Ke Aloha Hudson River Cup

Join us for the first Hudson River Cup race and Ohana Festival in Hoboken NJ!  This race is organized by Ke Aloha Outrigger Club of Hoboken and sponsored by the Hoboken Cove Community Boathouse and Hoboken Department of Parks. 

Race along the Hudson River Skyline in 3 unique races:  
  • ECORA point series 7-mile OC1/2 into New York Harbor by the Statue of Liberty
  • OC6 500M Sprints. Beach launch with views of Midtown Manhattan.
  • SUP and Kayak 2 Miler. Fun race along the Hoboken shore.
Luau, Live Hawaiian Music Acts, Dancing, Kids Activities, and Food Truck festival on-site at Maxwell Place Park and much more... 
SCHEDULE . Saturday, June 24 at Maxwell Park Place, Hoboken, NJ.

OC1/OC2 ECORA Point Series Race - 7 miles
7:00AM-8:00AM . Registration/Check-in and Staging
8:00AM-8:30AM . Race Orientation Meeting
9:00AM . OC1/2 7-mile Race Start
10:30AM . Project Race Finish

OC6 500 Meter Sprints
9:30AM-10:30AM . Registration/Check-in and Staging
10:30AM . Captain's Meeting
11:00AM . OC6 500m Sprint Qualifying Heats
12:30PM . OC6 500m Sprint Finals

SUP/Kayak Fun Race - 2 miles
11:30AM-12:30PM . SUP/Kayak Registration/Check-in
12:30PM . Race Orientation Meeting and Staging
1:00PM . SUP/Kayak 2-mile Race Start
1:30PM . Projected Race Finish

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Matt Zwingraf2OC-118-39Guy
Genevieve Copeland3OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Linda Lensch, Gil Ross5OC-2Sr. Masters 50+Mixed
Matthew Butcher, Elizabeth Pennisi7OC-2Sr. Masters 50+Mixed
Ilka Morris8OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Greg Lowry, Erik Werner11OC-218-39Guy
David Lee12OC-118-39Guy
Bogdan Kordulski13OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Dave Chan14OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Kevin Cheung15OC-118-39Guy
Sunny Jackson16OC-118-39Girl
Carlos Espada17OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Kevin Kahikina18OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Betsy Ray19OC-118-39Girl
Tony Soukhaseum21OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Margie Annis22OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Nicolas Beguin24OC-118-39Guy
Sajan Lama25OC-118-39Guy
Sam Sloves26OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Ted Taylor27OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Emily Harris, Susan Skinner28OC-2Masters 40+Girl
John Ponticorvo29OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Genevieve Copeland3OC6Sr. Masters 50+All
Linda Lensch6OC6Sr. Masters 50+All
Chondrea Richard9OC618-39Girl
Greg Lowry11OC618-39All
David Lee12OC618-39Guy
Ben Krupit1SUP Stock 1418-39Guy
Bhavind Papaiya6SUP Under 12'6"18-39Guy
Yugi Naili10SUP 12'6"18-39Guy
Michael Delgrosso23SUP 12'6"Masters 40+Guy
Bonnie Aldinger30Kayak under 16'18-39Girl
Rajiv Rajiv31Kayak under 16'18-39Guy
Louanne Harris32SUP 12'6"18-39Girl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Start: Hoboken Cove Boathouse/Maxwell Place Park
Paddle down Hudson River into New York Harbor to 3.5 mile turning buoy at Ellis Island.
Paddle up Hudson River.
Finish: Hoboken Cove Boathouse/Maxwell Place Park

Start/Finish: Hoboken Cove Boathouse/Maxwell Place Park

Illustration to follow.

Start: Hoboken Cove Boathouse/Maxwell Place Park
Paddle down the Hudson River to Pier A to 1-mile turning buoy.
Paddle up the Hudson River.
Finish: Hoboken Cove Boathouse/Maxwell Place Park

Closest address is 1025 Maxwell Ln. Hoboken, NJ as there is no official gps address.

From I-95 Northbound- take exit 16E for 495/Lincoln Tunnel
From I-95 Southbound- take exit 17 for 495/Lincoln Tunnel
Take Hoboken Exit
.3 turn right onto Boulevard East
1.0 turn left onto 15th Street
.2 right onto Hudson Street
.2 Left onto 11th Street and head straight for the water.

From the Lincoln Tunnel
Take Willow Ave Exit on the right
.8 left on 14th Street
.2 right onto Hudson Street
.2 left onto 11th Street

From Holland Tunnel:
Turn Right onto Louis Munoz Marin Blvd
.4 right onto Observer Highway
.4 left onto Hudson Street
250ft right Hudson Place
250ft Left River Street
.4 right 4th Street
.6 right 11th Street


Jun 24, 2017


Hoboken Cove Boathouse, Hoboken, NJ