Gorge Downwind Champs 2018 - Ski, OC

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Steve Eudy5314' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Emma Wong53514' SUP & Under18 and underGirl
Rupert Wong53614' SUP & Under50 to 59Guy
John Fuglsang58114' SUP & Under60 to 69Guy
Stephanie Shideler61714' SUP & Under40 to 49Girl
Chase Kosterlitz61814' SUP & Under19 to 39Guy
Anthony Galang61914' SUP & Under50 to 59Guy
Lizi Ruiz62014' SUP & Under19 to 39Girl
Troy Gossard62114' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Eric Diggins62214' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Santiago Morgan62314' SUP & Under50 to 59Guy
Tom Sher62414' SUP & Under60 to 69Guy
Josh Sanderson62514' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Anya Yurchenko62614' SUP & Under19 to 39Girl
Ivan Storck62714' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Bryan Harwood62814' SUP & Under50 to 59Guy
Patti Bohaty62914' SUP & Under40 to 49Girl
Barry Wicks63114' SUP & Under19 to 39Guy
Sarah Robinson63214' SUP & Under19 to 39Girl
Tyler Martin63314' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Mel Selvidge63514' SUP & Under40 to 49Girl
Jay Selvidge63614' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Stephen Pugh63714' SUP & Under60 to 69Guy
Eric Nordstrom63814' SUP & Under50 to 59Guy
Spencer Bailey63914' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Ingrid Seiple64014' SUP & Under40 to 49Girl
Doug Connor64114' SUP & Under50 to 59Guy
Chip Bratcher64214' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Paul Davidson64314' SUP & Under50 to 59Guy
Andrew Charlton64414' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Emma Broberg645SUP Unlimited19 to 39Girl
Trent Morley646SUP Unlimited19 to 39Guy
Jenn Proctor64714' SUP & Under19 to 39Girl
Susanne Boone64914' SUP & Under50 to 59Girl
Jb Guard65014' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Riley Smith65114' SUP & Under19 to 39Guy
Garrett Fletcher65214' SUP & Under19 to 39Guy
Ignacio Soler Fabre65314' SUP & Under19 to 39Guy
Will Prehofer65414' SUP & Under19 to 39Guy
Cameron Carter65914' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Lauren Barker66014' SUP & Under19 to 39Girl
April Zilg66114' SUP & Under19 to 39Girl
Dale Ponsford662SUP Unlimited50 to 59Guy
Brad Wilkins66314' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Scott Zagarino664SUP Unlimited60 to 69Guy
Nigel Harvey665SUP Unlimited60 to 69Guy
Louanne Harris66614' SUP & Under19 to 39Girl
Linda Terris667SUP Unlimited50 to 59Girl
Noe Pelizza668SUP Unlimited19 to 39Guy
Claudio Damico670SUP Unlimited40 to 49Guy
John Dixon674SUP Unlimited50 to 59Guy
Bill Babcock688SUP Unlimited70+Guy
Macrae Wylde69014' SUP & Under50 to 59Guy
Jarkko Simonen69114' SUP & Under19 to 39Guy
Matt Strand69214' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Bill Worthington69314' SUP & Under50 to 59Guy
Andrea Basagana69414' SUP & Under19 to 39Girl
Heather Nelson69514' SUP & Under40 to 49Girl
Cory Hill697SUP Unlimited19 to 39Guy
Matthew Neal698SUP Unlimited40 to 49Guy
Doug Feeney70914' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Stuart Maclaren710SUP Unlimited19 to 39Guy
Russel Peart71114' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
Chris Spotzl71214' SUP & Under40 to 49Guy
James Missen714SUP Unlimited19 to 39Guy
Nathalie Chan King Choy339SUP 14' and Under19 to 39Girl
Haakon Hoyer-Nielsen615SUP 14' and Under18 and underGuy
Renee Hoyer-nielsen616SUP 14' and Under50 to 59Girl
Bodie Von Allmen648SUP 14' and Under18 and underGuy
David Morris655SUP Unlimited60 to 69Guy
Jules Stirling656SUP Unlimited40 to 49Girl
Jamie Stirling657SUP 14' and Under40 to 49Guy
Silke Gumplinger658SUP Unlimited40 to 49Girl
Bruce Ahlbom689SUP 14' and Under60 to 69Guy
Jen Nguyen705SUP 14' and Under40 to 49Girl
Anne Van Wagener706SUP 14' and Under50 to 59Girl
Mary Grace Bagalso707SUP 14' and Under40 to 49Girl
Priscilla Shaw708SUP 14' and Under40 to 49Girl
Nic Ryan713SUP Unlimited19 to 39Guy
Austin Kieffer1Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Chris Hipgrave2Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Timothy Dwyer3Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Scott Vesey4Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Brett Fillmore5OC-140 to 49Guy
Peter Morgan6Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Steve Ward7Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Kecia Duffy8OC-150 to 59Girl
Cw Cw9Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Jonathan Gray10Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Diego Robinson11OC-119 to 39Guy
Dave Woodman12Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Russell Adams14Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Ryan Wurts15Surfski Single18 and underGuy
Jason Geiger16OC-140 to 49Guy
Greg Greene17Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
John Beausang18OC-140 to 49Guy
Scott Wanless19Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Cort Peterson20OC-160 to 69Guy
