Cinco de Mayo Pro-Am Guy Takayama Pro Series 2016

Cinco de Mayo Longboard-Shortboard and for the first time ever the Guy Takayama Noseriding Pro 3-Coast Series-SUP 10K-5K-Sprint Race (under the lights)-SUP Waveriding-Beach Volleyball 2v2/4v4 Tourney & Beach Horseshoes all being held in C.C. Texas. 

Surfing-Beach Volleyball-SUP Surfing-Horseshoe events will be on location at N. Packery Jetty. SUP 10k location (TBA) 5K will start at BoatHouse Bar & Grill (flat-water run) up the Packery Channel Jetty into the Gulf of Mexico. Ending around the North Packery side jetty where the SUP Wave Riding (TBA) event will happen. SUP Sprint races (under the lights) will happen May 5th at Boathouse starting at 8pm. 

Surfing events will run May 6-7 and all SUP events will happen on May 6-7. Beach Volleyball May 6-7. Beach Horseshoes happen May 6th. All Participants will receive custom Cinco de Mayo Pro T-Shirt. BBQ Breakfast, drinks & swag along with "live bands" during the welcome/sign-up party & competition & awards ceremonies. 

Cash Purse & Trophies will be awarded for 1st thru 3rd with a swag bag for 4th place. Purses include: Surfing-SUP-2v2 Beach Volleyball & Beach Horseshoes. Proceeds to benefit the James Greer Foundation Memorial Scholarship Fund given to graduating junior/senior high school students or currently enrolled college students that are members of the Texas Gulf Surfing Association. 

For more info & scheduling visit: CINCODEMAYOPRO.COM  or email us at 


(TBA)       North Packery compound Beach Set-up Mustang Island
(TBA)       Cinco kick-off Press Conference (TBA) 
(4-7pm)    Autograph signing with Surfing Legends (TBA)
(7-8pm)    Cinco Legends Dinner (TBA)
(8-11pm)  Surfing Legends meet & greet (Live Music—Band TBA)


(11am) Atomic Omelette & Grill/South Texas Lighthouse for the Blind Surf Clinic (N. Packery)
(1pm)  JGF VIP sponsored surf w/the legends event
(2pm)  Stand-Up-Paddleboard exhibitions in canal next to (BoatHouse Bar & Grill)
(4pm)  Event meeting-Holiday Inn (mandatory for event leaders, safety crews & volunteers) 4-    
(6pm)  Welcome registration party for Cinco de Mayo Pro/Am-Guy Takayama Noseriding Pro Series
           10K-5K-Sprint Race-Waveriding-Texas A&M Islander Beach Volleyball 4v4 Tourney- Cinco
           Beach Volleyball 2v2 Tourney-Atomic Beach Horseshoe Tourney.“Live Music” (TBA)
(7pm)  OX ENDURANCE FORMULA SUP Sprint Races (under the lights) Check-in (start time TBA)
           (BOATHOUSE BAR & GRILL)

(5am)    Beach Set-up
(7am)    Atomic Omelette & Grill Beach Litter Clean-up
(7am)    Cinco Longboard/Shortboard-Guy Takayama Noseriding Pro Series late registration (if slots   
(8am)    BBQ breakfast is served to all participants (Brisket & Sausage Tacos)
(8am)    Cinco de Mayo Pro/Am Longboard/Shortboard-Guy Takayama Noseriding Pro/Am check-
(8:30)    TAMUCC Islander 4v4 Beach Slam Volleyball & Cinco 2v2 Beach Volleyball check-in/start
(9am)    SUP 5K Race boat & crew safety meeting (BoatHouse Bar & Grill)
(10am)  Atomic Omelette & Grill Beach Horseshoe Tourney check-in/start
(10am)  SUP 5K Race check-in (BoatHouse Bar & Grill)
(11am)  SUP 5K Race start (BoatHouse Bar & Grill)
(TBA)    CInco Wave Riding (N. Packery)
(6pm)    Awards Ceremony-Raffles-Give-a-ways-Merch Tables-Scholarship Awards-Food-Drinks 


(8am)    Cinco de Mayo Longboard/Shortboard Pro/Am-Guy Takayama Noseriding Pro/Am Series
             finals start.
(8am)    Cinco 10K crew & boat safety meeting (TBA)  
(9am)    Cinco 10K SUP check-in (TBA)
(10am)  Cinco 10K SUP start (TBA)  
(TBA)    Awards Ceremonies (N.Pack)
(TBA)    Tear-down, Beach litter clean-up

