Capital SUP Race Series Event #1: Creek to Creek

The Capital SUP Race Series was created to keep the Maryland & Washington DC paddling communities engaged through the fall & winter months by creating a fun, social, and competitive atmosphere of paddle racing. Open to all levels of paddlers. Open to Stand up paddleboards, surf ski's, and outrigger canoes. 

Event #1: Creek to Creek will be a Recreational 2.5 mile course and Elite 5 Mile course exploring Spa Creek & Back Creek in Annapolis, MD. Both races are only $20 to participate! 

  • No same day registration. Must register before 6:00PM Friday, October 20.

Capital SUP will be renting equipment for the race. Each board includes a lifejacket, leash, and paddle. 

Rental Pricing: 
14ft Raceboard: $30
12'6ft Raceboard: $30
All-Around board: $20

Questions? Email
10:00AM-11:15AM Paddlers Arrive at Capital SUP
11:30AM-11:45AM Race Course Meeting 
12:00PM Elite Surf Ski & Outrigger Start
12:05PM Elite SUP Start
12:10PM Recreational Race Start
2:00PM Race Recap / Recognition 

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Mark Sanfacon1SUP 14'AllGuy
Jeff Sanfacon2SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Alex Young4SUP 14'AllGuy
Charlie Martel5SUP 14'AllGuy
Justin Markel7OC-1AllGuy
Sarah Nelson9SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Emerson Smith10OC2AllGuy
Brenda Norman11SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Wayne Best17SUP 14'AllGuy
Kevin Rawls18SUP 14'AllGuy
Jim Hall19OC2AllGuy
Deb Hall20OC2AllGirl
Jim Calvert22SUP 14'AllGuy
Chris Morgan23SUP 14'AllGuy
Colin Gload26SUP 14'AllGuy
Paul Colasito29OC-1AllGuy
Tony Moynagh30SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Cody Iorns34SUP 14'AllGuy
Lianne Dunbar35SUP 12'6"AllGuy
John Richardson36SUP 14'AllGuy
F M Lendor37SUP 14'AllGuy
Sarah Minard38SUP 14'AllGirl
Samantha Stewart3SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Denny Newborn6SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Beth Paquette8SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Kimberly Weiss13SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Nicole Stimpson14SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Paige Curran15SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Jennifer Carlson16SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Clarke Green21SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Ronald Kaiser24SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Cathy Wenrichkaiser25SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Brian Cleary27SUP 14'AllGuy
Zarah Colasito28SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Lisa Long31SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Jessica Morgan32SUP Non-RaceboardAllGirl
Andrew Mclean33SUP 14'AllGuy
David Petrovics12Surfski SingleOpenGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Our address is 808 Boucher Ave, Annapolis, MD. 


Oct 21, 2017


Annapolis, MD