Cayuga Lake SUP Cup 2015

Aloha paddlers!  Welcome to the largest fresh water SUP race east of Lake Tahoe!  The 2nd Annual Cayuga Lake SUP Cup takes place Friday-Sunday, July 31 - August 2, 2015 at beautiful Myers Park in Lansing, NY.  The SUP Cup is a 3-day community expo celebrating lake, land, and human wellness in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of Upstate NY. Our feature event is a day of stand up paddleboard racing on Saturday, August 1. In addition to racing, we’ve got wellness activities for all ages (paddleboard yoga, aerial yoga, Key Log rolling, board demos, Hydrilla Hunting, watershed protection clinics, etc.). This event is made possible by grants from the Tompkins County Tourism Program, equipment loans from Tompkins Festivals and the generosity of our amazing sponsors.  CHECK OUT OUR WEBSITE AT

More information? Drop us a line at

Thursday, July 30

7:30pm, Cayuga Lake SUP Cup Film Festival presents

The Canal - Two men, two SUPs, ten days, 240 miles 

Join us at Cinemapolis, Ithaca’s independent movie theater for a community viewing of a viewing of The Canal by our friends Christian Shaw and Gordon Middleton of Plastic Tides.


Friday, July 31

FULL Paddle Women's Clinic with April Zilg FULL

2 pm - 5 pm, Technique and Training Clinic with Terry Kent and Veronica Ribot-Canales

Looking for fun and fitness with a competitive edge? Then put a little “stoke in your stroke” with local 3-time Olympic kayaker Terry Kent & 4-time Olympic diver Veronica Ribot-Canales for their interpretation of Stand up paddle boarding at the next level.  This clinic is structured to help you improve your new found love of paddling by teaching you more efficient paddling stroke mechanics and help you go faster!

5 - 8 pm, SUP Event Registration, at Rogue's Harbor Inn

Pick up your race registration and swag packages, sip local beer and wine, relax, and connect before hitting the town for local eats!  Check out Rogues' Harbor Inn in Lansing New York.

Saturday, August 1  RACE DAY!

Race and Meeting Times:

7 - 9 am Registration

9 am Race Meeting for Elite Racers (Rules & Course Review)

9:15 Race Meeting for Recreation Racers (Rules & Course Review)

10 am 6-Mile "Paddle to the Falls" race 

10:15 am 3-Mile Recreation Race

11:30 am Adaptive Races

12 pm Agava SUP'er Taco Bar opens! (2 hours)

12 pm 1-Mile Family Fun Paddle 

1 pm Fun Contests begin (lunchtime entertainment)

  • Kid Sprints
  • Key Log Rolling
  • 360 Challenge
  • SUP Limbo
2 pm Hula Performance

2:30 pm Awards Ceremony

Post-race lunch and festivities (aerial yoga, acro yoga, slacklining, Key Log rolling, live music, local beer and wine, SUP yoga, environmental wellness clinics, and more!) and awards ceremony.

5:00pm, SUP Cup Lu'au at Crossroads Bar & Grill

Join us at Crossroads Bar & Grill, Lansing, NY for hawaiian themed dinner specials, ohana and post race shennanigans. 

Each racer gets a free beverage. 


Race Divisions

The Cayuga Lake SUP Cup is proud to announce the following race divisions:

·   Standup Paddleboard 14'

·   Standup Paddleboard 12'6

·   Standup Paddleboard Stock (12' and under)

