Lanakila Classic 2016

Protective footwear recommended for race access (Dock is being repaired by the City).

Lunch is included!

Life Jackets REQUIRED! No dogs allowed in this area and no alcohol. But you’re walking distance to several restaurants & bars! LEASHES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL RACERS


(Times are approximate)

7:00am – Registration opens

8:00am – Mini course to the water

8:30am – Start Mini course – 1000 meter

(One Harbor lap – kids/OC1/OC2/V1/K1/C1/Surfski & SUP)

9:25am – SUP & Short Course Pre-race Meeting

                       Course to be determined based on conditions

9:30am – Short course to the water

9:45am – Mini course awards

10:00am – Start Short Course – 5 Miles


10:15am – Raffle Begins

11:25 – Long Course Pre-race Meeting

Course to be determined based on conditions

11:30am – Long course to the water

11:30am – Lunch is served

12:00pm – Start Long course -9 miles

( OC1/OC2/Surfski/V1 – Sorry no Prone or SUP)

12:15pm – Raffle Ends

12:45pm – Short course awards 

2:45pm – Long course awards

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Abby Hatch29SUP SurfboardU12Girl
Susan Lilly38SUP 14'U16Girl
Melinda Batty43OC-1U16Girl
Lily Schryer Rindge104SUP 12'6"U14Girl
Malia Peterson107OC-1U12Girl
Dani Bell134K1U12Mixed
Sara Rothrock, Jake Schmitt155OC-2U16Girl
Belah Ellis160SUP 12'6"U12Girl
Hanson Siverts171SUP 12'6"U16Guy
Molly Siverts180SUP SurfboardU12Girl
George Mashall181OC-1U12Guy
Soryn Preston188SUP SurfboardU12Girl
Lindsey Luna, Lindsey Luna192OC-2U12Girl
Leslie Luna, Lindsey Luna193OC-2U12Girl
Mica Brandt198SUP 12'6"U16Girl
Charlie Yu, Wennie Yu1OC-2Masters 40+Guy
Kathy Wilder, Jim Wilkens5Surfski DoubleSr. Masters 50+Mixed
Meghann Schmidt7OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Joe Velasquez8OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Blake Rohrbach13OC-1U16Guy
Red Pedrick14OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Tim Dougherty16OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Cameron Fraser18OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Brian Kummer21Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Richard Hess22OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Simon Li30OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Gregory Crouse35OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Deon Lourens37Surfski SingleMasters 40+Guy
Marc Lavertu45OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Mira Corrao46Surfski SingleU19Girl
Victor Rosenthal49OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Steve Ferry50OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Garrett Crayton53OC-1U16Guy
Josh Crayton54OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Gary Cziko55Surfski SingleGolden Masters 60+Guy
Adam Laurent, Jon Hergert57OC-2Masters 40+Guy
Steve Perez59OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
David Moranville60OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Jake Schmitt63OC-1U19Guy
Jack Diakon64OC-1U16Guy
Davin Blekeberg65OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Brenton Hamilton67Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Aimee Spector68OC-1Masters 40+Girl
Christopher Cornejo69OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Garth Canning, John Skorstad71OC-2Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Brent Campbell73OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Noam Elroi75OC-1U16Guy
Wendy Dewitt76OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Keoni Defries78OC-1U19Guy
Scott Boyles79OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Rosemary Vasquez, Margaret Coulombe82OC-2Masters 40+Girl
Douglas Reinika84OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Vinny Rosato86OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Ray Shipman87OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
George Marshall88OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Junette Mccarthy89OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Art Beutler90OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Ryan Wolfe91OC-1U19Guy
Brandon Sauls92OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Brennan Hill94OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Tommy Steffel, Cortland Mccullum96OC-2U19Guy
Steve Sullivan97OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Earl Almario98OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Billy Kho101OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Jennifer Humboldt, Kelli Foudy102OC-2Masters 40+Girl
Bob Aparicio105OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Dy Valdez110OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Leah Ching111OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Nancy Huh112OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Russ Nielsen116OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Kathy Lieberman122OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Ryland Hart123OC-1U19Guy
Cody Silvester128OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Amy Blackley Williford129OC-1Masters 40+Girl
Julie Wolfe130OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Guillaume Escarguel132OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Robi Rousset133OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Dani Bell, Jean Geddes134OC-2Open 20-39Girl
