Englewood Beach PaddleFest 2017

A great weekend of Racing, Friends, Family, Games, Prizes, Fun, & Food!

Englewood Beach/Manasota Key, Florida is one of the last unspoiled and pristine beaches left in Florida and you don't want to miss the opportunity to enjoy the weekend racing, paddling, playing, and discovering nature in this sleepy little beach town. This is our 3rd year for this event and 2015 & 2016 both got rave reviews from everyone who attended for everything from the gorgeous race waters of Englewood Beach and Stump Pass, amazing food at pre & post race parties, and killer raffle prizes like a brand new Yolo Board, Quickblade Paddle, and leash package available just for race participants. (Which is happening again this year!) Englewood may be a small town but we like to do our events BIG so you can be sure 2017 is going to be even better than last year! 

And speaking of BIG...check out our SUP'Squatch division this year in both the 6 mile & 3 mile races! These huge inflatable boards are the newest fun way to tackle the water with a team. If you have a Squatch and want to race you are IN! If you need a Squatch, message us!

We are also offering a KAYAK DIVISION this year! Yes, we know many of you just haven't gotten the hang of this stand up thing yet but you still want to race and have fun, so we've got you covered! Enter either the 3 mile or 1.5 mile race and have a blast this year! (This is for sit on top or sit inside kayaks using a double bladed paddle) Surfski and OC will have their own divisions.

GREAT NEWS FOR YOU SPRINTER VAN/CAMPING PADDLERS- Cape Haze Marina is offering FREE camping on race weekend!They have loads of open flat grassy space and parking so tent setup will be allowed and small campers and RV's. No electric or water hookup so you will need to be self sufficient but large bathrooms with hot/cold showers and hose water for board wash down available. This is the business location of Hooked on SUP so we will help you out with electric for minor things like phone/laptop charging, etc. Location is 2.5 miles by water and 5 miles by land from the race venue. Great location and great opportunity to make this a fun adventure weekend race!! Call Hooked On SUP at 941-504-1699 to reserve your spot. MUST MAKE A RESERVATION IN ADVANCE!!!

Hooked On SUP is giving away a brand new Yolo Board stand up paddle board with Quickblade paddle, and leash and all you have to do to win is sign up and paddle in the 6 Mile Long Race, 3 Mile Open, or 1. 5 Mile Fun Race. 1 raffle ticket per person will be given for each registration and a random drawing will be held of all entries (must actually participate, not just enter) for one lucky winner!!! 

QUADRUPLE YOUR CHANCES OF WINNING THE PADDLE BOARD & QUICKBLADE PADDLE- Register for the race 4 months early (before July 11, 2017) and receive 4 extra raffle tickets when you check in. Sign up 3 months early (before August 11, 2017) and receive 3 extra raffle tickets when you check in. Sign up 2 months early (before September 11, 2017) and receive 2 extra raffle tickets with check in. Sign up 1 month early (before October 11, 2017) and receive 1 extra raffle ticket.

The fun starts on Friday night 11/10/17 with a kick off party for registered racers their friends/family. Pre-race packet pick up, pool party, and shrimp boil at Hooked On SUP at Cape Haze Marina. Pool/hot tub party follows dinner so plan on staying for some fun after dinner. Free with race registration, extra tickets available for $10 per person in advance or $15 at door. Kids under 10 are free.   

Saturday 11/11/17-Race Day and we have something for everyone!- If we can't talk you into participating in one of our races yet just know that this is a FABULOUS venue for viewing the race participants at almost every point. This is one of the very few race locations where racers can be seen for virtually the entire course by moving from viewing spots along the narrow strip of land inside Stump Pass Beach State Park on the beach side and bay side as you follow along. Or just bring beach chairs or a blanket or towel and get comfy on your favorite piece of sand and cheer as everyone paddles past you. 

Long Race- 6 Miles ($65)- Beach start race and will take place in Gulf waters, paddling through a very challenging ocean pass into the intra-coastal waterway then making a loop and heading back out the pass to the ocean and ending back at the same beach where you started. Currents and boat traffic in the pass are known to be ever changing and unpredictable. Please check out the course in advance and no novice paddlers please!

Open Course- 3 Miles ($55) - This is also a beach start and Gulf water race. Designed for the intermediate to beginner paddler but we recommend you practice paddling in the ocean before this race! This will be an up and back loop course and will NOT go through the pass.

Recreational Fun Race- 1.5 Miles ($45) - For paddlers who want to experience the beauty of Englewood Beach and enjoy a mellow paddle. Also taking place on the Gulf side.

Paddle Hound Kids Race- 1/4 Mile ($25)- Also in the Gulf but close to shore for kids up to 11 yrs old. Cost includes pre-race paddle clinic with junior paddle ambassador Lina Bowers, a "made for kids" race board & paddle to use for race, and a special "Paddle Hound" t-shirt. PFD and leash for safety will also be supplied.

