Face Off at the Fort 2016

The 2nd Annual Face Off at the Fort SUP Race will be held at the historical landmark, Fort Maurepas Park, located in Ocean Springs, MS on July 16, 2016. 

Board Drop Off/ Registration 7:30-8:30a.m.
Race Meeting 8:45
Start Time aprx. 9 am.

Race Divisions

1 Mile Rec
-under 12

3 Mile
-Men’s Surfstyle
-Women’s Surfstyle
-Men’s 12’6”
-Women’s 12’6”
-Men's 14'
-Women's 14'
-Men's Kayak 16 and over
-Men's Kayak under 16
-Women's Kayak 16 and over
-Women's Kayak under 16

6 mile
-men’s surfstlye
-women’s surfstyle
-men’s 12’6”
-women’s 12’6”
-men’s 14’
-women’s 14’
-Men's Kayak 16 and over
-Men's Kayak under 16
-Women's Kayak 16 and over
-Women's Kayak under 16


All proceeds of race will be donated to "The Cure Starts Now" Foundation.The Cure Starts Now Foundation fights for the cure for children with brainstem glioma and cancer survivors everywhere. 

We will be having a raffle and are giving away all kinds of awesome things including A 3 DAY TRIP TO DESTIN TO STAY AT THE ISLANDER RESORT ON HOLIDAY ISLE!!!
Saturday July 16 8 am: Racers arrive and get signed in/ board drop off/ park
Race will begin approximately at 9 am.
Lunch and awards to follow.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Jacqueline White1SUP Non-Raceboard18&UGirl
Paul Derrick6SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Julie Hughes21SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Allison Marsh23SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Karlene Kegley25SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Paul Crigler30SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Sarah Juckett31SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Charlotte Bergman33SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
George Kohn41SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Joclyn Fox42SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Elise Rosato47SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Colleen Barre52SUP Non-RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Curt Hawn8SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Gloria Bailey Perez11SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Nova Cross14SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Ryan Rivera15Kayak under 16'Open 19+Guy
Garrett Black16Kayak under 16'Open 19+Guy
Ramona Mason17Kayak under 16'18&UGirl
Thai Nguyen18SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Diana Odom19SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Casey Patterson22Kayak under 16'Open 19+Girl
Caleb Tynes24Kayak under 16'Open 19+Guy
Andrew Brennan26Kayak under 16'Open 19+Guy
Wayne Berry37Kayak 16' and overOpen 19+Guy
John Collins40Kayak 16' and overOpen 19+Guy
Charlie Batton43SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Guy
Enzo Manuel44SUP Raceboard18&UGuy
Ashley Chrisman45SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Daniel Adams46SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Guy
Patten Gentry51SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Beth Reeves53SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Aaron Rabozzi54SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Guy
Lauren Drummond2Kayak 16' and overOpen 19+Girl
Nathan Drummond3Kayak 16' and overOpen 19+Guy
Heather Niemic4SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Roy Martin5SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Jason Jeffirs7SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Donny Boudreaux9SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Eddie Crocker10Kayak 16' and overOpen 19+Guy
Christy Oneal12SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Jimmie Oneal13SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Toby Tournillon20SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Girl
Gregg Barre27SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Guy
Nicholas Kinderman28Kayak 16' and overOpen 19+Guy
Brian Moorehead29SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Stefan Halushka32SUP Under 12'6"Open 19+Guy
Ken Asbell34SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Jeb Berry35Kayak 16' and overOpen 19+Guy
Laura Simon36SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Girl
Mark Tures38Kayak under 16'Open 19+Guy
Walker Higgins39SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Troy Archer48SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Zach Rounsaville49SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy
Stephen Palazzo50SUP RaceboardOpen 19+Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jul 16, 2016


Ocean Springs, MS