LBI Paddle Classic 2017

A Long Beach Island Classic SUP Race featuring a short course (~2.5 miles) for newer paddlers and a long course (~5 miles) for more experienced paddlers.

For Race information -

Race benefits - Alliance for a Living Ocean.  Alliance for a Living Ocean (A.L.O.) promotes and helps to maintain clean water and a healthy coastal environment through education and action.

RACE DAY, Saturday, July 15, 2017.  Rain date: Sunday, July 16, 2017.

  • 5:00 - 6:00 PM   Registration 
  • 5:45 PM   Pre-Race Meeting and National Anthem
  • 6:00 PM   Race START

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Marsha Worthington312'6 SUP & Under35+Girl
William Pyne714' SUP & Under35+Guy
Lawrence Goldstein814' SUP & Under35+Guy
Valerie Giacobbe1112'6 SUP & Under14-34Girl
Devon Kuser1214' SUP & Under14-34Guy
Dawn Jacobus1812'6 SUP & Under35+Girl
Traci Mendell2212'6 SUP & Under35+Girl
Ryan Tomkinson2512'6 SUP & Under14-34Guy
Dani Padovano27SUP Surfboard Over 9ft35+Girl
Lori Distelcamp28SUP Surfboard Over 9ft35+Girl
Kimberly Elton31SUP Surfboard Over 9ft35+Girl
Kent Weston32SUP Surfboard Over 9ft35+Guy
Mike Mahedy3312'6 SUP & Under35+Guy
Jon Coen45SUP Surfboard Over 9ft35+Guy
Russell Hill4712'6 SUP & Under14-34Guy
Mikayla Paige Higgins48SUP Surfboard Over 9ftU14Girl
Kristian Mulholland4914' SUP & Under14-34Guy
Michelle Aromando5112'6 SUP & Under35+Girl
Kelly Kappler52SUP Surfboard Over 9ft14-34Girl
Sophie Clymer54SUP Surfboard Over 9ft14-34Girl
Ellie Mcglynn5512'6 SUP & Under14-34Girl
Jackie Oliver5714' SUP & Under35+Girl
Ed O'kinsky114' SUP & Under35+Guy
Josette Lata214' SUP & Under35+Girl
John Henkes4Prone (All)35+Guy
Kevin Kahikina514' SUP & Under35+Guy
Michael Fithian614' SUP & Under35+Guy
Andrea Kahikina914' SUP & Under35+Girl
Walker Lewis1014' SUP & Under35+Guy
Zeke Hill13Prone (All)35+Guy
Michael Jacobus1414' SUP & Under35+Guy
Victor Rallo1514' SUP & Under35+Guy
Carly Scallon1612'6 SUP & Under35+Girl
Carol Debenedictis1712'6 SUP & Under35+Girl
Bob Highley19Prone (All)35+Guy
Kate Mcbride2012'6 SUP & Under35+Girl
Nolan Vanderslice2112'6 SUP & UnderU14Guy
Craig Blanken2314' SUP & Under35+Guy
Shawn O'mara24Prone (All)14-34Guy
Kenny Balcerski2614' SUP & Under35+Guy
Karl Miran2912'6 SUP & Under35+Guy
Tammy Tiver30SUP Surfboard Over 9ft35+Girl
Paul Hutchen3414' SUP & Under35+Guy
Lynda Cubelo3514' SUP & Under35+Girl
Bob Gilpin37SUP Surfboard Over 9ft35+Guy
Tonia Williamson3814' SUP & Under35+Girl
Andy Seyr3914' SUP & Under35+Guy
Claire Condie4012'6 SUP & Under35+Girl
Darryl Heale4114' SUP & Under35+Guy
Todd Page4212'6 SUP & Under14-34Guy
Chris Larocca43SUP Surfboard Over 9ft35+Guy
Stephen Harvey4414' SUP & Under35+Guy
John Vanderslice4614' SUP & Under35+Guy
Matt Kalwinsky5014' SUP & Under35+Guy
Greg Errion5314' SUP & Under35+Guy
Ryan Oliver5614' SUP & Under35+Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Race circles Sand Island or High Island

  • Short Course - 2 laps around High and Sand Island
  • Long Course -  1 lap around High and Sand island
Drive over the bridge to LBI.  Turn right onto Long Beach Blvd.  Drive to 68th street.  Turn right into the park.  There is a large free parking lot at the park and there is also another free parking lot across the street.  Plenty of parking!


Jul 15, 2017


6805 Long Beach Blvd. (Bay View Park) Long Beach Twp., NJ