Amazing Beach Lunch and Awards to follow (free with race registration, $10 for extra in advance, $15 day of) and if we are lucky we will have some nice surf-able swells like last year for everyone to enjoy post race. 

Board Rentals are available at Hooked On SUP and will be reserved on a first come/first served basis. 941-504-1699, MUST CALL IN ADVANCE FOR RESERVATION and they will go quickly so don't wait! Race Boards- $65  Sup/Surf- $45.  Boards will be delivered to beach morning of race and picked up at beach at end of race. 

*PFD (life jacket) required to be on board or worn by all paddlers 13 yrs of age and older. If 12 yrs or under life jacket must be worn. LEASHES ALSO REQUIRED. Leashes will be available to rent or buy if you don't have one but please don't complain about this requirement or try to slide by without one. You will NOT be allowed to race without a leash & a PFD and you will not get a refund. 

Sunday 11/12 is our Funday and we promise to have you all packed up and ready to roll to wherever home is by 3 pm!

Paddle-Beach Games starts off our Sunday morning. This was so much fun last year and I think where most of the laughs came in. Competitive teams, costumes, and ridiculousness is encouraged. Be ready to get a little sandy and crazy with Human Hamster Balls, Hippity Hop races, and a salt water Slip N Slide guaranteed to make sure you take a little sand of Englewood Beach home with you! 

Englewood is known for what we call "Sandbar Sundays" and we want to show you what all the fun is about! After you've worked up a great appetite we will be serving a full Thanksgiving Day lunch on our famous Stump Pass Beach Sandbar. Every year the Sunday before Thanksgiving Hooked On SUP has a Pilgrim Paddle where we paddle to the sandbar and set up tables, chairs, and a full Thanksgiving feast and invite anyone who paddles, floats, or boats to bring a dish and come enjoy the fun with us. The event has become pretty legendary so last year we began holding it a week early so that we can incorporate it with PaddleFest and share it with all of you! Free for anyone bringing a dish, or who entered into the Beach Challenge Sunday morning. If not bringing a dish cost is $10 in advance or $15 morning of. Food includes Fried Turkey, Baked Turkey, Baked Ham, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Cornbread Dressing, Green Beans, Mac n Cheese, Rolls, Assorted Desserts. That is just what will be supplied by Hooked On SUP and restaurant sponsor and chef of Big Water Fish Market. Others will add by bringing specialty dishes and desserts...it is a true feast of food and friendship just like Thanksgiving is meant to be! Water will be available, please bring your own reusable drink bottle and/or your own cooler with beverage of choice. To get there paddle the 1 mile south down the instracoastal waterway from the launch at Stump Pass Beach State Park, or walk to the sandbar at the pass from Stump Pass Beach State Park.  Board and kayak rentals will also be available for delivery to Stump Pass Beach State Park by Hooked On SUP but will go fast so call in advance for reservations. Cost is $35 for paddleboard or single kayak or $40 for double kayaks. 

Because we are stewards of our earth and ocean we will not have bottled water at this event. There will be hydration stations and everyone is encouraged to bring your own reusable container. 

Friday 11/10-

Location: Hooked On SUP at Cape Haze Marina. 6950 Placida Rd. Englewood, FL 34224.

5:30- 8:30 pm- Pre race packet pick up, pool party, shrimp boil dinner.

Saturday 11/11- 

Location: Englewood Beach/Manasota Key 2100 N. Beach Rd. Englewood.

7:00-8:30 am- Racer check in & packet pick up. 

8:45 am- Mandatory race meeting.

9 am- 6 Mile race starts.

9:10 am- 3 Mile race starts.

Kids Clinic with Lina Bowers and Dylan Geiger will start approximately 10:30 am.

11 am- 1.5 Mile & Kids Race start.

12:30- Lunch served with raffles & awards immediately following.

Sunday 11/12-

Location: Englewood Beach/Manasota Key. 2100 N. Beach Rd. Englewood

8:30-10:30 am- Hooker Hustle Beach Challenge Games.

11:00 am-12 pm- Pilgrim Paddle or transport to Stump Pass Beach sandbar where lunch will be held.

12 pm - 3 pm- Full Thanksgiving lunch at Stump Pass Beach sandbar. 

