Gorge Downwind Champs 2017 - Ski, SUP, OC

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Justin Warren8OC-140 to 49Guy
Leanne Stanley9OC-119 to 39Girl
Felix Ottersbach14OC-119 to 39Guy
Kathy Montgomery17OC-140 to 49Girl
Michael Wood18OC-170+Guy
Kerry Willis19OC-140 to 49Girl
Sharon Taylor21OC-150 to 59Girl
Carmen Prehofer35OC-150 to 59Girl
Teresa Wilson37OC-150 to 59Girl
Shane Beaton39OC-119 to 39Guy
John Skorstad42OC-160 to 69Guy
Patrick Hwang44OC-140 to 49Guy
Junette Mccarthy46OC-150 to 59Girl
Jerret Renfro52OC-119 to 39Guy
Kas Metzler53OC-140 to 49Girl
Priscilla Mckenney68OC-150 to 59Girl
Cortland Reilly84OC-150 to 59Guy
Tyler Irwin85OC-119 to 39Guy
Blue Marks96OC-160 to 69Guy
Patrick Fenwick100OC-140 to 49Guy
Lynnette Hazard101OC-140 to 49Girl
Carol Choi112OC-140 to 49Girl
Suzanne Serafin120OC-150 to 59Girl
Tyson Poppler129OC-119 to 39Guy
Jim Baumann134OC-160 to 69Guy
Jessica Higgins136OC-119 to 39Girl
Ian Doleman137OC-140 to 49Guy
Richard Wolter138OC-119 to 39Guy
Joey Hertz142OC-160 to 69Guy
Vitor Pogetti143OC-119 to 39Guy
Robbie Magus148OC-140 to 49Guy
Lex Raas152OC-160 to 69Guy
Alan Lipp153OC-150 to 59Guy
Stephanie Siaris154OC-140 to 49Girl
Mike Bernemann155OC-150 to 59Guy
Tony Serafin156OC-150 to 59Guy
Michael Vanderwater159OC-140 to 49Guy
Jess King160OC-140 to 49Girl
Bob Stewart166OC-160 to 69Guy
Taz Lee171OC-150 to 59Guy
Rick Critchlow172OC-150 to 59Guy
Steve Wegner173OC-150 to 59Guy
Shannon Hartnett175OC-150 to 59Girl
Lawrence Goolsby181OC-160 to 69Guy
Cody Silvester182OC-119 to 39Guy
Jessica Friis194OC-119 to 39Girl
Carol Shick195OC-150 to 59Girl
Kolo Rosenthal204OC-140 to 49Guy
Alan Levine207OC-170+Guy
Susanna Ieng, Sema Ieng208OC-219 to 39Mixed
Casey Owens222OC-150 to 59Guy
Robin Gandolfi224OC-150 to 59Girl
Chris Hill225OC-140 to 49Guy
Red Pedrick, Mags Gilo226OC-219 to 39Mixed
Gabe Somjen231OC-170+Guy
Wade Williford244OC-140 to 49Guy
Amy Blackley Williford245OC-140 to 49Girl
Andrew Mcelderry, Melissa Mcelderry249OC-250 to 59Mixed
Kai Anderson252OC-119 to 39Guy
Tony Kendall253OC-140 to 49Guy
Takima Kendall254OC-140 to 49Girl
Guillaume Escarguel255OC-140 to 49Guy
Mary Smolenski257OC-150 to 59Girl
Matt Mcmillan262OC-119 to 39Guy
Marc Dipiero263OC-160 to 69Guy
Philip Diehl264OC-119 to 39Guy
William Morris266OC-150 to 59Guy
Cort Peterson267OC-150 to 59Guy
Paul Laperriere270OC-140 to 49Guy
Salinas Laperriere271OC-119 to 39Girl
Mark Avina284OC-140 to 49Guy
Thadias King288OC-160 to 69Guy
Christine Castrucow292OC-150 to 59Girl
Cecilia Ng, Margaret Coulombe297OC-240 to 49Girl
Benjamin Dorrington299OC-119 to 39Guy
Anna Mathisen300OC-140 to 49Girl
Alan Stirling, Shannon Larrett-bliss303OC-260 to 69Mixed
Lisa Robertson, Garth Irwin304OC-240 to 49Mixed
Lorri Stewart305OC-150 to 59Girl
Ashley Richardson306OC-119 to 39Girl
Cora Wolfe308OC-119 to 39Girl
Matthew Sun309OC-119 to 39Guy
Brent Campbell313OC-119 to 39Guy
Dawn Lee314OC-119 to 39Girl
Justin Beutel315OC-119 to 39Guy
Ben Mcneil316OC-140 to 49Guy
Enav Mcneil317OC-119 to 39Girl
Kenny Kashiwada318OC-119 to 39Guy
Laura Chan319OC-140 to 49Girl
Diego Robinson320OC-119 to 39Guy
Justin Martinez321OC-119 to 39Guy
Rosemary Vasquez326OC-150 to 59Girl
Corrina Gage327OC-150 to 59Girl
Lise Oberth332OC-150 to 59Girl
Jody Conners334OC-140 to 49Girl
Brandi Baksic335OC-140 to 49Girl
Tim Cornwell337OC-119 to 39Guy
Kate Kauffman338OC-119 to 39Girl
Charlsea Ewing342OC-119 to 39Girl
Lindsey Shank344OC-119 to 39Girl
Jose Andrade345OC-119 to 39Guy
James Hill346OC-140 to 49Guy
Scott Murdock352OC-150 to 59Guy
Tim Dougherty354OC-160 to 69Guy
Ron Williams356OC-150 to 59Guy
Hau Pham360OC-140 to 49Guy
Anne Cook361OC-140 to 49Girl
Hoang Pham363OC-140 to 49Guy
Jimi Spoto364OC-119 to 39Guy
Miles Orr366OC-118 and underGuy
Nicole Holbrook368OC-140 to 49Girl
Rune Hoyer Nielsen, Annakari Hoyer-nielsen370OC-240 to 49Mixed
Len Morris371OC-119 to 39Guy
Jimmy Austin373OC-119 to 39Guy
Kai Bartlett374OC-140 to 49Guy
Tom Derrah375OC-150 to 59Guy
Mark Weinzierl378OC-150 to 59Guy
David Nollsch379OC-150 to 59Guy
Catia Garell381OC-119 to 39Girl
John Strayer382OC-150 to 59Guy
Roman Kristl383OC-150 to 59Guy
Carolyn Partridge385OC-150 to 59Girl
Daran Ah Tou386OC-150 to 59Guy
Kevin Kelly387OC-119 to 39Guy
Brian Bender388OC-119 to 39Guy
Henry Ludemann389OC-119 to 39Guy
Nancy Huh393OC-119 to 39Girl
Billy Kho394OC-150 to 59Guy
Aprille Harris397OC-140 to 49Girl
Dave Parmenter398OC-150 to 59Guy
Mc Jammer399OC-140 to 49Girl
Leeann Bare402OC-150 to 59Girl
Jeremy Cole, Alan Goto404OC-240 to 49Guy
Jason Teter405OC-140 to 49Guy
Danny Ching406OC-119 to 39Guy
Steve Jewel407OC-150 to 59Guy
James Donovan408OC-119 to 39Guy
Julie Alvarez409OC-140 to 49Girl
Dean Alvarez410OC-140 to 49Guy
Gavin Godfrey411OC-140 to 49Guy
Roger Dunn412OC-160 to 69Guy
Gary Kunsman413OC-170+Guy
Clarence Peralta414OC-140 to 49Guy
Piotr Traczewski415OC-150 to 59Guy
Chastity Dutro416OC-140 to 49Girl
Aaron Napoleon417OC-150 to 59Guy
Matthrw Dubrule418OC-140 to 49Guy
Heather Burns425OC-119 to 39Girl
Les Scanlan431OC-150 to 59Guy
Marie Low438OC-119 to 39Girl
Kassen Bergstrom439OC-140 to 49Girl
Saul Dobson442OC-140 to 49Guy
Wyatt Wong443OC-140 to 49Guy
Jen Kro444OC-140 to 49Girl
Drew Anastasio446OC-150 to 59Guy
Yvonne Rogers447OC-150 to 59Girl
Tim Herring448OC-160 to 69Guy
Nyree King448OC-150 to 59Girl
Don Mulhall, Tyson Bull449OC-250 to 59Guy
Robi Rousset452OC-119 to 39Guy
Shep Nelson456OC-119 to 39Guy
Graham Groeneveld459OC-140 to 49Guy
Jonny Davies460OC-150 to 59Guy
Garth Canning461OC-150 to 59Guy
Will Reichenstein464OC-119 to 39Guy
Tim Haentjens484OC-160 to 69Guy
