East of Maui-Eastport YC Chesapeake Stand Up Challenge 2017

This an open water race set in Annapolis Harbor and the mouth of the Severn River. There will be two course options: The 6.5-7 mile Challenge for more experienced paddlers and a 3-3.5 mile Challenge suitable for more recreational paddlers. New this is year is a one mile Beginner Race and a 13 and under kids race.  All courses can be subject to wind, chop, and boat traffic.
NEW!  Pre-Race Registration Pick-Up! Friday July 7@ East of Maui 4-7pm.
Grab, your Race #, T-shirt, meal tickets and save yourself some time on Saturday morning!   
Registration Pick-Up 7:00-8:00

8:10 Pre-Race Meeting

8:30 Long course Start. 8:35 Short course Start.  8:40 Beginner Start. Kids race TBA

Food, drinks, awards, and live music following the race.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Deniz Baykan9SUP (All)AllGirl
Sheila Mcshane13SUP (All)AllGirl
Jess Ritchey27SUP (All)AllGirl
Kris Ohler28SUP (All)AllGirl
Marah Williams67SUP (All)AllGirl
Reese Grindle74SUP (All)AllGirl
Will Acton79SUP (All)AllGuy
Jaden Schroeder80SUP (All)AllGuy
Ashlynn Schroeder81SUP (All)AllGirl
Julia Calvert87SUP (All)AllGirl
Tina Tinelli89SUP (All)AllGirl
Jerri Watson105SUP (All)AllGirl
Julie Duszak114SUP (All)AllGirl
Jimmy Burton118SUP (All)AllGuy
Jo Burkholder120SUP (All)AllGirl
Stacey Williams121SUP (All)AllGirl
Ian Burman127SUP (All)AllGuy
Cortney Butler129SUP (All)AllGirl
Alaina Johnson130SUP (All)AllGirl
Gabreille Gregg131SUP (All)AllGirl
Eric Mone132SUP (All)AllGuy
Carmen Gregg133SUP (All)AllGirl
Johanna White136SUP (All)AllGirl
Chris Sperry1SUP 14'AllGuy
Matthew Mcosker5SUP 14'AllGuy
Doug Henry6SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Gary Swatko18SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Luis Dall29SUP 14'AllGuy
Chris Moylan31SUP 14'AllGuy
Bryan Barton50SUP 14'AllGuy
Scotty Scott53SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Tim Burke54SUP 14'AllGuy
Kevin Rawls55SUP 14'AllGuy
Neil Macindoe56SUP 14'AllGuy
Griff Hall58SUP 14'AllGuy
Anthony Galang61SUP 14'AllGuy
Jack Ballard66SUP 14'AllGuy
Brian Schmid77SUP 14'AllGuy
William Sodano78SUP 14'AllGuy
Erik Kauffman84SUP 14'AllGuy
Jason Phipps85SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Jim Calvert86SUP 14'AllGuy
Alex Young90SUP 14'AllGuy
Brian Meyer100SUP 14'AllGuy
Justin Markel101SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Joe Ward103SUP 14'AllGuy
Ryan Oliver107SUP 14'AllGuy
Matt Nacy111SUP 14'AllGuy
F M Lendor116SUP 14'AllGuy
Scott Jorss119SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Dan Young128SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Matthew Mcintyre135SUP 14'AllGuy
Robert Bowman144SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Kevin Haigis145SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Wyatt Everhart146SUP 14'AllGuy
Benn Stratton150SUP 14'AllGuy
Laura Drossner35SUP 14'AllGirl
Sarah Nelson36SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Teresa Plitt37SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Brenda Norman38SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Erin Kundolf49SUP 14'AllGirl
Mary Howser71SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Malissa Austin72SUP 14'AllGirl
Carleen Birnes73SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Courtney Clarke96SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Alta Joy Broughton110SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Kenna Oseroff125SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Lindsay Cook149SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Marcus Collier2SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Ben Jatlow10SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Tyler Hughes16SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Justin Mcclimans20SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Tommy Luc21SUP 14'AllGuy
Pete Wright26SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Todd Maciejewski30SUP 14'AllGuy
Brad Kappel32SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Mark Sanfacon33SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Jeff Sanfacon39SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Joe Fuentes40SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Charlie Martel43SUP 14'AllGuy
Grorge Norberg46SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Matt Dezee47SUP 14'AllGuy
Peter Swiek51SUP 14'AllGuy
Greg Simer52SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Bruce Doub65SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Mike Clarke68SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Michael Stewart69SUP 14'AllGuy
Paul Mcclellan75SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Chris Conway82SUP 14'AllGuy
Crispin Blamphin92SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Phil Park93SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Charles Lategano94SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Brian Doub95SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Scott Cooper102SUP 14'AllGuy
Patrick Mona106SUP 14'AllGuy
Brad Hill112SUP 14'AllGuy
Dave Wacht113SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Dave Strang115SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Ken Burton117SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Charles Mcmillin122SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Drew Aromando124SUP 14'AllGuy
Mike Higgins139SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Eric Moser140SUP 14'AllGuy
Mason Leon141SUP SurfboardAllGuy
Geno Giordano148SUP 14'AllGuy
Macky Stafford3SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Sally Pelletier4SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Samantha Stewart7SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Kathy Jones8SUP SurfboardAllGirl
Rachael Minnich11SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Marissa Walch12SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Nancy Kobel14SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Caroline Hughes15SUP SurfboardAllGirl
Heather Hatfield17SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Laury Parramore19SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Tammy Callender22SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Rachel Reddick23SUP SurfboardAllGirl
Christine Cots24SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Crissy Fuentes25SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Sarah Minard34SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Jennifer Carlson41SUP SurfboardAllGirl
Natalie Miller42SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Christi Darcy44SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Nicole Stimpson45SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Stevie Donahue48SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Christina Catrambone57SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Angie Didier59SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Kimberly Ayers60SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Catherine Galang62SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Jean Hogan63SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Alexandra Wehling64SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Beth Paquette70SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Kim Mallard76SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Mary Zarcone83SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Dana Gregory88SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Andrea Sudjapun91SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Michelle Vassell97SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Angela Kinsella98SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Angelique Karditzas99SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Emily Ward104SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Jacqueline Oliver108SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Julie Borsetti109SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Michelle Aromando123SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Leah Burman126SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Rachel Vogel134SUP SurfboardAllGirl
Mackenzie Rawls137SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Jessica Morgan138SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Julie Mychalus142SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Lisa Minker143SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Morgan Williams147SUP SurfboardAllGirl
Vanessa Peregrim151SUP 12'6"AllGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

PARKING:  There will be a drop off at Eastport YC, and parking will be available along the neighborhood  side streets. Give yourself plenty of time to unload, park your vehicle, and check in/ register! 


Jul 8, 2017


Annapolis, MD