Hobie Hennesseys WPA US Paddleboard Championship

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Cash Prizes:

Top 3 paddleboard finishers in each Pro course board class (not age division).

Top 3 Stand Up finishers in each Pro course board class (not age division)

Cash Qualifying Board Classes:

**A minimum of 10 entries required to be considered a cash qualifying race

Pro Course

Unlimited Paddleboard - Cash Qualifier

Stock Paddleboard - Cash Qualifier

Men's 14' Stand Up - Cash Qualifier

Womens 12'6 Stand Up - Cash Qualifier


Top 3 finishers in each division.


WPA Series Ranking Points:


Stock (12'6)


14' 50+



Stock (12'6)

Stock (12'6) 50+



WPA age division rankings will apply to your results

**A minimum of 5 participants is needed in any division to receive ranking points.

World Championship Qualifying Points:

Top 30% finishers per board class (must be a ranked division and have a minimum of 5 participants) qualify to race in the 2013 Hennessesy's WPA World Championships

Entry Fees

Fun Race: $45 pre registration / $55 day of race

Pro Race: $65 pre registration / $75 day of race

Race # pick up and beach registration will begin @ 7AM 6/04.

Contact: race@hobie.com , Sean Douglas (949)240-5105 ext 205

Racing is set to begin around 8:00 AM

Schedule of racing

Pre Race Meeting
1st Start   -   Pro Course 8:00 AM 
2nd Start  -  Fun Course 9:30 AM 

(BBQ included in entry fee)

12:30 Post Race awards ceremony/BBQ will take place @ Hennessey’s Dana Point 

* Additional BBQ tickets can be purchased race day for $13. $6 for kids under 10 

Schedule may vary based on # of competitors, conditions and additional events

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

John Kucera1Prone Stock50+Guy
Kristin Thomas2SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Aaron Mckinnon3Prone Unlimited39UGuy
Ryan Murphy9SUP 14'39UGuy
Bob Farrar10SUP 14'50+Guy
Keith Meter13SUP 12'6"40-49Guy
Darryl Brown14Prone Unlimited39UGuy
Mike Day19SUP 14'50+Guy
Dale Marnati20SUP 14'50+Guy
Carter Mudge21SUP 14'40-49Guy
Kerstin Ouellet23SUP 12'6"40-49Girl
Ej Johnson24SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Sean Pangelinan25SUP 14'39UGuy
Brandi Baksic26SUP 12'6"40-49Girl
Eric Diggins27SUP 12'6"40-49Guy
M M28SUP 14'40-49Guy
Shae Foudy31SUP 12'6"39UGirl
Byron Kurt33SUP 14'40-49Guy
Colin Mcphillips34SUP 14'39UGuy
Scott Diederich35Prone Stock40-49Guy
Stephan Lambert37Prone Stock40-49Guy
Robert Thurmond38Prone Stock40-49Guy
Daniel Russell39SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Michael Richards40SUP 14'40-49Guy
Lawrence Johnson41SUP 12'6"40-49Guy
Gretchen Benedetto42SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Brian Murphy44SUP 14'39UGuy
Dave Boehne45SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Noa Hopper46SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Robert Howson47SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Reese Schwab49SUP 14'39UGuy
Halie Harrison52SUP 12'6"39UGirl
Darren Del Monico54SUP 14'40-49Guy
Steve Chrapchynski55SUP 14'40-49Guy
Mark Stavron57SUP Unlimited50+Guy
Austin Young58SUP 14'39UGuy
Brennan Rose59SUP 14'39UGuy
John Hill62SUP 14'50+Guy
Peter Burton63Prone Unlimited50+Guy
Peter Doody64SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Anabelle Anderson65SUP 12'6"39UGirl
Steve Rossier66Prone Unlimited40-49Guy
Shawn Shamlou67SUP 14'40-49Guy
Norm Scheel69SUP 14'40-49Guy
Nick Scheel71SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Chance Fielder72SUP 14'40-49Guy
Rob Rojas73Prone Unlimited39UGuy
Willis Brown74SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Mike Zines75SUP 14'50+Guy
Karl Ring77SUP 14'40-49Guy
Garrit Barth78SUP 14'39UGuy
Brendan Light79SUP 14'39UGuy
Ian Light80SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Fernando Stalla82SUP 14'39UGuy
Javier Lorenza83SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Lance Erickson84SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Rick Stinson4SUP 14'40-49Guy
James Yanoschik5SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Chris Cheek6SUP 14'40-49Guy
Kenneth Petersen12Prone Stock50+Guy
Kristie Markwell15SUP 12'6"40-49Girl
Dave Anderson16SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Kim Mcdermott17SUP 12'6"39UGirl
Paul Chevallier18Prone Stock39UGuy
Michael Skelly22SUP 14'50+Guy
Alan Mccorkle29SUP Surfboard40-49Guy
Anna Dinkelbach30SUP Surfboard40-49Girl
Mike Wong32SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Dylan Delaney36Prone Stock39UGuy
Scott Schultz43SUP Surfboard40-49Guy
Christi Calvert48SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Jimmy Mccrary50SUP Surfboard40-49Guy
Rod Loftis51SUP 14'40-49Guy
Jp Acevedo53SUP 12'6"40-49Guy
Jill Vickery56SUP 12'6"40-49Girl
Clint Reynolds60Prone Stock50+Guy
Dee Burton61SUP 12'6"40-49Girl
Axel Hennessey70SUP 12'6"39UGirl
Mike Riely76SUP 14'50+Guy
Jose Magra81SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Rachael Tilly85SUP 12'6"39UGirl
Nael Taki86SUP Surfboard39UGuy
Jack Wygal87SUP 14'40-49Guy
Brody Welte88SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Jayson Campbell89SUP 12'6"39UGuy
Jim Mcphillips90SUP 14'50+Guy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Pro Course- 7 or 9 Miles depending on board class
Fun Course - 3 Miles 

2013 World Paddle Association US Championship Race

The race will start and finish adjacent to the Doheny Main Lifeguard Tower. Courses will be set using GPS and may change based on prevailing weather conditions. 

Elite races are anticipated to be beach start and beach finish, but may change per surf and tide conditions 

Recreational races are anticipated to be water start and beach finish, but may change per surf and tide conditions

$15 State park parking immediately adjacent to race site
Limited Metered County Parking available close by
Doheny State Beach, Dana Point


Jun 1, 2013


Dana Point, CA