Peter Prinos21Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
David Kvick22Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
John Redongo23OC-150 to 59Guy
Jan Lupinski24Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Ashby Bodine25Surfski Single18 and underGuy
Dylan Geiger26OC-118 and underGuy
Cory Krull27Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Owen Smith28Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Jose Andrade29OC-119 to 39Guy
Paul Clement30Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Dave Allen31Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Hildren Francis32OC-150 to 59Girl
Andrew Losli33Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Eric Costanzo34Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Shawn Dinn35Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Tamlyn Bohm36Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Patrick Fenwick37OC-140 to 49Guy
Steve Dullack38OC-140 to 49Guy
Jeff Dilts39OC-150 to 59Guy
Michael Meredith40Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
David Moore41Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Wade Williford42OC-140 to 49Guy
Jennifer Brown43OC-119 to 39Girl
Marc Dipiero44OC-160 to 69Guy
Bill Cirino49Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Mike Allen50Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Maureen Dempsey, Jody Kummer51OC-260 to 69Girl
Craig Mentz52Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Joe Rodriguez54OC-119 to 39Guy
Brian Sloan55Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
David Jacobson56Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Galen Licht57Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Bob Woodman58Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Nikolai Golovchenko59Surfski - 18ft and Under40 to 49Guy
Nathan Heiderich60OC-119 to 39Guy
Nick Murray62Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Elias Losli63Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Myrlene Marsa64Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Girl
Yves Cartier65Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Dave Roberts66Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Amy Blackley Williford67OC-140 to 49Girl
Kaete Heiderich68OC-140 to 49Girl
Laura Chan69OC-140 to 49Girl
William Schaet70Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Greg Lesher71Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Mark Mckenzie72Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Chantal Leclerc73Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Christopher Denny74Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Henri Kieffer75Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Paul Lee77OC-140 to 49Guy
Joseph Dichiacchio78Surfski - 18ft and Under40 to 49Guy
Greg Redman79Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Matt Price80Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Peter Kerridge81Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Grant Mcfadyen82OC-140 to 49Guy
Peter Hulkenberg83Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Jessica De Robinson84OC-119 to 39Girl
Dave Brozowski85Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Scott Darling86Surfski - 18ft and Under40 to 49Guy
Pia Aluli87OC-170+Guy
Cora Wolfe88OC-119 to 39Girl
Ashleigh Hulkenberg89Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Samuel Taylor90Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Taras Myslyvchuk91Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Kim Hayashi92Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Darren Crozier93Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Guy
Mike Canfield94Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Tom Swetish95Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Steyn Visagie96Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Ana Swetish97Surfski Single18 and underGirl
Holm Schmidt98Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Matt Drayer99Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Catia Garell100OC-119 to 39Girl
Leonard Duncan101Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Rose Sartuche Hinchcliff102Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Cody Silvester103OC-119 to 39Guy
Adam Giles104Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Nick Barnes105Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Kas Metzler106OC-140 to 49Girl
Larry Lara107OC-160 to 69Guy
Teresa Wilson108Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Jerret Renfro109OC-119 to 39Guy
George Porter110Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Justin Beutel111OC-119 to 39Guy
Jeff Cowley112Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Kevin Dempsey113OC-160 to 69Guy
Sandy Redman114Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Dawn Lee115OC-119 to 39Girl
Justin Warren116OC-140 to 49Guy
Jacob Selander117Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Scott Orman118Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Catie Hinson119Surfski Single18 and underGirl
