Hop Sauce Tune-Up Paddle Race 2016

Part of the LBI Hop Sauce Festival

Alliance for a Living Ocean: The mission of the Alliance for a Living Ocean is to promote and maintain clean water and a healthy coastal environment through education, research and active participation. We recognize the need to manage our watershed, bay and ocean holistically since all water flows from “the raindrop to the ocean.

Jetty Rock Foundation: The mission of the Jetty Rock Foundation is to enhance business, arts, and culture for the future leaders of our community.

7:300 AM - Registration Opens
9:00 AM - Paddler meeting
9:15 - Race Starts
Noon - We drink at the Hop sauce

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Zeke Hill1Prone (All)35+Guy
Lisa Braunwell3SUP Surfboard35+Girl
Sheryl Paynter4SUP Under 12'6"35+Girl
Russ Hill9Prone (All)U15Guy
Shawn Corson10SUP Under 12'6"35+Guy
Colleen Yerves17SUP Surfboard16 to 34Girl
Todd Page18SUP Surfboard16 to 34Guy
Jen Townsend19SUP Surfboard16 to 34Girl
Cheryl Little21SUP Surfboard35+Girl
Jim Little22SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Brandon Seidler23SUP Surfboard16 to 34Guy
Michelle Dempsey24SUP Under 12'6"35+Girl
Megan Mcdowell25SUP Surfboard16 to 34Girl
Nolan Vanderslice28SUP 14'U15Guy
John Vanderslice29SUP 14'35+Guy
Carolyn Zodl31SUP Surfboard35+Girl
Lauren Zodl32SUP Surfboard16 to 34Girl
Evan Zodl33SUP Surfboard16 to 34Guy
Deb Hansch34SUP Surfboard35+Girl
Ed Hansch35SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Rob Mitstifer37SUP Under 12'6"16 to 34Guy
Matt Kriepahne38SUP Surfboard16 to 34Guy
Gabby Donofrio39SUP SurfboardU15Girl
Nikki Surella40SUP SurfboardU15Girl
Sahara Moon41SUP Surfboard16 to 34Girl
Josette Lata2SUP Under 12'6"35+Girl
Ed O'kinsky5SUP 14'35+Guy
Colin Brearley6SUP Surfboard16 to 34Guy
Colleen Panetta7SUP Under 12'6"35+Girl
Melissa Saltarelli8SUP Under 12'6"35+Girl
Jo Ann Jankowski11SUP Under 12'6"35+Girl
Kevin Kahikina12SUP 14'35+Guy
Andrea Kahikina13SUP Under 12'6"35+Girl
Allie Panetta14SUP Under 12'6"16 to 34Girl
Donna Bradley15SUP Surfboard35+Girl
Bill Manley16SUP Under 12'6"16 to 34Guy
Kurt Williams20SUP Under 12'6"35+Guy
Marsha Worthington26SUP Under 12'6"35+Girl
Danielle Frucci27SUP Surfboard16 to 34Girl
Stephen Mcglynn30SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Chris Lockwood36SUP Under 12'6"35+Girl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jun 4, 2016


Beach Haven, NJ