East Coast Paddleboard Championship

21st East Coast Paddleboard Championship is open to Prone Paddleboard and SUP over 12 and 6 mile ocean courses.  The race courses are visible from Hollywood Beach and along the inside line, friends and family members may cheer on their racers.  Proceeds of the event go to the Hollywood Beach Safety Competition Teams.  We are honored to host this event!

Trophies will be awarded three deep for the Paddleboard Championship. 

Surfskis, OC-1's and Surfboat paddlers are encouraged to attend and support the charity which provides equipment and training for adult and junior lifeguards.

All starts will be wet with paddlers on their craft.  The finish will be dry where the racers will paddle to the beach, dismount and run/jog/walk/crawl with their paddle a short distance to the finish line.  Board caddies will gently move craft to the beach to insure a clean finish area.

Safety of the paddlers is a prime concern.  Leashes and Vests are required for all paddlers.

Several manufacturers and experts will be on the beach offering demos and basic instruction along with event sponsors showcasing their products.

Hotel participants:

Surf In Hotel  (954) 554-1732

Beach Inn (954) 554-1732

Refreshments at the finish line for racers

Racers will receive event Rash guards


Our Supporters: 

Waterway Adventures at Margaritaville Beach Resort http://waterway-adventures.com/

Ocean Paddle Company,  http://oceanpaddlecompany.com/ Think Mocke Vaikobi Geigerrig

Venturesport, Inc. http://venturesport.com/  Fenn Knysna Carbonology Pratt Z&J

Paddle Attic, http://www.thepaddleattic.com/#florida-stellar-surf-ski-kayak-sales  Stellar Z&J

Sprint Training & Resource Center http://www.sprintresources.com Nelo Jantex

Epic http://www.epickickayaks.com Epic Kayaks, Surfskis and Paddles

Paddle California http://www.paddlecal.com/ Motionize Downwind Nelo Mocke

CAguilar Custom Prone Boards by Indigo http://www.indigo-sup.com/

Suja Juice https://www.sujajuice.com/

Holy Mackerel Craft Beer http://holymackerelbeers.com/

Paddle Board Taxi http://www.paddleboardtaxi.com

Starts is wet with crews on their craft

All craft start is 9:00AM

Course Closes at 1:00PM All craft must finish by this time.

Award Ceremony as close to 1:00PM as possible

Equipment Demos will continue after the race ends.

Check-in opens at 7:00AM. 

Note concerning inclement weather:

Should there be lightening over the course, the Chief of Beach Safety may postpone the race start.  Being February, we do not expect hazardous conditions.  However, we have an alternate location if the sea state is determined as dangerous for small craft.  The decision to use the alternate location will be made 24 hours prior to race start.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Conrad Garcia, Ana Garcia16OC-250-59All
Ana Garcia, Conrad Garcia16OC-250-59All
Scott Miller, Pam Boteler5OC-240-49All
Cristina Boeri13Surfski Single50-59Girl
Rhonda Buckner18Surfski Single29 and UnderGirl
Bruce Gipson4Surfski Single60+Guy
Chris Vincent9Surfski Single40-49Guy
Nate Humberston12Surfski Single30-39Guy
Mark Modzelewski23Surfski Single29 and UnderGuy
Hank Oppenborn25Surfski Single60+Guy
Bladimir Montalvo29Surfski Single40-49Guy
Jennifer Peters17OC-160+Girl
Zulmarie Ortiz33SUP Non-Raceboard18-49Girl
Catherine Uden21SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Jason Barger15SUP Non-Raceboard18-49Guy
Roberto Dejesus31SUP Non-Raceboard18-49Guy
Gavin Nathan24SUP 14'18-49Guy
Brad Hallock28SUP 14'50+Guy
Neil Uden32SUP 14'18-49Guy
Maryanne Boyer30SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Sey Chelle19SUP 14'18-49Girl
Reid Hyle1SUP 14'18-49Guy
Gary Rothe2SUP 14'50+Guy
Sam English14SUP 14'18-49Guy
Karen Figueroa6Prone Stock50+Girl
Alice Henley8Prone Stock18-49Girl
Cynthia Aguilar3Prone 14'18-49Girl
Aaron Blanco7Prone Stock17UGuy
Bert Soden10Prone Stock50+Guy
Justin Soden11Prone Stock18-49Guy
John Modzelewski22Prone Stock17UGuy
Malcom Wilkie26Prone Stock17UGuy
Benjamin Elbeze27Prone Stock17UGuy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Competitors will start on the shoreline at Harry Berry Park in Hollywood. At the start they will proceed to a buoy approximately one mile offshore (buoy #1) where they will turn left around the buoy and head northwest. After three miles they will find a buoy approximately 100 yards offshore (buoy #2). Competitors will then turn left around this buoy and head south toward the start where they will encounter a buoy approximately 100 yards from shore (buoy #3). Competitors participating in the 6 mile race will turn right at this buoy and head for shore and the finish line. Competitors participating in the 12 mile race will turn left at this buoy and head east to buoy #1 for their second lap.  The position of buoy #1 will be optimized for downwind paddling and finalized prior to race start at a meeting of last years category winners and the chief of beach safety.

The Start/Finish line and paddler check in are at Harry Berry Park 301 Azalea Terrace, Hollywood, FL 33019.  Parking passes available at check in for racers.  Metered parking is available with easy beach access.  Spectator parking is available in public and private garages/street parking along the length of the race course.


Feb 17, 2018


Hollywood, FL