Fish Alley Paddle Fest III 2015

 Fish Alley Paddle Fest III  
Battle on the Beach
Sunday, July 19, 2015
35th Street Beach, Sea Isle City, NJ

10:00 a.m. -Main Event: 
8 Mile SUP, Prone or Surfski Divisions:

Starting at 35th Street and the beach in Sea Isle City, NJ,  Racers will head out into the ocean, paddling around the south side of the yellow buoy and going north through Sea Isle, Strathmere, and into Corson's Inlet.  In Corson's Inlet, paddlers will then go around another yellow buoy of the second buoy exiting Corson's Inlet back into the Ocean.  Racers will go through the inlet and back to the start at 35th Street beach. At 35th Street, there will be a buoy marking the street.  Racers must go around the southeast side of this last buoy before heading back to the beach.  Racers will paddle into the beach and run through the finish line, which will be marked by two flags.  This race is a beach start/finish.

Battle on the Beach:  Buoy style races!

~Tandem Kayak Sprint
~Single Kayak Sprint

~SUPsquatch 6 person mixed team sprint
(At least two females)
Assemble your team now.  
~Family SUPsquatch teams--Assemble your team of 6 now.

~Men's/Women's Buoy Style
Men's Sprint SUP
Women's Sprint SUP

4:00 p.m.--After party at Fish Alley, 
329 43rd Place, Sea Isle City, NJ

4:30 p.m. Kid's Races, Family Races, Fun

Awards--6:00 p.m.

* If you enter the 8 mile paddle, you only have to pay $5 to enter any additional event.  This can be done on race day. 

Registration for the Battle on the Beach

8:00  a.m  Registration at 3500 Boardwalk, Sea Isle City

8:45-9:15 a.m. Yoga Warm-up under the Naish tent on the 35th Street beach with Rachelle Damminger

9:30--Paddle Safety Meeting.  All paddlers meet on beach under Naish tent.

9:45--Racers lined up at start line on the beach

10:00:00 a.m. -- Main Event: This is a beach start.  8 miles in the ocean from 35th Street beach into SIC to Corson's Inlet and back to the start at 35th Street beach.

Buoy style race events include the following:

Tandem Kayak Sprint
Single Kayak Sprint

12:30--Group Picture for 8 mile long race.  

SUPsquatch 6 person team sprints
SUPsquatch 6 person family teams

Men's Sprint SUP
Women's Sprint SUP

Demos by Naish, Starboard, SIC all day long!

4:00--Awards/After Party @ Fish Alley--329 43rd Place.
Music by Either Way.  Enjoy craft beer from Cape May Brewery and dinner provided by Baja Blend.  Free for Festival Participants.  $10 for non-participants.  Kids are free.

4:30--Kids Race and Family Paddle.  More details to follow.

6:00--Awards will be announced.

* If you paddle the 8 mile paddle, you only have to pay an additional $5 for any other event you enter.*

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Jason Chew4SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Sven Peltonen20SUP (All)30-39Guy
Chad Gallagher22SUP (All)Masters 40+Guy
Robert Dale23SUP (All)Masters 40+Guy
Andrew Dima24SUP (All)30-39Guy
Patrick Tomlin27SUP (All)30-39Guy
Tricia Piola8SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Jason Chew4SUP Inflatable 14'Open (All Ages)Mixed
Jennifer Luff6SUP Inflatable 14'Open (All Ages)Mixed
Wendy Frantz7SUP Inflatable 14'Open (All Ages)Mixed
Jason Malick9SUP Inflatable 14'Open (All Ages)All
Josette Lata1SUP 12'6"40-49Girl
Andrea Kahikina2SUP (All)40-49Girl
Lewis Ostrander3Prone (All)40-49Guy
Jason Chew4SUP (All)40-49Guy
Dave Allison5Prone (All)Open 19-39Guy
Eric Ransome10SUP (All)40-49Guy
Rachelle Damminger11SUP (All)Open 19-39Girl
Mike Hutchings12SUP (All)40-49Guy
Chad De Satnick13SUP (All)Open 19-39Guy
Andy Giordano14SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Todd Desatnick15SUP (All)40-49Guy
Michael Fithian16SUP (All)Open 19-39Guy
Ed O'kinsky17SUP Stock 1440-49Guy
William Sodano18SUP (All)40-49Guy
Kira Daugherty19SUP (All)Open 19-39Girl
Sven Peltonen20SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Tyler Hunter21SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Chad Gallagher22SUP Stock 1440-49Guy
Andrew Dima24SUP Stock 14Open 19-39Guy
Kevin Kahikina25SUP Stock 1440-49Guy
Abbey Sangmeister26SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jul 19, 2015


Sea Isle City, NJ