Great Russian River Race 2017

The 7th Annual Great Russian River Race is a fundraiser for Russian Riverkeeper, a local environmental non-profit which protects the Russian River through advocacy, education, and building community throughout the watershed.

The Great Russian River Race (GR3 for short!) is actually two races in one!

1) The Short Course
It's approx. 4 miles long and the more popular choice. It's for recreational paddlers. Limited boat rentals are available for the short course, or you can bring your own boat!

The Short Course starts at a private beach with the finish line at Johnson’s Beach in Guerneville. This stretch of river is relatively wide with long pool sections and much deeper than the Healdsburg course with no portages! There are no major hazards on this course and we will have safety teams stationed along the route if help is needed in several areas.

2) The Long Course
This one is approx. 8 miles long and for pro paddlers as well as intermediate-to-experienced paddlers with a significant level of fitness and must provide their own boat. No rentals are available for this one! 

The Long Course starts at the Steelhead Beach with the same finish line at Johnson’s Beach. There are 4-5 riffle sections with turns to negotiate in the first 4 miles with no portages required and only a couple shallow sections. If river conditions change dramatically, we will send a course update the week of the race to all racers.

Race Registration closes at Noon on Friday, June 2. No walk-ins on Race Day.

For both races, the cost is $50 per person, not including boat rental.

After the Race, there will be a free Race Party on Johnson's Beach from 12-4 p.m. with live music, food trucks, vendors and beer. Invite your friends and family! Camping is also available at Johnson's Beach.

Age Restrictions: Ages 5-12 may ride in a double boat with a parent. Ages 13-15 may be in single boats only with parental/adult supervision during the Race. Ages 16-17 just need a waiver signed by a parent. For everyone under 18, a parent must be present to sign a waiver upon check-in. All boaters must be able to swim.


Safety comes first at Johnson's Beach, so we request adherence to the following rules:

  • No outside alcohol permitted--this will be strictly enforced.
  • No BBQs.
  • No pets.
  • No glass.
  • No outside shade structures, umbrellas or canopies.

PERSONAL FLOATATION DEVICES (PFD’S) ARE MANDATORY TO PADDLE ON THE RIVER. They are included with your boat rental. If bringing your own boat, bring your own PFD.


The respective race divisions are broken down below.  Our goal is to hold a fair race and you are responsible for entering the right division for your boat – call or email us if you have questions. “Pro" refers to ANY lightweight composite racing surfskis, kayaks and canoes (fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon or prepreg) and these craft are only allowed to compete in the Long Course. You may enter a plastic or wood kayak/canoe in the Long Course but you will be racing against faster boats. “Recreational” refers to all other craft including sea kayaks, general kayaks and canoes that are made of plastic or aluminum. Pro boats in the Short Course are NOT awarded prizes due to unfair advantage, so enter Long course if you want to win. Longer sea kayaks (more than 18 ft.) should enter the Long Course. Prone paddleboards are welcome to enter, and will be placed in the SUP division.

Historically, most people enter the Short Course hence there are more divisions. In the Long Course, if you are entering in a double boat, canoes and kayaks will be racing against each other. Also, if you enter the Long Course in a single kayak, you will be racing against pro paddlers in surfskis.

4-Mile SHORT COURSE (Recreational craft only)

  • Single Kayak (Men, Women)
  • Single SUP (Men, Women)
  • Double Canoe (Men, Women, Co-ed)  
  • Double Kayak (Men, Women, Co-ed)    
  • Family Double (any craft that holds 2 with one adult and one child 12 and under)

8-Mile LONG COURSE (Pro or recreational craft)

  • Single Kayak/Surfski (Men, Women)
  • Double Kayak/Canoe (Men, Women, Co-ed)         
  • Single SUP (Men, Women)

Note: If registration is low in the 8 mile Race, divisions may be combined.


  • 8:00 – 9:30am Check-in at Johnson's Beach.
  • 9:30 – 10:00am Because the race starting point is on a gated and private road, shuttle buses will take racers to the private beach
  • 10:40am Pre-race briefing.
  • 11:00am Race begins promptly.