William Feiges120Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
John Blackmore121Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Shawn Bruins122Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Mike Mauch123Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
John Mccandless Lll124OC-160 to 69Guy
Reivers Dustin125Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Roger Dunn126OC-160 to 69Guy
Keone Miyake127OC-140 to 49Guy
Leo Hinchcliff128OC-160 to 69Guy
Jonathan Barnato129Surfski Single18 and underGuy
Lindsey Shank130OC-119 to 39Girl
Robin Gandolfi131OC-150 to 59Girl
Kelsey Naeole132OC-119 to 39Girl
Leeza Woodard133Surfski Single18 and underGirl
Eric Stanton134Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Jeff Fink135Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Anton Reiman136Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Kekupaa Naeole137OC-119 to 39Guy
Steve Wallick138Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Len De Beer139Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Andy Cummings140OC-150 to 59Guy
Huy Do141OC-119 to 39Guy
Taz Lee143OC-150 to 59Guy
Tim Haentjens144OC-170+Guy
Rich Long145Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Kathleen Chu146OC-119 to 39Girl
Mark Smith147Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jonas Ecker148Surfski Single18 and underGuy
Heather O'malley149OC-140 to 49Girl
Matthew Burrows150Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Nate Humberston152Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Priscilla Mckenney153OC-150 to 59Girl
Sema Ieng154OC-140 to 49Guy
Susanna Ieng155OC-119 to 39Girl
Joe O'malley156OC-140 to 49Guy
Jonathan Rivera157OC-119 to 39Guy
Junette Mccarthy158OC-150 to 59Girl
Luis Perez159OC-119 to 39Guy
Brendan Neylon160Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Mel Durban161Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Philip Diehl162OC-119 to 39Guy
Andy Mcmarlin163Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Madison Long164Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
John Acosta, Charise Acosta165OC-219 to 39Mixed
Cliff Roach166Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Kathy Wilder, Jim Wilkens167Surfski Double60 to 69Mixed
George Marshall168OC-140 to 49Guy
Amy Marshall169OC-140 to 49Girl
John Kaplanis170OC-150 to 59Guy
Ryan Paroz171Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Ian Lowe172Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Anthony Vela173Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Sally Wallick174Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Pam Korotky175OC-160 to 69Girl
Enav Mcneil176OC-140 to 49Girl
Gus Oliveira177Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Chas Dutro178OC-140 to 49Girl
Ben Mcneil179OC-140 to 49Guy
Dionne Reed180OC-140 to 49Girl
Marco Abel-denee181OC-119 to 39Guy
Eric Waters182Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Graham Schulz183Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Shekhar Kumta, Iwona Gancarz184Surfski Double60 to 69Mixed
Richard Avedon-savage185Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Iwona Gancarz, Shekhar Kumta186Surfski Double40 to 49Mixed
Beau Whitehead187OC-140 to 49Guy
James Griffith188Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Peter Tupker189Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Andre Michel190Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Marcia Michel191Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Lynnette Hazard192OC-140 to 49Girl
Kevin Kelly193OC-140 to 49Guy
Brent Campbell194OC-119 to 39Guy
Keith Wagner195Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Richard Chan196OC-119 to 39Guy
Yiwen Deng197OC-119 to 39Girl
Chris Tseu199OC-140 to 49Guy
Joseph Gapuz200OC-119 to 39Guy
Abby Scoggins201Surfski Single18 and underGirl
Kenny Kashiwada202OC-119 to 39Guy
Tim Lawson203Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Justin Martinez204OC-119 to 39Guy
Steve Scoggins205Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Cindy Wagner206Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Kaeo Peterson207OC-119 to 39Guy
Henry Ludemann208OC-119 to 39Guy
Brandon Viuhkola209Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Ryan Colloty210Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Dusty Esteban211OC-119 to 39Guy
Rune Hoyer Nielsen212OC-140 to 49Guy
Jack Garland213OC-160 to 69Guy
Andres Grechi214OC-150 to 59Guy
Doug Thomas215OC-150 to 59Guy
Trey Cox216OC-119 to 39Guy
Dean Alvarez217OC-140 to 49Guy
Ayelet Ezran218OC-140 to 49Girl
Brad Hynard219Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Liz Grechi220OC-150 to 59Girl
Whitney Robinson221OC-119 to 39Girl
Andrew Van Hasselt222Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Brian Kummer223Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Julie Alvarez224OC-140 to 49Girl
Kai Anderson225OC-119 to 39Guy
