Cocoplum Paddle-A-Thon

North Port Parks & Recreation Presents the CocoPlum Marathon (Saturday) and 10K (Sunday). This is a fund raiser to support the North Port Summer Camp Program for Kids. Saturdays event has awards for the first three places in each class.  Sundays 10k is a timed fun event with finisher medals for all but no position awards like Saturdays Marathon.

The City is also teaming up with the USCA to include their National Championships for Aluminum Canoes, Downriver & Touring Kayaks. You do not have to qualify to enter a USCA National event but you must be a member of the USCA.
7:30 am check in starts (T-Shirts pick up for early preregistrations)
9:00 Paddlers meet
9:30 Start for USCA National C-2 Women (2 laps)
9:35 Start for USCA National C-2 Men (2 laps)
9:40 Start for USCA National Touring Kayak (2 laps)
10:00 Start for SUPs (2 laps)
10:05 Start for all other public Marathon classes (2 laps)

7:30 am check in starts (T-Shirts pick up for early preregistrations that didn't get one Saturday)
9am paddlers meet
9:30 Start for USCA National C-2 Junior Women (1 lap)
9:35 Start for USCA National C-2 Junior Men (1 lap)
9:40 Start for USCA National C-2 Mixed (2 laps)
9:45 Start for USCA National Downriver (2 laps)
10:00 Start for CocoPlum 10K (1 lap)

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Martin Muller13SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+All
Camille Blatz14SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+All
Andrew Kinder16K1OpenAll
Robert Norman22SUP (All)OpenAll
Cpt Wilmes26SUP (All)OpenAll
Daniel Honig29SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+All
Al Schwartz30SUP (All)OpenAll
Doug Lindsay31K1Sr. Masters 50+All
Joseph Mcmaster32SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+All
Jan Lupinski33K1OpenAll
Brad Ward34SUP (All)OpenAll
Matt Flick35SUP (All)OpenAll
Dick Pula1K1 TouringGrand Vet1 70-74Guy
Bill Gardner2K1 TouringGrand Vet1 70-74Guy
Anita Allen3K1 TouringVet1 60-64Girl
Bob Spain, Peter Heed8C2 AluminumVet2 65-69Guy
Brint Adams9K1 TouringVet2 65-69Guy
Doug Keiper11K1 TouringGrand Vet1 70-74Guy
Mark Nye12K1 TouringSenior 50-59Guy
Ross Elder, David Fletcher17C2 AluminumSenior 50-59Guy
Steve Rosenau18K1 TouringVet1 60-64Guy
John Stover19K1 TouringGrand Vet2 75+Guy
Jeannie Shaffer, Pat Bayers20C2 AluminumMasters 40-49Girl
Bob Nugent21K1 TouringSenior 50-59Guy
Fred Tuttle, Andy Tuttle23C2 AluminumOpen 19-39Guy
Charlie Swengrus, Neal Sanders24C2 AluminumMasters 40-49Guy
Dan Hurley25K1 TouringSenior 50-59Guy
Rand Perkins28K1 TouringVet2 65-69Guy
Teddy Gray, Don Walls7C2 AluminumSenior Masters 50-59Mixed
Bob Spain, Joy Emshoff8C2 AluminumVet2 65-69Mixed
Doug Keiper11K1 DownriverGrand Vet1 70-74Guy
Anna Kopfhamer4SUP (All)Open (All Ages)All
Mark Nye12KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Suzanne Nye15KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Mark Blackburn27KayakOpen (All Ages)All

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Mar 4 to Mar 5, 2017


North Port, FL