Catalina Classic

On Sunday, August 24th, 2014, paddlers from all over the United States will take to the waters off of Southern California in the 37th Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race, the premier and most historical paddleboard race in the world. Officially started in 1955 by Los Angeles County Lifeguard Bob Hogan, the first Catalina crossing was won in 1932 by Tom Blake, beating out Pete Peterson and Wally Burton in just under 6 hours. Legendary watermen such as Ricky Grigg, Mike Bright, Tom Zahn, Gregg Noll, Bob Hogan, Kemp Aaberg, Mike Doyle, George Downing, Joe Quigg, Mickey Munoz, Mike Eaton, Buzzy Kerbox, Joe Bark, Jamie Mitchell, and Laird Hamilton have helped make the Catalina Classic the preeminent waterman’s event of the year. Paddlers will leave Catalina Island at dawn and paddle 32 miles to the Manhattan Beach Pier on boards between 12 and 19 feet long, using only their hands to propel them through the water. Swells, Currents and wind conditions play into what is notoriously one of the most grueling endurance events in the world.


1928: Tom Blake wins first mainland surfing/paddleboard race on a 120-pound board and breaks every paddleboard record that previously existed.

1932: Tom Blake makes first ever Catalina crossing and beats out paddlers Pete Peterson and Wally Burton, going 29 miles in just under 6 hours.

Early 1950s: Marks an era of new paddlers and paddleboard design, and the legendary Taplin races between city and country lifeguards.

1955: Bob Hogan founds the International Paddleboard Competition from Catalina to Manhattan Beach Pier.

1961: The Catalina event is cancelled due to dangerous conditions and, following the death of chamber leader Bob Jean, the race goes into a period of hibernation for over almost 20 years.

1982: Gibby Gibson and Buddy Bohn revive the Catalina Race for a field of 10 competitors.

1982 – 2006: Steve Fairbrother, Tom Allen, Buddy Bohn, and Gibby Gibson continue to bring more competitors to the Catalina Classic and raise the awareness of the sport.

2006-2011: Six-time winner, Kyle Daniels takes leadership of the Catalina Classic.

2012-Present: Francziska Steagall becomes the Race Director of the Catalina Classic.



Unlimited      5:02:12            Tim Gair                     1999

Stock               5:55:31            Gary Fortune             1999


The Catalina Classic Paddleboard race is held each year the weekend before Labor Day. This year the race will begin on August 24, 2014 at 6:00 a.m.

6am Start!!

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Max First1Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Canon Smith2Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Tod Robinson3Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Bert Charlton4Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Donald Miralle5Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Roch Frey6Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Erik Matheson7Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Aaron Mckinnon8Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Dan Mann9Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
James Miller Iii10Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Steve Shikiya12Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Greg Hinds13Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Cameron Merrill14Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Danny Ender15Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Lockwood Holmes16Prone StockOpenGuy
Ben Diener17Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Zeb Walsh18Prone StockOpenGuy
Scott Rusher19Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
John Ward20Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Paul Reusch21Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Doug Weems22Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Geoffrey Page23Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Ron Nelsen24Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Benjamin Landis25Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Steve Shlens26Prone StockOpenGuy
Matt Walls27Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Austin Bates28Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Reno Caldwell29Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Tommy Coon30Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Dave Waxx31Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Jason Weber32Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Michael Collins33Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Jack Bark34Prone StockOpenGuy
Rodney Ellis35Prone StockOpenGuy
Ryan Pingree36Prone StockOpenGuy
Robert Schade37Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Carter Graves38Prone StockOpenGirl
John Carroll39Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Robb Eichelberger40Prone StockOpenGuy
Mike Jackson41Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Jo Ambrosi42Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
John Martin43Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Dougie Smith44Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Jon Loren45Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Gregg Buckley46Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Jared Sayers47Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Casey Annis48Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Jay Scheckman49Prone StockOpenGuy
Kyle Smith50Prone StockOpenGuy
Aaron Osten51Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Dj O'brien52Prone StockOpenGirl
Chris Sheehan53Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Phil Ambrose54Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Jon Stange55Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Gavin Rubin56Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Bruce Beach57Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Foster Campbell58Prone StockOpenGuy
Dave Stringer59Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Greg Uruburu60Prone StockOpenGuy
Tyler Sinks61Prone StockOpenGuy
Erin Morgan62Prone StockOpenGuy
Wally Buckingham63Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Nick Bobroff65Prone StockOpenGuy
Mark Schulbach66Prone StockOpenGuy
Brian Kingston67Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Tobin Ellis68Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
John Bates69Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Jurgen Minkowski70Prone StockOpenGuy
Gracie Vanderbyl71Prone StockOpenGirl
Tom Horton72Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Mike Martin73Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Aimee Spector74Prone StockOpenGirl
Robert Meylan75Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Joe Bark76Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
David Ginsburg77Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Pete Bagoye78Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Brad Potter79Prone StockOpenGuy
Mike Rosenthal80Prone StockOpenGuy
Bill Kemble81Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Zach Carney82Prone StockOpenGuy
Mike Avery83Prone StockOpenGuy
Daniel Bates84Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Kevin Coye85Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Steven Beuder86Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Kevin Cody87Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Jennifer Wessels88Prone StockOpenGirl
Brett Giery90Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Marc Shen91Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Lee Barneson92Prone StockOpenGuy
Darrell Bednark93Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Tyler Anderson100Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Robert Parucha101Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy
Peter Curry103Prone UnlimitedOpenGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

CAT ICIsthmus CoveN 33° 26.534′W 118° 29.907′
R-10Palos VerdesN 33° 46.371’W 118° 26.210′
MB PRManhattan PierN 33° 53.00′W 118° 24.876′

For Race Rules check out the link below

The following are the qualifying requirements to be eligible to race in the 2014 Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race on Sunday, August 24th, 2014.

1. The Paddler must have completed the 2013 Catalina Classic by the 9 hour time cut-off as specified in the document titled “RULES GOVERNING THE CATALINA CLASSIC MARATHON PADDLEBOARD RACE.”

2. If the paddler has not qualified under the above requirement, the paddler must complete in at least one of the following paddleboard races listed below. Qualifying spots will be determined by the race committee with the following considerations: a) the star rating of the race (based on a system of 1 to 4 stars, 4 stars being the highest rating); b) the paddler’s overall placing in the respective race; c) the paddler’s finishing time based on the time standard set forth in the “RULES GOVERNING THE CATALINA CLASSIC MARATHON PADDLEBOARD RACE.” The number of available spots will be determined by the number of paddlers returning under qualification # 1.

Remember, in order to be qualified, regardless of the above requirements, your completed application must be received by the Catalina Classic Race Committee by the final deadline of July 15th, 2014. Completed applications means all paddler information (including escort boat information) and payment is included with your application. Requests for an application by mail may be sent to Catalina Classic Paddleboard Association, attn: 2012 application request, 217 Palos Verdes Blvd #207, Redondo Beach, CA 90277.


Aug 24, 2014


Manhattan Beach, CA