Bruce Fincher226Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Julieta Gismondi227Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
John Schalka228OC-160 to 69Guy
Toby Cooper229Surfski Single70+Guy
Chevise Conte230OC-119 to 39Guy
Zachary Handler231Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Michael Wood232OC-170+Guy
Murray Mackenzie233Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Tony Serafin234OC-150 to 59Guy
Suzanne Serafin235OC-150 to 59Girl
Jonathan Popolow236Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Guy
Scott Murdock237OC-150 to 59Guy
Alan Goto238OC-140 to 49Guy
Dave Jensen239Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Mc Jammer240OC-140 to 49Girl
Shane Martin241Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Dean Jordaan242Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Jim Baumann243OC-160 to 69Guy
Kevin Olney244Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Nicholas Cryder245Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Dave Parmenter246OC-150 to 59Guy
Judy Jensen247Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Josh Dyck248Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Saul Dobson249OC-140 to 49Guy
Lise Oberth250OC-150 to 59Girl
Dennis Mowry251Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Garth Irwin, Lisa Robertson252OC-240 to 49Mixed
Paul Hansen253Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Alain Morvan254OC-160 to 69Guy
John Rybczyk256Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Chris Dobrovolny257Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Gwyn Howat258Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Duncan Howat259Surfski Single70+Guy
Maggie Hogan260Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Michele Eray261Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Michael Owens262Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Robi Rousset265Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Jess King266OC-140 to 49Girl
David Scherrer267Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Alan Clark268OC-160 to 69Guy
Tom Bartlett269OC-170+Guy
Michael Doyle270Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Richard Spork271Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Kai Bartlett272OC-140 to 49Guy
Gordon Peters273OC-150 to 59Guy
Ian Mercer274Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Gary Wise275OC-150 to 59Guy
Will Georgiadis276OC-150 to 59Guy
Brad Rex277OC-150 to 59Guy
Paolo Ameglio278OC-140 to 49Guy
Jaime Muehl279OC-119 to 39Girl
David Rush280OC-150 to 59Guy
Terry Davison281Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Darryl Khng282Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jim Hoffman283Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Stephen Mayhew284Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Michael Alexeev285Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Pietro Poma286Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Steve Ulrich287Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Timmy Shields288Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Hoang Pham289OC-140 to 49Guy
Lisa Sheridan290OC-140 to 49Girl
Dennis Lucey291OC-140 to 49Guy
Brian Meyer292OC-119 to 39Guy
Louis Dang293OC-140 to 49Guy
Eric Verster294Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
John Day295Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
John Dye297Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Steve Reidy298OC-150 to 59Guy
Devin Costa299OC-150 to 59Guy
Luca Randi300OC-140 to 49Guy
Tyler Irwin301OC-119 to 39Guy
Paul Jacob302Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Rowan Sampson303Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Peggy Peattie304Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Sean Gibson305Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Stein Jorgensen306Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Tracy Cone307OC-150 to 59Girl
Ilia Kolesnikov308Surfski - 18ft and Under40 to 49Guy
Thomas Mohr309Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Martin Rother310Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Mike Ching311Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Darryl Bohm312Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Patrick Hwang313OC-140 to 49Guy
Rory Bohm314Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Larry Bussinger315Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Charlsea Ewing316OC-119 to 39Girl
Dan Mayhew317Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Casey Owens318Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Matt Muirhead319OC-160 to 69Guy
Tom Needham320OC-160 to 69Guy
Dave Loustalot321OC-150 to 59Guy
Lise Oberth, Linda Montgomery322OC-250 to 59Girl
Alan Lipp323OC-150 to 59Guy
Robert Lue324OC-140 to 49Guy
Ryan Peters325Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Donald Kiesling326Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Ikaika Pidot328OC-119 to 39Guy
