Gorge Downwind Champs 2016 - Ski, SUP, OC

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Mark Geraghty2OC-161+Guy
Arie Rozen15Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Lee Rusconi16Surfski Single61+Guy
Steve Benson33OC-161+Guy
Mike Mauch46Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Karen Bates50OC-151 to 60Girl
Gary Mortimer54OC-161+Guy
Kerry Willis56OC-141 to 50Girl
Kerry Willis57OC-141 to 50Girl
Sandra Mowat58OC-141 to 50Girl
Thor Kristoffer Nielsen80Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Andrea Kahikina86SUP 14'41 to 50Girl
Marcia Michel131Surfski Single51 to 60Girl
Leslie Cole146OC-151 to 60Girl
Pamela Adams156SUP 12'6"51 to 60Girl
Denise Andrews157SUP 12'6"51 to 60Girl
Steve Lynch179Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Billy Kho184OC-151 to 60Guy
John Skorstad185OC-151 to 60Guy
Karen Sceva190Surfski Single51 to 60Girl
Cathy Higgins191OC-151 to 60Girl
Terese Roeseler197OC-141 to 50Girl
Howard Wright206Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Andy Bunn212Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Heather Burns213OC-119 to 40Girl
Kai Stahly219SUP 12'6"18 and underGuy
Bruce Gainer225OC-161+Guy
Tim O'brien233OC-151 to 60Guy
Bill Worthington243SUP 14'51 to 60Guy
Suzanne Serafin244OC-151 to 60Girl
Julia Garcia255Prone (All)19 to 40Girl
Michael Mcerlean256SUP 14'19 to 40Guy
Sp Smith258Surfski Single51 to 60Girl
Ethan Wong259SUP 12'6"18 and underGuy
Mel Selvidge260SUP 14'41 to 50Girl
David Bruggeman265Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Abby Scoggins269Surfski Single19 to 40Girl
Eric Diggins272SUP 14'41 to 50Guy
Madison Long283OC-118 and underGirl
Carter Johnson1SUP Unlimited19 to 40Guy
Patrick Hemmens3Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Shane Martin4Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Patrick Fenwick5OC-141 to 50Guy
Paul Tomblin6Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Lynnette Hazard7OC-141 to 50Girl
Dean Jordaan8Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Janet Whittick9SUP 14'41 to 50Girl
Chris Hipgrave10Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Sam Mayhew11Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Patrick Hwang12OC-141 to 50Guy
James Klein13Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Austin Kieffer14Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Teresa Rogerson17SUP 14'41 to 50Girl
Andrew Losli18Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Steyn Visagie19Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Thomas Dittler20Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Rob Magus21OC-119 to 40Guy
Rachel Clarke22Surfski Single19 to 40Girl
Bruce Mctaggart24Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Bruce Fincher25Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Kas Metzler26OC-141 to 50Girl
Jerret Renfro27OC-119 to 40Guy
Nicholas Cryder28Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Alan Lipp29OC-151 to 60Guy
Gretchen Meier30SUP 12'6"41 to 50Girl
Marion Buchenau31SUP 14'41 to 50Girl
David Scherrer32Surfski Single61+Guy
Julie Jenkinson34Surfski Single51 to 60Girl
Robert Jenkinson35Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Kent Jenkinson36Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Ryan Paroz39Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Priscilla Mckenney40OC-151 to 60Girl
Douglas Blue41Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Michael O'donnell42Surfski Single61+Guy
Marc Whitlock43Surfski Single61+Guy
Donald Kiesling44Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Grant Mckenzie45Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Mike Mauch46Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Gary Robinson47Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Dean Bumstead48Surfski Single61+Guy
Michael Wood49Surfski Single61+Guy
Karen Bates, Jim Bates50OC-251 to 60Girl
Jim Bates51OC-151 to 60Guy
Greg Redman52Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Sandy Redman53Surfski Single41 to 50Girl
Laurence Rosen55Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Kathy Montgomery56OC-141 to 50Girl
Kerry Willis57OC-141 to 50Girl
Sandra Mowat58OC-141 to 50Girl
Leanne Stanley59OC-119 to 40Girl
Lance Roozendaal60Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Robert Sutherland61Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
David Jacobson62Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Justin Thomas63Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Timothy Dwyer64Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
George Marshall65OC-141 to 50Guy
Doug Thomas66OC-141 to 50Guy
Mike Ching67Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Jonas Hudson68Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Damien Kelly69Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Larry Bussinger70Surfski Single61+Guy
