Catalina Challenge Relay

The Ocean Ohana Catalina Challenge Relay is the California’s premier relay event.  Avalon to Dana point is 39.8 miles; although generally calm conditions, this event will challenge any paddler.

Registration closes Friday night April 5th. All teams must pre-register!

Please checkout their website for more details!

8:00 a.m. - Standup women teams 8:30: a.m. - Standup coed, Standup men, Paddleboard teams 9:30 a.m. - OC1 women, OC1 Co-ed, OC1 Golden Masters Men, OC2 women, OC2 Co-ed teams 10:00 a.m. - OC1 men, OC2 men, Surfski teams

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Kim Dolezsar, Bob Woodman1OC-1 (2 Person)Masters 40-49Guy
Kyle Noone, Mike Litter2OC-1 (2 Person)Masters 40-49Guy
Dana Murray, Josephine Monge, Allen Schade, Jody Conners4OC-2 (4 Person)Masters 40-49Mixed
Mike Vaughan, Seth Springer7SUP 14' (2 Person)Open 20-39Guy
Robin Maclean, Suzanne Serafin, Susan Wynn, Mary Kay Schmidt8OC-2 (4 Person)Masters 40-49Girl
Stephen Sorbom, Cody Silvester13OC-1 (2 Person)Open 20-39Guy
Jay Wild, Byron Kurt15SUP 14' (2 Person)Masters 40-49Guy
Roch Frey, Donald Miralle, George Plsek17Prone (3 Person)Masters 40-49Guy
Wendy Dewitt, Laurie Rubie, Kathy Sheets, Dy Valdez18OC-2 (4 Person)Open 20-39Girl
Junette Mccarthy, Katy Arnold, Douglas Reinika, Kyle Renkei19OC-2 (4 Person)Open 20-39Mixed
Steve Sullivan, Don Casper, Vinny Rosato22OC-1 (3 Person)Masters 40-49Guy
Chris Cornejo, Stephen Sinkus24OC-1 (2 Person)Open 20-39Guy
Charlie Banfield, Roman Kristl25OC-1 (2 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Drew Anastasio, Kevin Dempsey, Gary Webber, Jack Garland26OC-2 (4 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Jennifer Holcomb, Leah Ching28OC-1 (2 Person)Open 20-39Girl
Erich Lindberg, Jerry Marcil, Christian Klump30OC-1 (3 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Ray Shipman, Danny Ching32OC-1 (2 Person)Open 20-39Guy
Laurie Weisler, Jean Geddes, Kellie Lancaster, Lorie Vos33OC-2 (4 Person)Open 20-39Girl
Adrian Stoin, Earl Almario34OC-1 (2 Person)Masters 40-49Guy
Carolyn Partridge, Sean Tiernan, Kim Tiernan35OC-1 (3 Person)Open 20-39Mixed
Dave Krueger, Anthony Ramsey, Maika Scott, Rj De Rama38OC-2 (4 Person)Open 20-39Guy
Brad Fyffe, Christian Shubin, Donald Preston, Lawrence Johnson39SUP 14' (4 Person)Open 20-39Guy
Mark Miyamoto, Corey Simpson, Jack Roney40OC-1 (3 Person)Open 20-39Guy
Richard Graham, Brent Campbell42OC-1 (2 Person)Open 20-39Guy
Albert Ching, Karl Fjoslien, Christopher Harper43OC-1 (3 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Josh Crayton, Garrett Crayton, Ryland Hart, Carl Ellett44OC-2 (4 Person)Open 20-39Guy
Tyler Resh, Reno Caldwell, John Kucera, Robert Thurmond47Prone (4 Person)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Daniella Carrese, Kylie Bergan, Anna Meghan Savisaar, Jenny Jones49OC-2 (4 Person)U19Girl
Spencer Lujan, Michael Rio50OC-1 (2 Person)U19Guy
Liam Dixon, Gunnar Logan51OC-1 (2 Person)U19Guy
David Groke, Jake Huggins, Cade Scharnell52OC-1 (3 Person)U19Guy
Jill Schooler, Jeane Barrett57OC-1 (2 Person)Masters 40-49Girl
Nathan Shore, Tim Dougherty58OC-1 (2 Person)Masters 40-49Guy
Mark Avina, Ross Flemer60OC-1 (2 Person)Masters 40-49Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The race will start just South of Avalon bay in Lovers Cove, Heading East towards Dana point harbor (37.25 miles).  There is a Red Bell Buoy at the mouth of the Harbor, Make a left hand turn around the buoy and head North west towards the back end of the Harbor along the outside channel (1.25 miles).   Boats in the harbor have right of way. The finish will be at the end of the Youth Facility Dock just off of Baby Beach.


Apr 7, 2013


Avalon, CA