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Robby Felder8AllOpen (All Ages)All
Matt Merrill43AllOpen (All Ages)All
Randy Martin9AllAllGuy
Ben Schuette12AllAllGuy
David Carpenter25AllOpen (All Ages)All
Jared Mathews35AllOpen (All Ages)All
John Trice69AllOpen (All Ages)All
Cole Tschritter78AllOpen (All Ages)All
Austin Campbell5All14U Grom, 17U Junior, 18-49, 50+ MastersGuy
Ricky Cunningham34Longboard18-? MensGuy
Kevin Skvarna17Longboard18-49Guy
David Arganda20Longboard18-49Guy
Steve Light23Longboard18-? MensGuy
Kalani Balcom29Longboard18-? MensGirl
Andrew Murphy31Longboard18-? MensGuy
Dallas Cunningham49Longboard13-17 JuniorsAll
Robert Sawyer54Longboard18-? MensAll
Blake Brightwell82Longboard18-? MensAll
Victoria Covey32All13-17 JuniorsGirl
Ian Appling37All13-17 JuniorsGuy
Jacob Goforth41All13-17 JuniorsGuy
John Gambill62All18-? MensAll
Tyler Marshall60SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Luke Tschritter75SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Brandon K Punzalan80SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Anchor Paddleboards83SUP 14'AllGuy
Kevin Greer11AllAllAll
Matthew Mcdow14AllAllAll
Adolfo Cuellar15AllAllAll
Ken Jorgensen24AllAllAll
Will Storbeck51AllAllAll
Benjamin Walcher42AllAllGuy
Hannah Elferink53AllAllGirl
Chandler Hall61AllAllGuy
Travis Dhonau68AllAllGuy
Marshall Trice71AllAllGuy
Maria Quevedo76AllAllGirl
Joseph Cerdas77AllAllGuy
David Cerdas81AllAllGuy
Austin Campbell5Longboard18-49Guy
Brady Odom13Longboard18-49Guy
Olive Smith16Longboard18-49Girl
Kevin Skvarna17Longboard17U JuniorGuy
Kevin Tansey28Longboard18-? MensGuy
Ricky Cunningham34Longboard18-? MensGuy
Brooklynn Teeter46Longboard12u GromsGirl
Patty Garlough48Longboard18U Women's All
Will Storbeck51Longboard13-17 JuniorsAll
Kimber Sawyer55Longboard18 over Women'sAll
Noah Pott56Longboard18 over Men'sAll
Molly Ware86Longboard18 over Women'sAll
Austin Campbell5All18-49Guy
Brooklynn Teeter46All12u GromsAll
Patty Garlough48All13-17 JuniorsAll
Linda Mccoy1SUP 14'18-49Girl
Jim Berry2SUP 14'50+ MastersGuy
Philip May3SUP Surfboard Over 9ft50+Guy
Allison Webster4SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Don Holley6SUP 14'50+ MastersGuy
Robby Felder8SUP 14'16-49 MensGuy
Leigh Ann Hebert10SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Rodrigo Santos18SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Brad Mitchell21SUP 14'18-49Guy
Cheryl O'connor22SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Paul Tolon26SUP 14'16-49 MensGuy
Scott Sieffert30SUP Surfboard50+ MastersGuy
Paul Perez33SUP 12'6"16-49 MensGuy
Chris Tietz50SUP 12'6"16-49 MensGuy
Patrick Daugherty59SUP 14'16-49 MensGuy
Molly Trice70SUP 12'6"50+ MastersGirl
Peter Ching72SUP 14'16-49 MensGuy
Joshua Newton85SUP 14'16-49 MensGuy
Konae Nowell88SUP 12'6"16-49 MensGirl
Karis Nowell89SUP 12'6"16-49 MensGirl
Amanda Delmas90SUP 12'6"16-49 MensGirl
Ryan Stephens91SUP 12'6"16-49 MensGuy
Jason Ramon92SUP Surfboard16-49 MensGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

10K SUP RACE: (6.03 MILES)
Course & Map coming soon. Most likely will be just off of JFK Causeway thru the inter-coastal waterway and up the Packery Channel Jetties into Gulf and finishing on the North Pack Jetty side at the Cinco Beach compound just like the SUP 5K (see 5K map)   

5K SUP RACE: (3.03 MILES) 

This course is a 5K (3.03) mil flat water run from the back canals starting at the BoatHouse and rolling through the canals up the Packery Channel into the Gulf. Starting line is at Buoy A up the canal making turns around several buoys. Once into the Channel you will navigate around the Northern point of the Jetty and to the last buoy (E) and sprint into the shore area to a running finish-line on the beach. Cash purse & trophies 1st-3rd place.  


This is a Texas Drag Race! 75 yards to a buoy turn and then a full-on sprint to the finish line (150 yards total) All of this will be under the lights next to the BoatHouse in full view of all of the screaming SUP racers & fans of the sport. We will also have lighted party boats in the channel to root our racers down the short course. This event looks to be one hoot of a good time for all involved. Cash purse, swag bags and trophies 1st thru 3rd. We will also have a winner take all last race for registered Sprint Paddlers at the end of the night with an extra cash prize to boot! You gotta' get in on this one. 

North Packery Channel

Corpus Christi, TX


May 7, 2016


Corpus Christi, TX