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Kevin Glatfelter14SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Derick Brown18Prone (All)18-49Guy
Dan Lukens27SUP 14'50+Guy
Bruce Day37SUP 14'50+Guy
Dylan Geiger38SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Brad Ward40SUP 14'18-49Guy
Chris Moylan46SUP 14'18-49Guy
Cindy Gibson48SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Mark Athanacio50SUP 14'50+Guy
Stephen Artusi51SUP 14'18-49Guy
Heath Marston52OC-118-49Guy
Will Marston53SUP 14'U18Guy
Bubba Ellis63Prone (All)50+Guy
Kevin Woodin64SUP 14'18-49Guy
David Rush66OC250+Guy
Murray Hunkin68Surfski Single50+Guy
John Weinberg70SUP 14'50+Guy
George Knight73Surfski Single50+Guy
Doug Lindsay75Surfski Single50+Guy
Casey Cordes77SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Justin Digiorgio83Surfski Single18-49Guy
James Douglass84SUP 14'18-49Guy
Travis Kindt89SUP 14'18-49Guy
John Sekas91SUP 14'50+Guy
Rick Lee93SUP 14'18-49Guy
Glenn Davis97SUP 14'50+Guy
Jason Geiger98OC-118-49Guy
Jim Birney100SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Meg Bosi102SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
William Mussenden106SUP 14'18-49Guy
Lizi Ruiz159SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Sue Kabana5SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Hayley Kabana6SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Dawn Beck8SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Daniel Honig9SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Jene Kapela10SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Donna Catron11SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Jeff Gillette12SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Lynda Roszel13SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Tammy Beason15SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Linda Weber16SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Peter Wright17SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Isabella Rijos19SUP 12'6"U18Girl
Anne Maddox20Surfski Single50+Girl
Gary Nager21Surfski Single50+Guy
Dee Schmitz22SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Pam Rilling23SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Jake Schmehl24SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Virginie Jones25SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
John Wheeler26SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Joanne Saad31SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Chris Young32SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Diane Lukens34SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Dennis Miller36SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Lewis Gibson39SUP 14'50+Guy
Steve Wagley43SUP 14'50+Guy
Lina Bowers45SUP 12'6"U18Girl
Alan Bechok47SUP 14'50+Guy
Tony Walz54SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Hailey Marston55SUP 12'6"U18Girl
Gracie Marston56SUP 12'6"U18Girl
Jo Meighan57SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Joshua Meighan58SUP SurfboardU18Guy
Phil Trudgeon65SUP 14'50+Guy
Bob Thompson67SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Laura Giudici71SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Charles Popelka72SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Shay Spoonmore74SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Gregory August78SUP 14'18-49Guy
Michael Faulkner81SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Jeff Paradise82SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Paul Petersen85SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Steve White86SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Shaun Swartz87SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Eric Enrique92SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Evan Enrique94SUP 12'6"U18Guy
Lyn Corpus95SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Paul Corpus96SUP 14'50+Guy
Chadwick Jacob99SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Tracie Georgiadis101SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Yensys Loyola103SUP 14'18-49Guy
Bryan Herrick104SUP 14'18-49Guy
Holly Robinson107SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Sue Cooper155SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Tony Nakonetschny156SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Mary Anne Boyer157SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Luke Spinelli158SUP SurfboardU18Guy
Thom Olszak1SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Micki Lees3SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Mj Weibling4SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Brian Simpson7SUP 14'18-49Guy
Christine Seitz28SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Gary Harmon29Prone (All)50+Guy
Kate Hill-moore30Prone (All)50+Girl
Karen Seitz33SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Julie Kostelec35SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Tyler Lees42SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Jane Thomas44SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Cynthia Hockett49SUP 14'50+Girl
Kai Meighan59SUP SurfboardU18Guy
Patrick Burke60SUP Surfboard18-49Guy
Mary Burke61SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Christine Sanford62SUP Surfboard18-49Girl
Steve Kostelec69SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Michele Orris79SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Taylor Orris80SUP SurfboardU18Girl
Tracy Gillis88SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Linda Markley90SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Summer Ssouthhhweeelll150SUP RaceboardU12Girl
Len Ramos151SUP RaceboardU12Guy
Michael Faulkner152SUP RaceboardU12Girl
Jonathan Warren Clower153SUP RaceboardU12Guy
Warren Clower154SUP RaceboardU12Guy
Dee Schmitz22SUP (All)18-49Girl
Jake Schmehl24SUP (All)18-49Guy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

6 Mile

3 Mile

1.5 Mile

To Hooked On SUP at Cape Haze Marina-(6950 Placida Rd. Englewood)- Friday night shrimp boil/pre-race packet pick up/movies at the marina)- I 75 to Exit 191- River Rd. Go West toward Englewood/Beaches. Turn left on Winchester Blvd. At dead end turn left on Placida Rd. Go approx. 2 miles and marina will be on right. (You will just see large Cape Haze Marina sign, you can't see marina from Placida Road) Turn right at Bay Point Dr. and drive past boat barn until you see the Hooked On SUP paddle shack. Park anywhere and follow signs to pool/cabana area.

To Englewood Beach/Manasota Key- (2100 N Beach Rd. Englewood)- Saturday and Sunday race events - I 75 to Exit 191- River Rd.  Go West toward Englewood/Beaches until you come to Route 776. Turn left. Follow to Beach Rd. Turn right. Approx 1 mile this will take you across the bridge and onto the island of Manasota Key. At the traffic circle go right then make immediate left into Englewood Beach parking lot.


Nov 11 to Nov 12, 2017


Manasota Key, FL