Boat owners will load and secure their own boats on shuttle trailers, provided by GR3 (bring your own straps and padding as these are not provided by GR3). You should check-in by 9:00 if bringing your own boatBe sure to provide enough time to check-in, load your boats and get on the bus in time.

If renting equipment from us: your boat, pfd and paddles will be at your start line.



  • Pre-entered participants will proceed directly with their boats to the check-in and start line at Steelhead Beach (9000 River Road, Forestville).
  • 9:45 – 10:15am Check-in.
  • 10:40am Pre-race briefing.
  • 11:00am Race begins promptly.

Participants can drop-off their take-out bags at check-in, to be securely transported to the finish line.

After the Race: Shuttles will be available to take you back to your cars, but we don't have a way to haul your boats. You will need to get shuttled back to Steelhead Beach and return to pick up your boat at Johnson's Beach. We will have a secure boat valet to watch over your boat.



  • Limited parking is available at Johnson's Beach for $5 per vehicle.
  • There are no private vehicles allowed at the 4 mile start!
  • Parking at Steelhead Beach is $7 per vehicle or free with Sonoma County Regional Parks Pass.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Daniel Alvarez74KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Claire Ames76KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Lisa Davis94KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Jesse Davis95KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Peter Graveline131KayakMixedAll
Jamie Graveline136KayakMixedAll
Tony Hansen156KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Mary Elizabeth Johnson225KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Crystal Mccloud259KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Deb Monti267KayakOpen (All Ages)All
Greg Newhall268CanoeOpen (All Ages)All
Dave Shore296CanoeOpen (All Ages)All
Michelle Brands391CanoeOpen (All Ages)All
Rick Giesea392CanoeOpen (All Ages)All
Brandon Fields121SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Dustin Kane226SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Matthew Kramer233SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Huda Mann256SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Bill Mashek257SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Timothy Pettek274SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Walker Raugewitz281SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Cj Raugewitz282SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Michael Rist284SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Steve Schurke291SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Oded Shakked293SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Michael Turnquist324SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Ben Vierck332SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
John Walsh372SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Jeff Broffman394SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Drew Peterson429SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Tawnee Gibson28SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Roxanne Alvarez75SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Hilary Andersen77SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Adrianna Baca78SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Kim Cheadle89SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Juliet Clothier91SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Kris Clothier92SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Angel Galvan126SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Kristy Goulart130SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Erica Lilja-ruiz251SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Gretchen Meier264SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Gina Melvin266SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Kimberly Pettek275SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Sue Philip276SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Christine Rist285SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Olivia Rist286SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Sandra Ruano Larios288SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Arline Thomas305SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Makenna Vierck338SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Rebecca Turner396SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Craig Caddell77KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Thomas Bangs79KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Rick Brodersen84KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Lorenz Erl106KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Max Erl110KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Luke Erl111KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Gerardo Fernandez118KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Nick Fraass122KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Richard Howell200KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Ron Lane239KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Martin Mejia265KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
John O'connor271KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Matt Pope278KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
William Rudometkin289KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Jeffrey Sanchez290KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Jeremy Shea295KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Joachim Vobis340KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Hut Wade359KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Gioncarlos Sillipo425KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Avi Forman428KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Arne Peterson430KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Tanya Alva73KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Lara Bangs80KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Kate Dean96KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Emily Farrant116KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Nancy Frey123KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Lori Green141KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Lauren Hammack155KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Mary Ann King232KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Kimberly Lambert235KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Melissa Long253KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Diana Majumdar254KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Erin Malone255KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Julie Mawod258KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Naomi Mcleod260KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Amy Noonan269KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Mary Padbury272KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Sally Weed386KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Nikki Winovich387KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Kila Peterson426KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Bruce Abramson71KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Brad Drexler98KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Julien Gervreau127KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Cathy Cimino-turner90KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Leeann Erl114KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Susanne Esquivel115KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Linda Locke252KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Katie Rose287KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Zoe Sexton292KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Patricia