Greater Montreal Outrigger Challenge

Set in picturesque scenery, the Greater Montreal Outrigger Challenge promises high quality competition as novice and season paddlers race on the Ottawa River and Deux Montagnes Lake.

With changing water conditions and winds, racers can expect anything from a calm ride to a test of their stamina and determination.

The event is hosted in the charming and convenient Hudson Yacht Club grounds.

Start and Finish is from the Hudson Yacht Club.
Starts are staggered in time, with all boats of a same category departing at the same moment.
The schedule will be made available in the days preceding the event. Expect starts to begin around 8:30 AM.
We suggest subscribing to the GMOC Facebook page to receive notifications of all updates.

A preliminary schedule will be posted in the weeks prior to the event, and will be further detailed when exact categories are finalized.   As indication, here is what to expect:

6:00 AM                    Hudson Yacht Club opens for racers

6:45 - 7:30 AM         Registration

All racers registered via internet will have to come obtain their bracelet and boat ID sticker.

7:45 AM                   Captain's Meeting (duration 15min)

    Opening Ceremony

8:30 AM                    First category departure

                                   Following departures will be staggered in time, approx. 5 min apart

Around 1:30 PM      After-race lunch

Around 2:15+ PM    Award ceremony & Prizes

We suggest subscribing to the GMOC Facebook page to receive notifications of all updates.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Mony Sy1OC-1Open (All Ages)All
Francois Tessier2KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Denys Dufresne, Joelle Leblanc4OC-1 (2 Person)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Carlos Martinez, David Marechal6OC-1 (2 Person)Open (All Ages)Guy
Alok Chowdhury9OC-1Open (All Ages)Guy
Brian Page10Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Trista Bilmer11Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Girl
William Chang12OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Laura Fisk13OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Suesa Iopu14OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Christopher Chan15OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Tyler Minty, Mj Christine Lefebvre16OC-1 (2 Person)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Melissa Goyette18OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Bonnie Pankiw19OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Jacques Blais21OC-1Open (All Ages)Guy
Justin Gurney23OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Joe Shaw24Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Francis Tavenier, Gordon Grivas25OC-1 (2 Person)Open (All Ages)Guy
Thanh-phuoc Tran26OC-1Open (All Ages)All
Mario Blackburn28Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Claude Roux29OC-1Open (All Ages)Guy
Jim Farnum31OC-1Open (All Ages)Guy
Sam Sloves32OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Carmen Varnel33OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Rob Varnel34OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Richard Coulthard35OC6Open (All Ages)Mixed
Philippe Renaud36Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Michelle Laprade37OC-1Open (All Ages)Girl
Bevin Schmidt38Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Michael Thomas39KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
Kent Omholt - Jensen40Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Alain Ruel, Christiane Gauthier42OC-1 (2 Person)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Ryan Stepka, Christopher Weber44OC-1 (2 Person)Open (All Ages)Guy
Pierre Pinard45C1Open (All Ages)Guy
Luc Robert8SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Priscilla Brooks20KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Brent Schmidt27SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Cyril Burguiere30SUP (All)Open (All Ages)Guy
Melissa Berry41Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Girl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Two courses are available for the race:
A short course of 15 km /9 miles for the Stand-Up Paddle Board and
A long course of 35 km / 22 miles for all other categories

As an exception, the short course is available to non Stand-Up Paddle Board leisure paddlers unable to attempt the longer distance.

Both courses start and finish at the Hudson Yacht Club beach, and run in the clock-wise direction.
The courses will be well marked on the water, with easy-to-spot buoys.
As extra challenge, the long course will see paddlers cross the path of the ferry that runs from Hudson to Oka.
A portage may be added for C1 and C2 racers – this will be communicated in the summer months preceding the event.

Short Course of 15 km /9 miles

Long Course of 35 km / 22 miles

The GMOC competition takes place on the Ottawa River and Deux Montagnes Lake, off the quaint town of Hudson. Renowned for its historical past and its vibrant town center, Hudson is conveniently located close to the Ontario/Quebec border and just a drive away from Montreal and all its action.

Off-water activities surrounding the event take place at the centennial Hudson Yacht Club.

Hudson Yacht Club
10 Yacht Club Road
Hudson, QC
J0P 1H0


Aug 2, 2014


Hudson, QC