Catharine Griffin507OC-140 to 49Girl
Justin Watts512OC-119 to 39Guy
Alika Guillaume513OC-119 to 39Guy
Brett Fillmore523OC-140 to 49Guy
Peter Marcus530OC-150 to 59Guy
Ryan Paroz1Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Austin Kieffer2Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Steve Wallick3Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Timothy Dwyer4Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Roscoe Mcnally5Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Sandy Redman6Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Bill Cirino7Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Greg Redman10Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
David Jacobson12Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Melanie Durban13Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Mike Mauch15Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Bob Woodman16Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Andrew Losli20Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Warren Bruce22Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Paul Clement23Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Mike Ching25Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Rich Long26Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Greg Greene28Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Madison Long29Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Sandra Mowat30Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Will Prehofer31Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Paul Hansen32Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Steyn Visagie33Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Sally Wallick34Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Grant Mckenzie36Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Kevin Olney38Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Tamlyn Bohm40Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Steve Delgaudio41Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jan Lupinski43Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Damien Kelly45Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Shane Martin47Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Hong Chin48Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Bruce Fincher49Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Michael Owens51Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Brant Tapley54Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
William Schaet56Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Randy Taylor57Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Rowan Sampson58Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Hugh Culver59Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jeff Cowley60Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Nick Murray61Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
John Dye62Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Darryl Khng65Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Bill Jewell66Surfski Single70+Guy
Bob Putnam67Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Michael Alexeev69Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Bruce Gipson70Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Mike Long71Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Mick Handley72Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Guy
Fred Schiess73Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jim Hoffman74Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Dave Brozowski75Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Kim Hayashi78Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Tracy Landboe79Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Peggy Peattie80Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
James Griffith81Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Iwona Gancarz, Shekhar Kumta82Surfski Double50 to 59Mixed
Judy Jensen83Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Timmy Shields86Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Chris Hipgrave89Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Dorian Wolter90Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Terry Smith91Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Ulrike Sherer92Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Girl
Paul Crivell94Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jonas Hudson95Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Michael Meredith97Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Mark Ceconi98Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Guy
Ian Lowe99Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Richard Avedon-savage102Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Chris Dobrovolny104Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Phillip Nigh105Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Julieta Gismondi106Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Traci Cole107Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Dave Jensen108Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Eric Mims109Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Michael O'donnell110Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Alex Kurth111Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Flavio Costa113Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Sven Jonsson114Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Samantha Williams115Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Mike Mills-thom116Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Justin Thomas117Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Graham Schulz118Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
