Edisto Island Classic 2018


Race Description

The Edisto Island Classic is a new and exciting 3.0 or 6.0 mile race for SUPs, Kayaks, Surf skis, Outrigger Canoes, Prone Boards, Rowing Craft and Pedal Boats,


The race starts and finishes at Live Oak Landing in the beautiful Edisto Beach State Park, Edisto Beach SC. It runs parallel to the ocean in one of the nation's largest preserved estuaries, passes the remains of an historic Indian village and delivers dependable cooling sea breezes the whole way.

When you're done, enjoy  awards and a post race get together at Dockside Bar and Grill in "downtown" Edisto. Relax with a beer and sandwich on their veranda overlooking Big Bay Creek and the seemingly endless marshes to the north.

Net proceeds will be donated to the Animal Lovers of Edisto.

Come and have a  blast!


Adult: $45 (increases to $50 on Monday, May 7) Youth: $20

Raffle Prizes

- Go to edistoislandclassic.org for specifics


- Go here to see the beautiful hand crafted trophies and medals

 Other Good Things

- Post race get together and awards in the Dock Side Bar and Grill Wear your race T-shirt to get 15% off all purchases.

- Island Classic T-shirts to all participants

Race Classes

Boat classification is based on the Sound Rowers System. Go to /soundrowers.org/wp/boat-classes/ to learn about the system and see  a list of classes and boats.

Please contact us if you have a question about your boat.

Fast Sea Kayak (FSK) – any single kayak or surf ski with a maximum overall length of 18’ and a 4” waterline beam of at least 8.5% of length

Sea Kayak  –   any single kayak or surf ski with a maximum overall length of 18’ and a 4” waterline beam of at least 10.8% of length

Sea Kayak class – 18 ft or less  with a minimum width at the 4 in waterline of 10.8% of length (Sound Rower's Classification System)

Rec class - Preferably boats 14 ft or less in length.  Basically, anything goes!

SUP – 14'

SUP - 12'6"

SUP -  12' or under (surf)

Prone - 12'6"

Prone - 14'

OC-1 – Any one person outrigger canoe

C-1 Unlimited

Tandem – Any tandem canoe, kayak, or outrigger.

Pedal Boat - Hobie Mirage, etc.

Pedal SUP - Hobie, etc.

Recreational - Anything goes

Each  class is further broken down into Open (below 50) and Masters (50 and over).


8:00 AM. to 9:30 AM. Check in.
9:30 AM. Pre race meeting (mandatory)
10 A.M. Mass Start 
Please note: there is NO RACE DAY REGISTRATION
On-line registration closes at 6 PM on Friday, May 11

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Bill Gardner2OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Daniel Mcrae9SUP Under 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Mixed
Chuck Beischel12Pedal KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Grace Beischel13SUP Stock 14OpenGirl
Alice Freeman14SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Lynn Marie King15Fast Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Girl
Mark Higginbotham18SUP Stock 14OpenGuy
Marshall Hoskins19SUP Under 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Amy Corona20SUP Under 12'6"OpenGirl
Mike Fox25SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Dan Silver, Dan Silver30Tandem KayakOpenMixed
Amanda Silver, Dan Silver31Tandem KayakOpenMixed
Micjael Smith35Pedal KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Renee Mccabe36RecreationalSr. Masters 50+Girl
Patricia Putz37RecreationalSr. Masters 50+Girl
Marko Brown, Fred Brown39Tandem KayakOpenGuy
Gwenivere Brown, Kristina Stefanic Brown40Tandem KayakOpenGirl
William Delonge41SUP Stock 14Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Rebekah Owen42SUP Stock 14Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Aleigh Robertson49SUP Under 12'6"OpenGirl
Karen Wellens, John Wellens50Tandem KayakOpenMixed
Mark Poole51Fast Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Jackie Wong54OC-1OpenGirl
Kate Borg55SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Kirra Borg56SUP 12'6"OpenGirl
Stephanie Bragg57SUP Stock 14OpenGirl
Terry Perkins3Fast Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Mitch Cherry4SUP Stock 14Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Frances Corbin, Vicki Oneil5OC-2Sr. Masters 50+Mixed
Kody Hernandez6SUP 12'6"OpenGuy
Derrick Hernandez7SUP Under 12'6"OpenGuy
Timothy Bibby8Sea KayakOpenGuy
Emmye Cherry10SUP Stock 14Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Thad Johnson11Fast Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Anne Kelly16High Performance KayakSr. Masters 50+Girl
Jeff Hood, William Dion17OC-2Sr. Masters 50+Guy
David Jeffcoat21SUP Stock 14OpenGuy
Christopher Rucker22Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Eric Anderson23RecreationalOpenGuy
Krista Wilson24OC-1OpenGirl
Ralph Fermin26Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Rick Baker27High Performance KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Joe Hester28High Performance KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Larry Dixon29High Performance KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Ken Bowman32SUP Stock 14OpenGuy
Pete Greene33High Performance KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
James Douglass34SUP Stock 14OpenGuy
Lea Hall38RecreationalSr. Masters 50+Girl
Leslie Chaplin43Fast Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Girl
Pete Chaplin44Fast Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Susan Kubik45Fast Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Girl
Jim Budi46Fast Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Bruce Poacher47High Performance KayakOpenGuy
Todd Hyatt48Fast Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Anar Denicola, Jason Wong52OC-2OpenMixed
Justin Schaay, Justin Schaay53Tandem KayakOpenMixed
Ernie Eller58SUP Stock 14OpenGuy
Meg Adams59RecreationalOpenGirl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


- Both short (3.0 miles) and long (6.0 miles) races start and finish at the Live Oak Boat Landing in Edisto Beach State Park, SC.  Racers paddle out and back on protected channels running parallel to the Atlantic ocean.  The route features superb marsh views and cooling ocean breezes.

- Go to edistoislandclassic.org for a course map and detailed information.

- For directions to the start/finish at Live Oak Boat Landing use the following address in Google Maps: LIve Oak Boat Landing, Oyster Row Lane, Edisto Island, SC


May 12, 2018


Edisto Island, SC