Tyler Irwin71OC-119 to 40Guy
Michael Medler72Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Bob Woodman73Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Brian Kummer74Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Reivers Dustin75Surfski Single61+Guy
Teaurai Florian76Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Darrell Bednark77Prone (All)61+Guy
Sebastien Mosole78Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Kevin Olney79Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Mackenzie Morgan81Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Dennis Mowry82Surfski Single61+Guy
Dave Jensen83Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Corry Fitzgibbons84Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Brenden Donahue, Bill Cirino85Surfski Double51 to 60Guy
Kevin Kahikina87SUP 14'51 to 60Guy
Matthew Sun89OC-119 to 40Guy
Marin Millar90Surfski Single41 to 50Girl
Michael Vanderwater91OC-141 to 50Guy
Mel Durban92OC-151 to 60Girl
Steve Wallick93Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Cecilia Ng, Margaret Coulombe95OC-241 to 50Girl
Amy Byers96Surfski Single41 to 50Girl
Cory Lancaster97Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Judy Jensen98Surfski Single41 to 50Girl
Joey Hertz99OC-161+Guy
Sally Wallick100Surfski Single19 to 40Girl
Greg Barton101Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Rich Long102Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Jonathan Tetuanuitefarerii103Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Marama Olson104Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Jarkko Simonen105SUP 14'19 to 40Guy
Amy Marshall106SUP 14'41 to 50Girl
Kylie Rae Marshall, Kira Jade Marshall107OC-218 and underGirl
Duncan Howat108Surfski Single61+Guy
Michael Alexeev110Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Jesse Lishchuk111Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Bruce Poacher112Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Dave Brozowski113Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Lindsey Shank114OC-119 to 40Girl
Alan Levine115OC-170+Guy
David Clough116Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Paolo Ameglio117OC-141 to 50Guy
Dawid Mocke118Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Rupert Wong119SUP 14'51 to 60Guy
Matthrw Dubrule120OC-141 to 50Guy
Kevin Stockhausen121Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Sean Rice122Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Tony Hansen123Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Zachary Handler124Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Steve Scoggins125Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Ron Williams126OC-151 to 60Guy
Jan Lupinski127Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Brandon Viuhkola128Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Tom Arnold129Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Dawn Lee130OC-119 to 40Girl
Andre Michel132Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Deanne Hemmens133Surfski Single51 to 60Girl
Joel Strimling134OC-141 to 50Guy
Mike Long135Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Jack Diakon137OC-118 and underGuy
Josh Robert138SUP 14'18 and underGuy
Chris Dobrovolny139Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Jeff Cowley140Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Tim Lawson141Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Kenny Howell142Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
George Porter143Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Jimmy Austin144OC-119 to 40Guy
Greg Greene145Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Juliet Simpson147OC-119 to 40Girl
Corey Simpson148OC-119 to 40Guy
John Dutton149OC-151 to 60Guy
Doug Dornelles150Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Anna Mathisen151OC-141 to 50Girl
Jimi Spoto152OC-119 to 40Guy
William Feiges153Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Daryl Remmler154Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Barry Borm155Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Michele Eray158Surfski Single19 to 40Girl
Warren Bruce159Surfski Single61+Guy
Ian Lowe160Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Hong Chin161Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Paul Clement162Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Shekhar Kumta163Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
James Griffith164Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Tim Burdiak165Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Ilia Kolesnikov166Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Tyson Poppler167OC-119 to 40Guy
Raquel Bota168Surfski Single19 to 40Girl