Rell Wolfe136OC-1U16Girl
Viet Hoang137OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Cameron Flynn140OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Jill Schooler142OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Nathan Shore143OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Jeff Verryp144Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Tyler Morgan148Surfski SingleOpen 20-39Guy
Lisa Viola, Jessica Friis150OC-2Open 20-39Girl
Joshua Estes, Ryan Rothrock153OC-2U19Guy
Wes Huston154OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Rodney Ellis157OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Bettina Spretke, Sherri Murray159OC-2Masters 40+Girl
Rich Sprout, Rhys Sprout167Surfski DoubleOpen 20-39Mixed
Ryan Fogg170OC-1U19Guy
Steyn Visagie172Surfski SingleMasters 40+Guy
Makana Darval-chang174OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Mark Miyamoto189OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Danny Ching191OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Randy Wise194Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Maggie Hogan, Michele Eray199Surfski DoubleOpen 20-39Girl
Mark Carnahan201OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Carolyn Partridge204OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Karl Fjoslien205OC-1Golden Masters 60+Girl
Barry Borm206Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Jack Roney210OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Nick Salcedo211OC-1U19Guy
Krisztina Zur, Philippe Boccara215Surfski DoubleOpen 20-39Girl
Albert Ching218OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Brad Gill, Lisa Wilson222OC-2Masters 40+Mixed
Shaun Evola226OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Ross Flemer227OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Christopher Harper228OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Tim Kuruzar229OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Clayton Ballew230OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Dave Krueger231OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Steven Cho232V1Masters 40+Guy
Dave Carpenter233OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Gary Webber234OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Tim Burdiak, Cheance Adair235Surfski DoubleOpen 20-39Mixed
Jimi Spoto, Romona Farkasdi236OC-2Open 20-39Mixed
Zsofi Zsofi, Tim Burdiak237Surfski DoubleOpen 20-39Mixed
Rich Sprout, Luca Homannai238Surfski DoubleOpen 20-39Mixed
William Ashford2OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Schyler Perez3OC-1U16Girl
Ben Parry4Prone (All)Open 20-39Guy
Kathy Wilder5Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Girl
Jim Wilkens6Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Thomas Nilsen9SUP 12'6"U16Guy
Tiffany Tudyk10SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Juju Jones11OC-1Masters 40+Girl
Paul Whitaker12OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Ron Adelhelm15SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Kristin Thomas17SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Toni Bushong19OC-1Golden Masters 60+Girl
Erik Toppenberg20SUP 12'6"Masters 40+Guy
Gene Kusion23SUP 12'6"Golden Masters 60+Guy
Chris Connelly24SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Manny Dominguez25SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Mary Robinson26SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Michael Ashford27OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Tony Montero28SUP 14'Golden Masters 60+Guy
Danny Marucut31SUP 12'6"Masters 40+Guy
Helen Matthews32SUP 12'6"Masters 40+Girl
Jon Concepcion33SUP 12'6"Masters 40+Guy
Rosendo Deynata34SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Gregory Crouse35OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Peter Simpson36SUP 12'6"Golden Masters 60+Guy
Deon Lourens37Prone (All)Masters 40+Guy
Dale Marnati39SUP 14'Golden Masters 60+Guy
John Nordin40SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Rene Bruz41SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Paul Pianowski42SUP 14'Open 20-39Guy
Melinda Batty43OC-1Masters 40+Girl
Corey Hamilton44SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Guy
Kylie Rae Marshall47OC-1U19Girl
Kira Jade Marshall48OC-1U19Girl
Rusty Doms51SUP 14'Golden Masters 60+Guy
Heather Crayton52OC-1U16Girl
Josh Crayton, Garrett Crayton54OC-2Masters 40+Guy
Shawn Tierney56SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Jon Hergert, Sandra Hergert57OC-2Masters 40+Mixed
William Glasgow58SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Jane Culp61SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Lisa Moranville62OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Renee Shirakawa66OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Aimee Spector68Prone (All)Masters 40+Girl
Erik Sydow70OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Kathie Dunn, Wayne Jacobsen72OC-2Sr. Masters 50+Mixed
Jim Legge74OC-1Golden Masters 60+Guy
Bill Mcgrath77SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Cameron Nagler80SUP 14'Open 20-39Guy
Tyler Bashor81SUP 12'6"U16Guy
Loraine Gruber83Prone (All)Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Karl Treiberg85SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Brandon Sauls92SUP 14'Open 20-39Guy
Issac Paredes, Jose Nunez95OC-2U16Guy
