynn15High Performance KayakAllGirl
Patrick Dour16High Performance KayakAllGuy
Marty Leiske17KayakAllGuy
Sloane Graff19Rowing Racing SingleAllGuy
Lora Shepherd20KayakAllGirl
Michael Shepherd21KayakAllGuy
Michael Shubert22High Performance KayakAllGuy
Laura Mirabile26High Performance KayakAllGirl
Audy Murphy29KayakAllGuy
Fred Tuttle30C1AllGuy
Wayne Stout32KayakAllGuy
Wendell Martin33OC-1AllGuy
William Cummins37High Performance KayakAllGuy
Bob Cummins38High Performance KayakAllGuy
James Brockman39KayakAllGuy
Joseph Dichiacchio40High Performance KayakAllGuy
John Mccue41High Performance KayakAllGuy
Michael Westenberger42OC-1AllGuy
Jake Sedlacek47KayakAllGuy
Alan Farmer48KayakAllGuy
Jonathan Ware13SUP (All)AllGuy
Karl Eugster44SUP (All)AllGuy
Angela Mayfield45SUP (All)AllGirl
Mark Herman46SUP (All)AllGuy
Leah Fuller49SUP (All)AllGirl
Adrian Angell50SUP (All)AllGuy
Carmen Travis51SUP (All)AllGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Nov 12, 2016


Whitley City, KY