·   Standup Paddleboard Unlimited

·   Prone Paddleboard

·   Surfski

·   OC-1

Sunday, August 2




Free introduction into SUP Yoga! Register by emailing Julie at


Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Sara Mele1SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Dan Scales2SUP 12'6"35-49Guy
Owen Norrod3SUP 12'6"18-34Guy
Jack Martin4SUP Stock 14U18Guy
Jon Warner5SUP 12'6"35-49Guy
Jonathan Moore6SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Laura Finlay7SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Neil Macindoe8SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Sandra Dowd9SUP Stock 1435-49Girl
Terry Kent10SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Tony Chapman11SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Paul Garnier12SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
James Gregorio13SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Jack Egan14SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Tara Hamilton15SUP Stock 1418-34Girl
Chris Sperry16SUP 12'6"18-34Guy
Joseph Mcmaster17SUP Unlimited50+Guy
Gavin Smith18SUP Stock 14U18Guy
Courtney Sinclair19SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
Elaine Campbell20SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Craig Stepnowski21SUP 12'6"35-49Guy
Craig Walton22SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Corey Curtis23SUP Stock 1418-34Guy
Brad Jones24SUP Stock 1418-34Guy
Jenny Ives26SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
Lee Storm27SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Veronica Ribot-canales28SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Christopher Norman29SUP Stock 1418-34Guy
Raoul Koopman30SUP 12'6"18-34Guy
April Zilg31SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
Traci Mcculskey32SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
Jared Callahan33SUP 12'6"18-34Guy
William Mueller34SUP Surfboard35-49Guy
Nathan Reynolds35SUP Stock 1418-34Guy
Kelly Wasson36SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Mike Hutchings38SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Danny Mongno40SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Christian Shaw41SUP 12'6"18-34Guy
John Beausang335Prone (All)35-49Guy
Daniel Burns339SUP Surfboard35-49Guy
Kevin Cullen342SUP Stock 1418-34Guy
Kristie Clark200SUP Surfboard35-49Girl
Emiy Burnett201SUP Surfboard18-34Girl
Paula Lamparter202SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Kevin O'keefe203SUP Surfboard35-49Guy
Janis Paz204SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Colin Coyle205SUP Surfboard35-49Guy
Lauren Brady206SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Nancy Coddington207SUP Surfboard35-49Girl
Denise Kendall208SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Paul Closs209SUP Surfboard35-49Guy
Alex Kamai210SUP Unlimited18-34Guy
Christine Chesnick211SUP Surfboard35-49Girl
Genii Rutherford212SUP Unlimited50+Girl
David Morris213SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Heather Klein214SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Mary Eggers215SUP Surfboard35-49Girl
Elaine Knapp216SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Ken Switzer217SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Cristina Caldwell218SUP Surfboard18-34Girl
Kathleen Pasetty219SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Courtney Shores220SUP Surfboard35-49Girl
Jennie Hartman221SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
Moran Haik222SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
Ghislaine Jean223SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Steve Moff224SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Alex Burnet225SUP Stock 1418-34Guy
Alice Kosiba226SUP Surfboard18-34Girl
Mariah Dahl227SUP Surfboard18-34Girl
Tad Donovan228SUP SurfboardU18Guy
Lauri Mcteague229SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Louise Cabana230SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
Jeff Campbell231SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Charity Buchika232SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Lita Remsen233SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Kevin Payan234SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Jordan Storm235SUP 12'6"U18Girl
Jack Ballard236SUP 12'6"U18Guy
Shole Strand237SUP Surfboard35-49Girl
Emma Bedard238SUP Stock 1418-34Girl
Lucas Canales239SUP 12'6"U18Guy
Tim Strand240SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Pete Martin241SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Imani Allen242SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Jayden Smith243SUP 12'6"U18Guy
Scott Henry244SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Cortney Butler245SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
Chad Murdock246SUP Stock 1435-49Guy
Patty Pensel247SUP Unlimited50+Girl
Andrew Pensel248SUP 12'6"18-34Guy
Dana Soprano249SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
Michael Neri251SUP 12'6"18-34Guy
Laura Sugarwala335SUP 12'6"35-49Girl
Celine Jennison336SUP 12'6"18-34Girl
John Goldman338SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Gina Giambattista340SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Kevin O'keefe300SUP (All)AllGirl
Lauren Brady302SUP (All)AllGirl
Charlotte Brady303SUP (All)AllGirl
Laura Finlay306SUP (All)AllGirl
Erin Norris308SUP (All)AllGirl
Jolie King312SUP (All)AllGirl
Sue Ruoff316SUP (All)AllGirl
Robert Rieger321SUP (All)AllGuy
Barron Regan324SUP (All)AllGuy
Elvina Scott325SUP (All)AllGirl
Greg Regan327SUP (All)AllGuy
Joe Telesca329SUP (All)AllGuy
Laura Steinberg330SUP (All)AllGirl
Jennifer Averette332SUP (All)AllGirl
Kathy Warner334SUP (All)AllGirl
Christina Regan337SUP (All)AllGirl
Laurie Switzer341SUP (All)AllGirl
Joshua Begeal343SUP (All)AllGuy
Deb Marcuccilli309AllAllGirl
Rebecca Janowski322AllAllGirl
Kevin Simmons323AllAllGuy
Michael Neri331AllAllGuy
Jennifer Averette332AllAllGirl
Martin Grasser333AllAllGuy
Gavin Smith18AllU18All
Jayden Smith243AllU18All
Kevin O'keefe301AllU18All
Dan Scales304AllU18All
Kathleen Pasetty307AllU14All
Ryleigh Scales313AllU18All
Anthony Demarco314AllU18All
Mario Demarco315AllU18All
Charity Buchika317AllU18All
Ella Bobbett318AllU18All
Jack Bobbett319AllU18All
Luke Bobbett320AllU18All

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

"Paddle to the Falls" 

Starting at Myers Park, paddle across Cayuga Lake to Taughannock State Park. Continue to the mouth of Taughannock Creek and paddle up-creek  and catch a quick glimpse of Lower Falls as you take your buoy turn. Paddle back out to Cayuga Lake and head south to a left turn that has you on a northeast tack to the finish line at Myers Park. 

Recreation Race


The course will follow in the wake of our Elite racers heading in the same direction but going through a 4-buoy course that will not only test speed but skill. Don't worry, if you make a mistake on a buoy turn on this course you will get a second chance at redemption - two laps equal 3 miles!

Adaptive SUP Races

Race day weather conditions will determine actual course paddled. 

400 meter Level 1 Adaptive Race 

Athletes can receive verbal and physical assistance during the competition. This can include verbal instructions and physical assistance getting on the board. Athletes can kneel, sit or stand on the board during the competition.

800-meter Level 2 Adaptive Race

Athletes can receive verbal instruction during competition but no physical assistance. Athletes can kneel or stand during the competition.

1200-meter Level 3 Adaptive Race

Athletes compete independently with no verbal or physical assistance. Athletes must stand on the board during the competition (unless water conditions warrant kneeling). 

Family Fun Paddle
A 1 mile race, suitable for all paddlers (course to be determined based on race-day weather conditions). 


Aug 1, 2015


Lansing, NY