LBI Paddle Classic 2016

Rescheduled race is on for tonight! You have to be present to win the raffle for a free board!

A Long Beach Island Classic SUP Race featuring a short course for newer paddlers and a  long course for more experienced paddlers.

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Race benefits - Alliance for a Living Ocean.  Alliance for a Living Ocean (A.L.O.) promotes and helps to maintain clean water and a healthy coastal environment through education and action.

RACE DAY, Sunday, July 17, 2016

  • 5:00 - 6:00 PM   Registration 
  • 5:45 PM   Pre-Race Meeting and National Anthem
  • 6:00 PM   Race START

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Jennifer Kruegel1SUP Surfboard35+Girl
Mindy D'addario3SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Russell Hill5Prone (All)U15Guy
Jo Ann Jankowski6SUP 12'6"35+All
Traci Mendell8SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Kristina Folkart10SUP Surfboard35+Girl
Michelle Dempsey11SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Patricia Chin-sweeney12SUP 14'35+Girl
Marsha Worthington13SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Ryan Tomkinson14SUP 12'6"16 to 34Guy
Kathy Fritz19SUP Surfboard35+Girl
Sheryl Paynter20SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Susan Donofrio21SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Alexis Donofrio22SUP SurfboardU15Girl
Mike Mahedy23SUP 12'6"35+Guy
Roland Wilhelm24SUP 12'6"35+Guy
Tammy Tiver25SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Tracy Larosa26SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Tom Scully27SUP 12'6"35+Guy
Mike Mcgovern28SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Sarah Mcgovern29SUP SurfboardU15Girl
Katie Richards30SUP 12'6"U15Girl
Jessica Johnson32SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Eric Johnson33SUP 12'6"35+Guy
Melissa Saltarelli34SUP 12'6"35+Girl
John Kowalski35SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Chris Koerner37SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Nolan Vanderslice39SUP 12'6"U15Guy
John Vanderslice40SUP 14'35+Guy
Richard Hunt41SUP 12'6"16 to 34Guy
Jen Townsend42SUP Surfboard16 to 34Girl
Bill Fuetterer43SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Todd Page44SUP Surfboard16 to 34Girl
Alyssa Gesek45SUP 12'6"16 to 34Girl
Gabrielle Sacco46SUP 12'6"16 to 34Girl
John Budd47SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Brian Mglynn48SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Colleen Panetta50SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Allie Panetta51SUP 12'6"16 to 34Girl
Darryl Heale52SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Nathaniel Palmer55SUP Surfboard16 to 34Guy
Scott Finnis57SUP Surfboard16 to 34Guy
Gavin Kowalski58SUP SurfboardU15Guy
Jamie Megonigal59SUP Surfboard16 to 34Girl
Emily Wallace62SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Rj Hanson63SUP 14'35+Guy
Harold Buck64SUP Surfboard35+Guy
Drew Aromando65SUP 14'35+Guy
Micki Lees66SUP Surfboard35+Girl
Lawrence Goldstein2SUP 14'35+Guy
Zeke Hill4Prone (All)35+Guy
Josette Lata7SUP 12'6"35+Girl
Ryan Oliver9SUP 14'35+Guy
Victor Rallo15SUP 14'35+Guy
Michael Fithian16SUP 14'35+Guy
Kenny Balcerski17SUP 14'35+Guy
Claire Condie18SUP 12'6"35+Girl
William Sodano31SUP 14'35+Guy
Ed O'kinsky36SUP 14'35+Guy
Michael Marcel38SUP Surfboard35+Guy
John Kutner49SUP 14'16 to 34Guy
Michael Jacobus53SUP 14'35+Guy
Andy Seyr54SUP 14'35+Guy
Kyle Gronostajski56Prone (All)16 to 34Guy
Ryan Oliver60SUP 14'35+Guy
Greg Errion61SUP 14'35+Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Race circles Sand Island or High Island

  • Short Course - 2 laps around Sand Island
  • Long Course -  1 lap around High and Sand island


Jul 17, 2016


6805 Long Beach Blvd. (Bay View Park) Long Beach Twp., NJ