Can You Canoe Cayuga 2016

----> Pre-registration is Now Closed <----
There is on-site registration starting at 9:00 at Stewart Park

Can You Canoe Cayuga is a fun, challenging paddling event for paddle craft of all types and for paddlers of all skill levels.

In 2011, The Cayuga Lake Watershed Network
a non-profit organization whose sole purpose is education and advocacy for the protection of the Cayuga Lake Watershed, created the Can You Canoe Cayuga event to highlight the beauty of Cayuga Lake in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, and to raise awareness and support for active stewardship of this beautiful resource.  For the past 5 years paddlers have traveled the 38-mile length of Cayuga Lake in canoes, kayaks, SUPs, dragon boats and outrigger canoes.

This year we have an exciting new loop format which supports all skill levels, and creates a festive, family-friendly environment centered at Stewart Park in Ithaca, NY. 

10:00am   15-mile Taughannock Point Loop ($40, $25 students)
10:10am   Quick Start Your Kayak -- Learn Basic Strokes and Self Rescue ($10)
12:00pm   6.0-mile Ithaca Yacht Club Loop ($40, $25 students)
12:10pm   Quick Start Your SUP -- Learn Basic Strokes and Self Rescue ($10)
1:00pm     1.5-mile Front Light Loop (Free! but you have to buy your own T-Shirt!)
Teams: request a $5 discount coupon per person.
There is a registration button to the right or you can register here.

Teams, individuals, relays, families and first timers are welcome!

For those who don't have their own paddle craft, event-long kayak, canoe and SUP rentals are available. Short term rentals for the short loop, or just for fun, are available at the event as well.

Reserve canoes, single and double kayaks, and stand-up-paddle boards for the longer events. Reservations are not needed for short periods during the day or the short loop.  All rentals include life jackets and paddles.

Local food trucks Dos Amigos, That's How I Roll Sushi, and Frozen Moments will make this a fun, festive, and family-friendly event. 

Ithaca-based The Yardvarks will be playing live at our afternoon celebration specializing in "all of your favorite Neo-Obscuro tunes from the 50's - 80's."

Raffle Tickets for a beautiful locally-made Gillespie Paddle will be available at the event for $5 each.

Goodie Bags:
Cool goodie bags, awesome event shirt, live music and fantastic food trucks -- are all great reasons to come to paddle, volunteer, enjoy Stewart Park and support the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network.

Training Suggestions (for longer loops):
Click here for more information about the event, training advice, what to bring, clothing suggestions, and information about the prime sponsor, The Cayuga Lake Watershed Network.

When:       Sunday, September 11, 2016

Where:      Small Pavilion, Stewart Park, Ithaca, NY

Start Times:    

NOTE: Check in about an hour prior to event to receive event numbers, say hello and collect goodie-bags.

9:00am     Registration Begins

10:00am   Begin 15-mile Taughannock Point Loop

10:10am   Quick Start Your Kayak -- Learn Basic Strokes and Self Rescue

12:00pm   Begin 6.0-mile Ithaca Yacht Club Loop

12:10pm   Quick Start Your SUP -- Learn Basic Strokes and Self Rescue

1:00pm     Begin 1.5-mile Front Light Loop

2:00pm     Live Music starts

4:00pm     Cayuga Lake Challenge Flotilla -- Everyone on the water for a photo!

Need to rent?
Canoes, single and double kayaks, and stand-up-paddle boards are available to rent for the event on our registration page, or for short periods at Stewart Park.  All rentals include life jackets and paddles. Contact Paddle-n-More at 607-441-6773 or register online (Kayak, SUP, Canoe) or Puddle Dockers at 607-273-0096. If you have a team that needs boats, contact Reagan's Canoe and Kayak Livery and ask for the group price.

Bring cash to take advantage of our great food trucks and ice cream vendors!

Gillespie Paddle Raffle!
Raffle tickets will be available during the event for $5 each for a beautiful Gillespie Paddle, locally made in Rochester, NY.  All proceeds go to benefit the Cayuga Lake Watershed Network.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Mary Centrella15KayakAllGirl
Kalyn Deans16KayakAllGirl
Aaron Bhole21KayakAllGuy
Eric Carter25KayakAllGuy
Laura Thomas31All other typesAllGirl
Bill Shaw33CanoeAllMixed
Jennifer Voorhees50KayakAllGirl
Kayla Markwardt59SUP (All)AllGirl
Sally Lockwood9AllAllAll
Deborah Santeliz Lockwood10AllAllAll
Martha Ferger44AllAllAll
Beth Brunelle52AllAllAll
Lisa Borst55AllAllAll
Edna Brown63AllAllAll
Ann Herzig65AllAllAll
Paul Davis1SUP (All)All agesAll
Barbara Knuth3CanoeAll agesAll
Kurt Jirka4CanoeAll agesAll
Cynthia Brock7OC6All agesAll
Paul Closs8OC6AllAll
Jerry Hill12KayakAllGuy
Sandra Greene13KayakAllGirl
Nancy Gruen14OC6AllMixed
Paul Wiech17OC-1AllGuy
Jim Mcdonough18KayakAllGuy
John Rutledge20KayakAllGuy
Michael Davis22KayakAllGuy
Peter Rogers24OC6AllMixed
Brian Durfee26KayakAllGuy
Howard Silcoff27KayakAllMixed
Cindy Gordon28KayakAllMixed
Lori Brewer32All other typesAllGirl
John Mayer34All other typesAllMixed
Skip Simmonds35OC6AllGuy
James Lozier36KayakAllGuy
Paul Norton37All other typesAllMixed
Stacey Black38KayakAllGuy
Tim Houseknecht39KayakAllMixed
Sarah Housknecht40KayakAllMixed
Scott Freyburger43OC6AllMixed
Thomas Whitlow53All other typesAllGuy
Luke Whitlow54All other typesAllGuy
David Makar56OC6AllMixed
Laurie Cuomo58SUP (All)AllGirl
Michael Cook61SUP (All)AllGuy
Will Smith62OC-1AllGuy
Casey Washburn5KayakAll AgesAll
Liz Voorhees6KayakAll AgesAll
David Tanner11CanoeAllAll
Angela Rider19KayakAllMixed
Mary Ann Lutz23KayakAllGirl
Patrick Rimassa29KayakAllGuy
Neil Geddes30KayakAllGuy
Stephanie Mulinos41KayakAllGirl
Trey Birdwell42CanoeAllGuy
John Dennis45KayakAllGuy
Vegard Macneill48KayakAllMixed
Tanya Loomis49KayakAllMixed
Suzanne Organ51KayakAllGirl
Illa Burbank60KayakAllGirl
Mark Witmer64KayakAllMixed

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

15-mile Taughannock Point Loop

Starts at 10:00 AM from Stewart Park. 
There is a required check-in at Taughannock Park South West of the swimming area with light snacks.
Safety boats will be tracking paddlers on the water.

6-Mile Loop to Ithaca Yacht Club

Starts at 12:00 AM from Stewart Park and travels along the west side of the lake to the Ithaca Yacht Club and back. 
Safety boats will be tracking paddlers on the water.

Medium Loop

1.5-Mile Loop

Starts at 1:00 PM from Stewart Park and travels to the Front Light pilings and back. A safety boat will be tracking paddlers on the water.

There will be other opportunities to paddle along the lake during the day as well.

Registration will be at the Small Pavilion next to the playground (see logo below). Once you enter the park take a left and follow the signs.

Departure will be from the floating dock close to the registration desk or, in the case of heavy weather or larger boats, the floating dock next to the Cascadilla boat club. There is ample parking throughout the park.


Sep 11, 2016


Ithaca, NY