Casco Bay Challenge

 June  / 27/28 - South Portland to Merepoint , Brunswick ,ME
Race Phone  - 207-841-5321


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Peter Van Allen1Surfski Single50+Guy
Mark Berry2Surfski Single18-49Guy
Gina Miller3Surfski Single18-49Girl
Joe Shaw4Surfski Single50+Guy
Nick Sidlin5Surfski Single18-49Guy
Martin Lowenfish6OC-118-49Guy
Bob Capellini7Surfski Single50+Guy
Kathy Summers8SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Dan Havens, Kathleen Mcnamee9OC-218-49Mixed
Kim Reilly10SUP 14'50+Girl
Bob Arnot11SUP Unlimited50+Guy
Matt Drayer12Surfski Single18-49Guy
Kenneth T Walls13OC-150+Guy
Ryan Prentiss14SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Sara Jordan15OC-118-49Girl
Joel Clement16OC-118-49Guy
Allison Reid17SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Roger Crossland18OC-150+Guy
Mariano Scandizzo19Surfski Single18-49Guy
Timmy Shields20Surfski Single18-49Guy
Tim Milligan21Surfski Single50+Guy
Bruce Deltorchio22Surfski Single50+Guy
Dave Murray23Surfski Single50+Guy
Chris Sherwood24Surfski Single50+Guy
Greg Lesher25Surfski Single18-49Guy
William Rhodes26OC-150+Guy
Andrey Drachenko27OC-118-49Guy
Marc Lessard28OC-150+Guy
John Connelly29Surfski Single50+Guy
Thomas Tieman30Surfski Single50+Guy
Neil Lang31Surfski Single18-49Guy
Kevin Murphy32OC-118-49Guy
Robert Lang33Surfski Single50+Guy
Luke Vicens34SUP 14'18-49Guy
Kathleen Mcnamee35Surfski Single18-49Girl
Mario Blackburn36Surfski Single50+Guy
Tim Summers37OC-118-49Guy
Mary Beth Gangloff38Surfski Single18-49Girl
James Mallory39Surfski Single50+Guy
Rod Mclain40OC-150+Guy
Luke Rhodes41OC-118-49Guy
Kai Bartlett42OC-118-49Guy
Quincy Ayscue43OC-118-49Guy
Pam Boteler44Surfski Single18-49Girl
John Stevens45SUP 14'18-49Guy
Eric Mcnett46Surfski Single18-49Guy
Jim Milligan47Surfski Single18-49Guy
Howard Thorburn48Surfski Single18-49Guy
Jan Lupinski49Surfski Single18-49Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Start - Willard Beach Park, 1 Fisherman Ln, Portland, ME - 1pm to 5pm
Finish - Merepoint, 1169 Mere Point Rd, Brunswick, ME 04011
(If you have a shuttle driver for your car, meet at the start point. If you do not have a driver, meet at Merepoint, 10am for limited shuttle service to the start provided by Eric McNett and his Van/ trailer.) Space is limited so, be sure to bring a driver along with you . 

Garmin GPX File to down load direct to your on boat gps  ( Send to Device upper right corner on Garmin Course page )
Note: Course may be updated up to the time of race start due to conditios
Willard Beach Park
Beach Street
South PortlandMaine 04106
United States

Phone: 2078415321 


Jun 27 to Jun 28, 2015


Portland, ME