William Feiges119Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Tim Lawson121Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Corry Fitzgibbons122Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Andre Michel123Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Myke Mccawley125Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Bruce Poacher126Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
George Porter127Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Rob Pelkey128Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Brian Kummer130Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Dennis Silvestrone132Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Steve Lynch133Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Mike Brumbaugh144Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Guy
Craig Mentz145Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Patrick Hemmens146Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Deanne Hemmens147Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Brandon Viuhkola149Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Jeff Schnelle150Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jeremy Grosvenor151Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Dennis Mowry157Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Dean Bumstead158Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Emilie Fournel161Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Sara Jordan162Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Jim Rauchle163Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Larry Bussinger164Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Alain Raas165Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Amy Byers167Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
John Dixon168Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Heather Nelson169Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Anders Gustafsson174Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Zachary Handler176Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Duncan Howat177Surfski Single70+Guy
Gwyn Howat178Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Reivers Dustin179Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Andrew Van Hasselt180Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Patrick Langley183Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Tim Burdiak185Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Brian Sloan186Surfski - 18ft and Under19 to 39Guy
Michele Eray187Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Dean Jordaan189Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Greg Lesher191Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
John Rybczyk192Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Chris Maker193Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Dylan Thomas196Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Jeff Hilburn200Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Michael Medler201Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Matt Ogarey203Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Rich Sprout205Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Greg Barton206Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Ron Galey209Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Maggie Hogan210Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Lee Furby211Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Malcolm Carey213Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Ted Burnell215Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Carl Tessmann216Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Brent Beck219Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Robert Baloh220Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Matt Frymire221Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Dan Mccabe223Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Brenden Donahue229Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Matt Slanoc230Surfski - 18ft and Under40 to 49Guy
David Scherrer232Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Larry Dixon233Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Steve Scoggins, Abby Scoggins234Surfski Double40 to 49Mixed
Houston Park235Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Brandon Nelson236Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Amy Harris237Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Ben Lawry240Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
David Hooper241Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Donald Kiesling242Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Ilia Kolesnikov243Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Jeff Castleberry247Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Karen Sceva248Surfski Single60 to 69Girl
Van Miley250Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Nicholas Cryder256Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Kelly Cairns258Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Bob Ostertag259Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Kirk Olsen260Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Kenny Howell261Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Cliff Meidl269Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Ivo Pavlov273Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Villy Mateeva274Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Ray Fusco277Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jim Wilkens, Kathy Wilder278Surfski Double50 to 59Mixed