Cecilia Ng, Margaret Coulombe329OC-240 to 49Girl
Jason Teter330OC-140 to 49Guy
Tim Gale331OC-150 to 59Guy
Sharon Adamski333OC-140 to 49Girl
Ross Flemer334OC-150 to 59Guy
Steve Perez335OC-160 to 69Guy
Julie Wolfe336OC-150 to 59Girl
William Jewell337Surfski Single70+Guy
Hong Chin338Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Guy
Richard Hess340OC-160 to 69Guy
Vineet Buch341Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Bob Stewart342OC-160 to 69Guy
Bruce Gipson343Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Hau Pham344OC-140 to 49Guy
Jessie Heminway345OC-150 to 59Girl
Vadim Lawrence346Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Jon Hergert347OC-150 to 59Guy
Paul Crivell349Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Kevin Cowan350Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Mike Pemberton351OC-150 to 59Guy
Carol Shick352OC-150 to 59Girl
Carolyn Partridge353OC-150 to 59Girl
Kevin Kahikina354OC-150 to 59Guy
David Gunn355Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Andrea Kahikina356OC-140 to 49Girl
Mark Avina357OC-140 to 49Guy
Alan Levine358OC-170+Guy
Zibi Wadzynski359OC-140 to 49Guy
Mark Schulein360Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Michael Vanderwater361OC-140 to 49Guy
John Skorstad363OC-160 to 69Guy
Russ Stothers364Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Tracy Landboe365Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Dave Degroot366OC-160 to 69Guy
Rob Magus367OC-140 to 49Guy
Nancy Huh368OC-119 to 39Girl
Hugh Culver369Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Amy Byers370Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Frank Peronetto371Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Rebecca Tilley372OC-150 to 59Girl
Michael Lee374OC-119 to 39Guy
Brian Navasca375OC-119 to 39Guy
Matt Mcmillan377OC-119 to 39Guy
Sean Hulscher378Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Robert Mina379OC-140 to 49Guy
Sara Jordan380Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Rell Wolfe381OC-118 and underGirl
Bob Ostertag382Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Steve Wegner383Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Guy
Jessica Engel384OC-119 to 39Girl
Patrick Dolan385Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Forrest Monroy386OC-150 to 59Guy
Alan Goto, Jeremy Cole387OC-240 to 49Guy
Anne Cook388OC-140 to 49Girl
Omar Chacon389Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Joseph Bob390OC-119 to 39Guy
Jack Kraus391Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Mark Ceconi392Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Bob Capellini393Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Kelsey Reyes394OC-119 to 39Girl
James Donovan395OC-119 to 39Guy
Tony Brown396Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
John Dao397OC-119 to 39Guy
Candace Rogers398OC-150 to 59Girl
Cory Lancaster399Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Clay Rogers400OC-150 to 59Guy
Joshua Utanga401Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Lisa Schell402OC-150 to 59Girl
David Guertin403OC-119 to 39Guy
Harrison Deisroth404OC-118 and underGuy
Doug Rebard405Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Brenden Donahue406Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Bill Crum407Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Philip Morgan408OC-160 to 69Guy
Jeremy Jones409Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Shane Bell410Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Frank Cavanagh411Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Matt Krey - Outrigger Santa Cruz412OC-119 to 39Guy
Karen Carmen413OC-140 to 49Girl
John Larkin414OC-150 to 59Guy
Bonnie Lyons415OC-150 to 59Girl
David Wald416OC-150 to 59Guy
Samuel Siu417OC-119 to 39Guy
Taylor Mcclanahan418Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Michael Mckeogh419Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jen Portman, Matt Portman420Surfski Double50 to 59Mixed
Bruno Neukirch421Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Kate Macdonald422OC-150 to 59Girl
Carl Tessmann423Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Ian Daykin424Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Wes Hammer425Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Mike Long426Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Jim Knapik427OC-150 to 59Guy
John Sokolich428Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Kyle Christensen429Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Jack Edgehill430OC-160 to 69Guy
Kevin Matrosovs431Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Stephen Sinkus432OC-140 to 49Guy
Mary Bartlett433OC-160 to 69Girl
Art Mersberg434OC-140 to 49Guy
Garth Canning435OC-150 to 59Guy
Courtney Hamchuk436OC-119 to 39Girl
Tim Hamchuk437OC-150 to 59Guy
Carol Canning, Garth Canning439OC-250 to 59Girl
Dennis Baker440Surfski Single70+Guy
Eric Neuman441Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Sarah Poppler, Tyson Poppler443OC-219 to 39Mixed