Cody Silvester169OC-119 to 40Guy
Brent Campbell170OC-119 to 40Guy
Ben Garrett171Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Mark Avina172OC-141 to 50Guy
Ian Daykin173Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Justin Warren174OC-119 to 40Guy
Simon Longdill175Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Sven Hansen176Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Dorian Wolter177Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Alex Matthews178Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Steve Lynch179Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
John Rybczyk180Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Jeff Castleberry181Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Douglas Reinika182OC-141 to 50Guy
Bob Ostertag183Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Billy Kho184OC-151 to 60Guy
Brandi Baksic186OC-141 to 50Girl
Teresa Wilson187OC-151 to 60Girl
Anne Cook188OC-141 to 50Girl
Jonny Davies189OC-141 to 50Guy
Rob Hansen192Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Karen Carmen, Henry Ludemann193OC-219 to 40Mixed
Thomas Maximus195SUP 14'41 to 50Guy
Cliff Meidl196Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Ben Mcneil198OC-119 to 40Guy
Justin Beutel199OC-119 to 40Guy
Enav Mcneil200OC-119 to 40Girl
Kenny Kashiwada201OC-119 to 40Guy
Justin Martinez202OC-119 to 40Guy
Laura Chan203OC-119 to 40Girl
Todd Smith204Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Nicholas Cooksey205Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Jeff Maloney207Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Susan Long, Jean Quinsey208OC-251 to 60Girl
Henri Kieffer209Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Michael Melville210SUP 14'61+Guy
Jim Wilkens211Surfski Single61+Guy
Andy Bunn212Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Rich Sprout214Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Jeff Hilburn215Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Jasper Mocke216Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Bob Putnam217Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Tyler Morgan218Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Tegan Fraser220Surfski Single19 to 40Girl
Brad Hagan221Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Shanna Upton222SUP 14'19 to 40Girl
Paul Hansen223Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Rodney Ellis224SUP 14'41 to 50Guy
Bruce Gainer225OC-161+Guy
Marc Lavertu226OC-161+Guy
Mike Gregory227Surfski Single61+Guy
Mackenzie Hynard228Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Teneale Hatton229Surfski Single19 to 40Girl
Kenny Rice230Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Heather Nelson231Surfski Single41 to 50Girl
Brandon Pritchard232Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Tim O'brien233OC-151 to 60Guy
Gwyn Howat234Surfski Single41 to 50Girl
Corrina Gage235OC-151 to 60Girl
Tracy Landboe236Surfski Single41 to 50Girl
Jess King237Surfski Single41 to 50Girl
Jonathan Sanborn238Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Daniel Sanchez Viloria239Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Paul Rosenquist240Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Ross Flemer241OC-141 to 50Guy
Patrick Langley242Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Robert Baloh245Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Patrick Switzer246Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Alyson Fromm247SUP 12'6"19 to 40Girl
Derek Fromm248SUP 14'19 to 40Guy
Kathy Wilder, Jim Wilkens249Surfski Double51 to 60Mixed
Russ Stothers250Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
Kristy Morris251SUP 12'6"19 to 40Girl
Kevin Kelly253Surfski Single19 to 40Guy
Tony Serafin254OC-151 to 60Guy
Jim Smith257Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Jay Selvidge261SUP 14'41 to 50Guy
Kevin Harris262Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Marni Harris263Surfski Single51 to 60Girl
Aaron Napoleon264OC-141 to 50Guy
Shelley Taniguchi266OC-141 to 50Girl
Emily Dashiell267OC-119 to 40Girl
Maurizio Tognacci268Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Charles Brand270Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Erica Brodin271Surfski Single19 to 40Girl
Sean Hulscher273Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Eric Starnes274SUP 14'51 to 60Guy
Matthew Kelly275Surfski Single41 to 50Guy
John Puakea276OC-151 to 60Guy
Art Aquino277SUP Unlimited41 to 50Guy
Joe Naholowa'a278OC-119 to 40Guy
Miles Orr279OC-118 and underGuy
Hannah Hill280SUP 14'19 to 40Girl
John Day281Surfski Single51 to 60Guy
Jeremy Cole, Alan Goto282OC-241 to 50Guy
Kerry Willis284OC-141 to 50Girl
Jan Boersma300SUP 14'41 to 50Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jul 18 to Jul 23, 2016


Hood River, OR