Brett Simpson99SUP 14'Open 20-39Guy
John van de Wouw100OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Tracy Schultz103SUP 14'Masters 40+Girl
Bryan Taylor106Prone (All)Open 20-39Guy
Sarah Messina108SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Josh Cerf109SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Guy
Patrick Cleveland113SUP 12'6"U19Guy
John Hill114SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Jack Hill115SUP 12'6"U19Guy
Cole Vander Broek117SUP 12'6"U16Guy
Kevin Tighe118SUP 14'Open 20-39Guy
Matt Chebatoris119SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Amy Ehrenkranz120SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Greg Tuszynski121OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Ryland Hart123SUP 14'U19Guy
Melissa Matherly124OC-1Masters 40+Girl
Vincent San Nicolas125Prone (All)Open 20-39Guy
Juerg Geser126SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Tyler Gutierrez, Molly Bishop127OC-2U19Girl
Cody Silvester128Surfski SingleOpen 20-39Guy
Pete Bagoye131SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Robi Rousset133OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Eric Thompson135SUP 14'Golden Masters 60+Guy
Kathy Lynch138SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Jim Baumann139SUP 14'Golden Masters 60+Guy
Cameron Flynn140OC-1Open 20-39Guy
John Bland141SUP 14'Golden Masters 60+Guy
Alan Chalom145SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Al Sadanaga146OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Hie Frazier147SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Kaliko Kahoonei149SUP 14'Open 20-39Guy
Valeria Salustri151SUP 12'6"U16Girl
Jaime Donnelly152SUP 12'6"Masters 40+Girl
Sara Rothrock155OC-1U16Girl
Kurt Benson156SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Rodney Ellis157SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Derek Turner158SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Belah Ellis160OC-1U16Girl
Molly Morrison, Tyler Gutierrez161OC-2U19Girl
Laurie Armer162SUP 12'6"Golden Masters 60+Girl
Craig Stiff163SUP 12'6"Masters 40+Guy
Noa Hopper164SUP 14'U19Guy
Jake Machado165OC-1U16Guy
Mike Meyers166OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Ryley Ronnow168OC-1U16Guy
Veronica Wold169SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Hanson Siverts171SUP 12'6"U16Guy
Erika Benitez173SUP 12'6"U16Girl
Irish Munce175OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Gina De Los Reyes176SUP 14'Open 20-39Girl
Teressmarie Tucker177SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Jay Butki178Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Bailey Rosen179SUP 12'6"U19Girl
Cora Wolfe182OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Wally Buckingham183Prone (All)Golden Masters 60+Guy
Daniel Richmond184SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Guy
Julian Decesare185SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Guy
Naydalli Haro186SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Tom Campbell187SUP 14'Golden Masters 60+Guy
Mark Miyamoto189SUP 14'Open 20-39Guy
Pat Ryan190SUP 14'Golden Masters 60+Guy
Danny Ching191SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Guy
Michael Miller195SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Cat Bell196SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Hillary Keir197OC-1Open 20-39Girl
Jon Bell200OC-1Open 20-39Guy
Peter Deavila202SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Carolyn Partridge204OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Brad Fyffe207SUP 14'Open 20-39Guy
Leeann Bare208OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
George Loren209Prone (All)Masters 40+Guy
Paul Aro212SUP 12'6"Masters 40+Guy
Mace Camhe213SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Max Fleming214SUP 12'6"U19Guy
Krisztina Zur215SUP 12'6"Open 20-39Girl
Karen Jacobson216SUP 12'6"U19Girl
Jillian Wong217OC-1U16Girl
Daniel Russell219SUP 14'U19Guy
Patrick Russell220OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Jared Vargas221SUP UnlimitedOpen 20-39Guy
Jeremy Godokiss223SUP 12'6"Masters 40+Guy
Alenjandra Brito224SUP 14'Open 20-39Girl
Anthony Vela225SUP 14'Masters 40+Guy
Tim Burdiak, Cheance Adair235Surfski DoubleOpen 20-39Mixed
Jimi Spoto, Romona Farkasdi236OC-2Open 20-39Mixed
Zsofi Zsofi, Tim Burdiak237Surfski DoubleOpen 20-39Mixed
Rich Sprout, Luca Homannai238Surfski DoubleOpen 20-39Mixed
Elena Hodges, Josh Crayton239OC-2Open 20-39Mixed

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Mini course in the harbor.

Short and Long course in the open ocean.  Precise course to be announced at pre race meetings based on current weather conditions.

Have fun. Be safe.

200 Portofino Way, Redondo Beach, CA The Seaside Lagoon is located at 200 Portofino Way in Redondo Beach King Harbor. DIRECTIONS: From 190th Street go west toward the beach until the street ends, then turn left my Harbor Drive, and proceed for about one mile. You will see a parking lot at the Redondo Beach Marina. Go into the parking lot and go to your right. Remember when parking at the Seaside Lagoon that there is a $4.50 charge per car and $12.00 for Buses. Parking lot entrance is off Harbor Way so you pass Portofina Way and turn right into parking Kiosk. There is grass and sand for staging of the canoes


Feb 20, 2016


Redondo Beach, CA