Sharp294KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Katie Turner323KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Susan Vargas331KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Shelia Biaggi82KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Sean Bothwell83KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Ethan Brook85KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Steve Brooks86KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Robyn Brooks87KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Bret Carr88KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Chris Crispo93KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Micah Harvey157KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Suzanne Leber244KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Stefan Lederer249KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Greg Lewis250KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Maxwell Pritt279KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Brenna Raugewitz280KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Ashley Sloan297KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Lauren Svoboda302KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Alexandra Thomason312KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Treston Vorac355KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Adrianne Dominguez424KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Scott Adams72CanoeOpen (All Ages)Guy
Hector Bedolla81CanoeOpen (All Ages)Guy
John Delaney97CanoeOpen (All Ages)Guy
William Reed283CanoeOpen (All Ages)Guy
Morgan Sullivan299CanoeOpen (All Ages)Guy
Michael Zardo389CanoeOpen (All Ages)Guy
Caitlin Engel100CanoeOpen (All Ages)Girl
Ileana Enriquez105CanoeOpen (All Ages)Girl
Jamie Furrer124CanoeOpen (All Ages)Girl
Brianna Gregory143CanoeOpen (All Ages)Girl
Jeanne-marie Jasko224CanoeOpen (All Ages)Girl
Lola Dvorak99CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Mike Guy153CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Lori Guy154CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Sheila Hoover158CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Kenny Howell159CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Tyler Norris270CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Chris Pilling277CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Hillary Smith298CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Lee Anne Yaeger388CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Keith Lacy395CanoeOpen (All Ages)Mixed
John Alexiou1SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Patrick Alteri3SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Fred Andersen6SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Colin Bright9SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Shawn Carmo14SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Bob Charlesworth15SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Super Dave19SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Trevor Ganaye25SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Pete Gauvin26SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
John Hadley28SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Tripp Harrison30SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Dave Hook31SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Geoff James32SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Dave Jensen34SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Xavier Lanier38SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Otto Laszlo39SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Garry Lawler40SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Jess Lee41SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Gary Leong42SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Chris Medina46SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Tony Montero48SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Ric Ortega52SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Stephen Pugh55SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Nick Reid56SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Tom Sher58SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Brian Thomas63SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Jeremy Thompson65SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Jamie Willin69SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Justin Kelly390SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
James Robison393SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Santiago Lombo397SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Shawn Callahan418SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Earlene Alexiou2SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Claudia Breuer8SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Kim Charlesworth16SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Leigh Claxton17SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Jen Fuller24SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Julie Jay33SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Madeleine King37SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Thea Liskamm43SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Michelle Mahrt44SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Gina Morley50SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Julie Stevens61SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Sarah Sutton62SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Kristin Thomas64SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Janet Walp68SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Charlotte Wolken70SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Mary Spicer427SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Girl
Zachary Alva4High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Petri Alva5High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Tom Colton18High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Christopher Farris22Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Jim Ham29High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Carter Johnson35Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Richard Jordan36High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Eduardo Monteclar47High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Nathan Moody49High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Michael O'donnell51Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Misha Riszkiewicz57Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Dane Urry67High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Amy Byers10Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Girl
Cath Caddell13Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Girl
Snazzy Duckworth20High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Krista Fechner23High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Margot Otway53High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Ellen Simms59High Performance KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Susan Starbird60Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Girl
Scottie Trevino66Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Girl
Tom Biglione7CanoeOpen (All Ages)Guy
Jasper Caddell11KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Stacy Powell54KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Jib Ellison21KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed
Philip Majumdar45KayakOpen (All Ages)Mixed

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Short Course- leaves private beach 4 miles upstream of Johnson's Beach.

Long Course- leaves Steelhead Beach, finishes at Johnson's Beach.

Check-in: Johnson's Beach, bottom of Church Street, Guerneville. Parking $5.

Check-in: Steelhead Beach, 9000 River Road, Forestville. Parking $7 (free with Sonoma County Regional Parks Pass).


Jun 3, 2017


Guerneville, CA