Haley Canning444OC-119 to 39Girl
Brittany Crail445OC-119 to 39Girl
James Klein446Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Daran Ah Tou447OC-150 to 59Guy
Corry Fitzgibbons448Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Josephine Monge, Allen Schade449OC-240 to 49Mixed
Ted Burnell450Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Ray Owen451OC-150 to 59Guy
Irish Munce452OC-119 to 39Guy
Patrick Langley453Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Mark Christman454OC-150 to 59Guy
Junior Hoopii455OC-150 to 59Guy
Gabe Somjen456OC-170+Guy
Fred Atkins457OC-160 to 69Guy
Billy Kho458OC-150 to 59Girl
Alex Deltoro459OC-150 to 59Guy
Gerald Montes460OC-150 to 59Guy
Lori Davis462Surfski Single60 to 69Girl
Tyson Lehmann464Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Kyle Renkei466OC-119 to 39Guy
Makenzie Snyder467OC-119 to 39Girl
Evan Hurley468OC-119 to 39Guy
Justin Heard469OC-140 to 49Guy
Hussein Sayre470OC-119 to 39Guy
Kylie Rae Marshall471OC-119 to 39Girl
Lucky Hookano472OC-160 to 69Guy
Jason Labranch473OC-140 to 49Guy
Lise Glaser474OC-150 to 59Girl
Cynthia Amodio, David Amodio475Surfski Double60 to 69Mixed
Mary Gilman, David Gilman476Surfski Double60 to 69Mixed
Michael Long477Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
William Moniz478OC-150 to 59Guy
John Teschner479OC-119 to 39Guy
Michael Irete480OC-140 to 49Guy
Colin Mcguire481OC-140 to 49Guy
Jonathan Sanborn482Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Michael Medler483Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Tim Herring484OC-160 to 69Guy
Greg Barton485Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Marshall Maccraedy486OC-150 to 59Guy
Alice Tran487OC-119 to 39Girl
Mick Handley488Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Sheila Strother, Dennis Silvestrone489OC-260 to 69Mixed
Gretchen Gill490OC-119 to 39Girl
Doug Dornelles491Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Stephen Johnson492Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Christopher Ma493OC-119 to 39Guy
Matthew Norton494Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Patrick Hemmens495Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Deanne Hemmens496Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Warren Bruce497Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Sueo Higa498OC-160 to 69Guy
Kenny Howell499Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Tony Kendall500OC-140 to 49Guy
Jamie Moors501Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Paul Macintyre502Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Van Miley503Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jeff Castleberry504Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Eva Mauck508Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Andreas Schoppel509OC-150 to 59Guy
Kassen Bergstrom510OC-140 to 49Girl
Lars Bergstrom511OC-140 to 49Guy
Pelle Bergstrom512OC-118 and underGuy
Jen Kro513OC-140 to 49Girl
Matt Browne514Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Elmore Holmes515Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Brandi Baksic517OC-140 to 49Girl
Brian Mccarthy, Junette Mccarthy518OC-250 to 59Guy
Jonas Hudson519Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Ethan Brown520OC-119 to 39Guy
Eric H Hay522Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Patrick Debarge523OC-119 to 39Guy
William Morris524OC-160 to 69Guy
Ron Williams525OC-150 to 59Guy
Matt Mohle526OC-140 to 49Guy
Roman Kristl527OC-150 to 59Guy
Darrin Horowitz528OC-160 to 69Guy
Jasper Mocke529Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Rachel Clarke530Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Sam Mayhew531Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Joshua Scholnick532Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Kim Bingham533Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Vadim Lyuber537Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Gavin Godfrey538OC-140 to 49Guy
Julien Stump539OC-140 to 49Guy
Jeremy Young540OC-150 to 59Guy
Erin Juhl541OC-140 to 49Girl
John Mclennan542OC-150 to 59Guy
Stefan Hess543Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Simone Junker544Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Chris Crawford545Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Will Reichenstein546OC-119 to 39Guy
Ryan Silsbee547OC-119 to 39Guy
Amy Woodward548OC-119 to 39Girl
Wayne Robson549OC-150 to 59Guy
Alan Williscroft550Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Julie Devine551Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Jean Gorguet552Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Raffaele Brotzu553Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Wilson Reavley554Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Mike Meyers555OC-140 to 49Guy
Loic Behin556OC-119 to 39Guy
Jimmy Austin557OC-119 to 39Guy
Kaihe Chong558OC-119 to 39Guy
Jennifer Fratzke559OC-119 to 39Girl