Kenneth Fry279Surfski Single70+Guy
Henri Kieffer281Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Paul Macintyre285Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Ken Katz286Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Douglas Blue287Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Robert Sutherland290Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Ian Daykin291Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Marin Millar293Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Ben Garrett294Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Cw Cw295Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Marc Whitlock296Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Jon Anderson298Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Graeme Rockett301Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Gary Robinson302Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
James Klein307Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Mike Allen310Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jim Smith311Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Sp Smith312Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Mike Gregory323Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Sean Rice324Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Eric Costanzo328Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Jonathan Sanborn329Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Russ Stothers330Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Leonard Duncan331Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Cory Lancaster333Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Nate Errez336Surfski Single18 and underGuy
Dave Woodman340Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Barry Borm341Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Pietro Poma347Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
David Blackford348Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jacob Selander349Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Simon Koller353Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Dene Simpson355Surfski Single60 to 69Girl
Alan Chalom372Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Ryan Colloty384Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Kevin Mchugh390Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Alex Huffadine391Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Andrew Mowlem392Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Daryl Remmler419Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Mackenzie Hynard420Surfski Single18 and underGirl
Teneale Hatton421Surfski Single18 and underGirl
Kenny Rice422Surfski Single18 and underGirl
Jean Kostelich423Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Brendan Currin424Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
John Day426Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Hank Mcgregor427Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Jasper Mocke428Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Dawid Mocke429Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Scott Parsons430Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Robin Graham433Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Petra Schuler434Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Doug Dornelles435Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Denes Szaszak436Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Hugh Pritchard437Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Sam Mayhew440Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Rachel Clarke441Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Ian Black445Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Chris Stout447Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Brent Reitz451Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Maurizio Tognacci453Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Sean Hulscher454Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Rob Hansen462Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
David Kvick470Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Patrick Dolan479Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Hayley Nixon485Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Philippe Boccara486Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Anthony Vela489Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Oscar Chalupsky490Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Tom Swetish496Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Ana Swetish497Surfski Single18 and underGirl
Joel Leker499Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Mark Schulein500Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Tom Kellerman501Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Josh Dyck511Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Vineet Buch517Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Omar Chacon520Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Nate Humberston522Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Alison Loomis529Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Kelley Davis534Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Girl
