Lake Natoma North

Lake Natoma North, May 9th, 2015

Host: River City Paddlers
Location: Lake Natoma, Negro Bar Beach
Time: 9:00 AM Registration, 10:10 AM Race Start

Course Description: Flat Water Racing!!  Tactical turns-straightaway speed!

3 & 5 mile SUP course

 5.4 & 10 mile "boat" course"  ( surf ski, K1,kayak,canoe,ocean canoe, singles & tandems )


The race is held at the beach area NOT the boat ramp!!

Raffle prizes from Mello Marine &  Huki !! Many Thanks

 9:00 AM Registration

9:30 AM  paddlers meeting

10:10 AM  Start

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Tim Stylianapoupalopolous1Sea Kayak60+Guy
Bobby Carpenter3Surfski Single60+Guy
Keith Andersen4Surfski Single60+Guy
Steve Wilson, Mike Ammon7C260+Guy
William Fenton9Sea Kayak60+Guy
Jacob Selander11Surfski Single18-39Guy
Lee Halvorsen16Surfski Single40-59Guy
Nathan Burley17Surfski Single18-39Guy
Karen Jeffers18K140-59Girl
Tom Biglione21C160+Guy
Tyson Hadley5Surfski Single60+Guy
Helen Gallagher, Kim Green10OC-240-59Girl
Marsha Arnold12Surfski Single40-59Girl
Paul Macintyre15Surfski Single40-59Guy
Miki Miyashiro, John Green19Surfski Double60+Guy
Ann Grove, Wayne Kocher20OC-260+Mixed
Jim Micheaels23Surfski Single40-59Guy
Cary Fergus24OC-140-59Guy
Kurt Kaunzinger28Surfski Single40-59Guy
Jeff Cleeland29OC-140-59Guy
Rick Close8SUP 14'60+Guy
Terry Haggart30SUP Under 12'6"40-59Guy
Robert Glass6SUP 12'6"60+Guy
Pete Rudnick13SUP 14'60+Guy
Mike Brackins14SUP 12'6"40-59Guy
Doug Penny22SUP 14'40-59Guy
Craig Mcmannis25SUP 14'40-59Guy
Steve Funk27SUP 12'6"40-59Guy
Mike Irete31SUP 14'40-59Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


May 9, 2015


Folsom, CA