Jimi Spoto560OC-119 to 39Guy
John Puakea562OC-140 to 49Guy
Tuarongo Cowan563OC-119 to 39Guy
Peter Marcus564OC-150 to 59Guy
Dean Bumstead565Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Marc Whitlock567Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Zoe Norcross-nuu568Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Mike Gregory569Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Rick Baxter570Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Timothy Moe571OC-160 to 69Guy
Tom Kellerman572Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Laurence Rosen573Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
William Cummins574Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Vicki Mills575OC-150 to 59Girl
Maxim Yasochka577Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Olga Sydorenko578Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Andrew Fuglsang579Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
James Dagg580Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Charlie Pearson582Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Brian Mcgauley583OC-119 to 39Guy
Laci Bujdos585OC-150 to 59Guy
Justin Ryan586Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Scott Knighton587Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Ben Garrett588Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Wes Huston589OC-140 to 49Guy
Steve Backman590Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Deren Ash591OC-119 to 39Guy
Ben Mckeown593Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Melanie Conard594OC-140 to 49Girl
James Hill595OC-140 to 49Guy
Joe Yasis596OC-150 to 59Guy
Mike Bernemann597OC-150 to 59Guy
Jeremy Siddall, Kelsey Siddall598OC-219 to 39Mixed
Robert Laubscher599Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Angie Dolan600OC-119 to 39Girl
Shannon Hartnett601OC-150 to 59Girl
Scott Monge604OC-140 to 49Guy
Samuel Lu605OC-119 to 39Guy
Nicholas Lowe606Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Tyson Bull607OC-150 to 59Guy
Penny Seeley, Stuart Seeley608OC-250 to 59Mixed
Diane Matthews, Don Mulhall609OC-250 to 59Mixed
John Mooney610Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Jeff Hilburn611Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Elaine Roberts612OC-160 to 69Girl
Joe Naholowa'a613OC-119 to 39Guy
Heather Fisher, Lee Fok614OC-219 to 39Mixed
Heidi Meister, Jessica John630OC-219 to 39Girl
Sheila Beuler, Tom Chism634OC-260 to 69Mixed
Sean Rice669Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Aaron Napoleon671OC-150 to 59Guy
Dolan Eversole672OC-140 to 49Guy
Matthrw Dubrule673OC-140 to 49Guy
Tim Burdiak675Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Daryl Remmler676Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Teneale Hatton677Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Mackenzie Hynard678Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Kenny Rice679Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Bob Putnam680Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Seth Putnam681Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Rick Critchlow682OC-150 to 59Guy
Mike Nakachi683OC-119 to 39Guy
Teresa Dobson684Surfski - 18ft and Under50 to 59Girl
Darryl Slate685OC-150 to 59Guy
Dawid Mocke686Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Mark Weinzierl687OC-150 to 59Guy
Collin Smith696OC-119 to 39Guy
Kainoa Tanoai699OC-119 to 39Guy
Daniel Chun700OC-119 to 39Guy
Kua Nolan701OC-119 to 39Guy
Trey Cox Iii702OC-119 to 39Guy
Heiva Paie-amo703OC-119 to 39Guy
Haamatai Leon704OC-119 to 39Guy
Karen Jewel13OC-150 to 59Girl
Ulrike Sherer45Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Lynn Vesey46Surfski Single60 to 69Girl
Mark Geraghty48OC-160 to 69Guy
Steve Jewel61OC-150 to 59Guy
Carter Jewel76OC-119 to 39Guy
Paul Eschbach142Surfski - 18ft and Under40 to 49Guy
Gary Mortimer151OC-170+Guy
Duangchai Intalek198Surfski Single40 to 49Girl
Arie Rozen255Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Kenneth Fry296Surfski Single70+Guy
Ron Galey327Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Peggy Goddard332OC-160 to 69Girl
Armand Pantaleon362OC-140 to 49Guy
Tina Gray373OC-150 to 59Girl
Marcus Oesterwinter376Surfski Single19 to 39Guy
Norm Crow438Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Renee Shirakawa442OC-119 to 39Girl
Traci Cole461Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Andrea Owen463OC-150 to 59Girl
Mandy Mitchell465OC-150 to 59Girl
Stacey Castleberry505Surfski Single50 to 59Girl
Julio Paredes506Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Karen Sceva507Surfski Single60 to 69Girl
Debbie Hyde516OC-160 to 69Girl
Steve Lynch521Surfski Single40 to 49Guy
Chanel Chen534Surfski Single19 to 39Girl
Larry Goodson566Surfski Single50 to 59Guy
Lance Cummings576OC-150 to 59Guy
Keith Andersen584Surfski Single60 to 69Guy
Cameron Wells592Surfski Single19 to 39Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jul 16 to Jul 21, 2018


Hood River, OR