Bill Crum537Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Wendy Reyntjes395Surfski Single40-49Girl
Tim Fitzsimmons400Surfski Single40-49Guy
Kate Atkinson401Surfski Single40-49Girl
John Kinn492Surfski Single50-59Guy
Chasen Dubs493Surfski Single18 and UnderGuy
William Cummins503Surfski Single40-49Guy
Michael Hoffmann525Surfski Single60-69Guy
Andrew Waldron533Surfski Single40-49Guy
Don Mulhall449OC-150 to 59Guy
Wes Huston474OC-119 to 39Guy
Meghann Schmidt475OC-119 to 39Girl
Ryan Voci483OC-119 to 39Guy
Renee Shirakawa487OC-119 to 39Girl
Derek Schrotter504OC-140 to 49Guy
Chevise Conte510OC-119 to 39Guy
Harrison Deisroth528OC-118 and underGuy
Avery Bridge488AllAllAll
Dan Taylor491AllAllAll
Mike Ross495AllAllAll
Diane Palmer502AllAllAll
Andy Purmort508AllAllAll
Jennie Sandvig509AllAllAll
Cyril Burguiere514AllAllAll
Claudia Breuer519AllAllAll
Matthew Spencer527AllAllAll
Ivan Storck532AllAllAll
Mark Geraghty11OC-160 to 69Guy
Gary Mortimer24OC-170+Guy
Steve Benson27OC-160 to 69Guy
Nathalie Chan King Choy50SUP 12'6"19 to 39Girl
Kim Charlesworth76SUP 12'6"40 to 49Girl
Bob Charlesworth77SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Marcia Michel124Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Arie Rozen131Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Sarah Poppler139OC-119 to 39Girl
Keith Andersen140Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Jenna Andersen141Surfski Single18 and underGirl
Marsha Arnold170Surfski Single60 to 69Girl
Jeff Davis188Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Susan Norman190SUP 12'6"50 to 59Girl
Ayelet Ezran214OC-140 to 49Girl
Scott Vesey218Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Lori Davis238Surfski Single60 to 69Girl
Rob Dickins246Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Whitney Robinson251OC-119 to 39Girl
Chris May265Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Mr Shannon Martinez268Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Laurence Rosen272Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Scott Darling275Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Kylie Rae Marshall276OC-118 and underGirl
Kira Jade Marshall280OC-118 and underGirl
Joshua Scholnick322Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Kate Ellis325Surfski Single60 to 69Girl
Irish Munce351OC-119 to 39Guy
Emma Wong357SUP 12'6"18 and underGirl
Ethan Wong358SUP 12'6"18 and underGuy
Jean Quinsey362OC-150 to 59Girl
Michael Hunt365Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Thomas Mohr367Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Andrea Kahikina63SUP 14'40 to 49Girl
Kevin Kahikina64SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Jay Selvidge87SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Mel Selvidge88SUP 14'40 to 49Girl
Tom Sher93SUP 14'60 to 69Guy
Janet Whittick103SUP 14'40 to 49Girl
Dave Allen135SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Marion Buchenau184SUP 14'40 to 49Girl
Michael Hammer197SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Michael Melville198SUP 14'60 to 69Guy
Ikaika Pidot199SUP 14'19 to 39Guy
Eric Diggins202SUP 12'6"40 to 49Guy
Jose Gonzalez212SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Gretchen Meier217SUP 12'6"40 to 49Girl
Amy Marshall227SUP 14'40 to 49Girl
George Marshall228SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Bill Babcock239SUP Unlimited70+Guy
Bruce Walters282SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Frank Perrott283SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Santiago Morgan289SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Eric Starnes339SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Jeff Fink343SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Jen Fuller350SUP 14'50 to 59Girl
Rupert Wong359SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen369SUP 14'18 and underGuy
Olivier Garioud376SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Noic Garioud377SUP 14'18 and underGuy
Patti Bohaty380SUP 14'40 to 49Girl
Garrett Fletcher396SUP 14'19 to 39Guy
Bryan Harwood432SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Jarkko Simonen446SUP 14'19 to 39Guy
Bill Worthington455SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Daniel Scarpine457SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Hannah Hill458SUP 14'19 to 39Girl
Dolan Eversole463SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Wayne Robson465SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
James Knowles466SUP 14'19 to 39Guy
Jennifer Fratzke467SUP Unlimited19 to 39Girl
Madeleine King468SUP 12'6"50 to 59Girl
Dave Hook469SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Kathy Shipman471SUP 14'50 to 59Girl
Doug Feeney472SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Jim Bates473SUP 14'60 to 69Guy
Kristin Thomas476SUP 12'6"50 to 59Girl
Jeff Balaban477SUP 14'60 to 69Guy
Maggie Adams478SUP 12'6"50 to 59Girl
Stephanie Shideler480SUP 12'6"40 to 49Girl
Kathy Lynch481SUP 12'6"50 to 59Girl
Ryan Funk482SUP 14'18 and underGuy
Kim Levins494SUP 14'50 to 59Girl
Chase Kosterlitz498SUP 14'19 to 39Guy
Anya Yurchenko505SUP 14'19 to 39Girl
Jeff Chandler506SUP 14'19 to 39Guy
Kim Rueter515SUP 14'40 to 49Girl
Bob Rueter516SUP 14'60 to 69Guy
Skye Chaney518SUP 14'40 to 49Guy
Adrianna Baca521SUP 14'40 to 49Girl
Thea Liskamm524SUP 12'6"50 to 59Girl
Barry Clemiss526SUP 14'50 to 59Guy
Kaeo Abbey531SUP 14'19 to 39Guy
Angela Jackson535SUP 14'40 to 49Girl
Paul Jackson536SUP 14'40 to 49Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jul 17 to Jul 22, 2017


Hood River, OR