Lighthouse to Lighthouse Race 2016

For the 16th year we are looking forward to welcoming a competitive field of racers to row or paddle the Lighthouse To Lighthouse Race along the scenic Norwalk Islands on the Connecticut shore.

We will have events on both Saturday and Sunday this year. Saturday is race day, Sunday we will host a community day with breakfast and number of clinics (surfski, sea kayak, rowing) for anyone wanting expert coaching among friends.

This year we have 2 races - 7 miles and 14 miles. Races start at 10:00am so be on the beach 2 hours in advance in order to comfortably, set up and receive safety briefing / orientation. There will be a four hour time limit on the race so that we can have everyone off the water by 2:00 p.m. Boats having trouble making it back by the deadline will be asked to accept a tow or have their boats picked up and returned to the beach.

Boat Classifications

You will be asked at time of registration to select a class and enter the name of the manufacturer and model of the boat you will be racing. Please be accurate and detailed so that we can review and confirm conformity with the selected class in advance of the race.

For paddled boats (kayaks), as is customary, we will be using the Soundrowers system of classification for paddled craft, with a few exceptions:


Sea Kayak, Fast Sea Kayak, Surfski, Surfski 20 Plus


For rowed boats we have:


- Fixed Seat Racing, Fixed Seat Touring, Sliding Seat Racing, Sliding Seat Touring, Pilot, Livery, Workboats, Whalers.


For the aloha folks:


- OC1, OC2, OC4 and OC6


Lastly, we welcome SUP paddlers both prone and standing:


- 12'6, 14 and Unlimited


Both male, female and mixed are valid, as are single and multi crewed.

Vessels of any other style or design will be classified as Open unless a 3 or more similar vessels register in order to invoke an new class.


At the conclusion of the event awards will be presented to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place competitors in each boat class, gender (male, female and mixed) and crew #.


Food and Entertainment

Following the race, a beach party will be available for all racers and guests of the racers and volunteers. The party will feature Wayne's famous clam chowder and a raw bar as well as delicious food from the grill. We will also feature music and a range of craft beers in case you are thirsty. There is plenty of space and parking, bring the family for a great end of season event.

The beach party is included in the race registration, non racing guests will be asked to make a $20 donation to eat. Guest tickets can be purchased during the registration process.

Saturday Schedule (17th September)


  • 7:00-8:30am - Check in at Shady Beach
  • Get your T-shirt
  • Get Your Race Number
  • Confirm your entry
  • 9:00am - Attend mandatory pre-race orientation
  • 10:00am - Racing starts
  • Race to Win!
  • Eat, drink and elaborate on your performance
  • Collect your medal (if you win)
  • Brag to your friends…

Sunday Schedule (18th September) 


  • 8:45am - Breakfast
  • 9:30am - OPSE/Fenn Advanced Surfski Clinic with Austin Keiffer (90 mins)
  • 11:30am - OPSE/Fenn New To Surfski Clinic with Austin Keiffer (90 mins)
  • [more events to come] 

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Mario Blackburn32OC2AllMixed
Pam Ellett, Mary Ellen Flaherty-ludwig39Rowing Touring DoubleAllGirl
Mary-pat Cottrell, Deanne Nezas104Sea Kayak DoubleAllGirl
Robin Francis, Russell Lazarus8Sea Kayak DoubleAllMixed
David Mcpherson, Phil Warner27Fast Sea Kayak DoubleAllGuy
Wayne Lysobey, Bill Russell37Rowing Touring DoubleAllGuy
Marc Lessard, Paul Dyka38OC-2AllGuy
Vicki Cummings, Del Cummings40OC-2AllMixed
Perry Cheung60OC6AllMixed
Susan Skinner80OC6AllMixed
Jennifer Cox92OC6AllMixed
Jennifer Cox93OC6AllMixed
Cindy Sloan99OC6AllMixed
Greg Lesher2Surfski Single40 To 49Guy
Bob Capellini3Surfski Single60 And UpGuy
Eric Mcnett5Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Justin Rawley7Surfski Single40 To 49Girl
Timothy Dwyer10Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Francisco Urena12Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Jan Lupinski13Surfski Single40 To 49Guy
Mary Beth Gangloff14Surfski Single40 To 49Girl
Chris Chappell16Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Leslie Chappell17Surfski Single50 To 59Girl
Igor Yeremeev18Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Andy Mcmarlin19Surfski Single40 To 49Guy
Dennis Parkinson20Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Joe Shaw24Surfski Single60 And UpGuy
Yosef Dayan25Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Kurt Smithgall28Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Kirk Olsen29Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Dale Glover30Surfski - 18ft and Under50 To 59Guy
Erik Borgnes34Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Chris Sherwood35Surfski Single60 And UpGuy
Dennis Paull36Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Paul Tomblin41Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Bill Kuklinski43Surfski - 18ft and Under60 And UpGuy
Martin Dodd44Surfski - 18ft and Under40 To 49Guy
Jim Kowalski46Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Wesley Echols47Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Reid Hyle48Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Joe White49Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Austin Kieffer51Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Jim Hoffman52Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Jesse Lishchuk57Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Matt Drayer59Surfski Single40 To 49Guy
Ari Shestopal62Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Omar Chacon63Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
John Hair64Surfski Single40 To 49Guy
Steve Ulrich65Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Anthony Fracaroli66Surfski Single60 And UpGuy
Doug Howard67Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Rowan Sampson72Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Peter Norman73Surfski Single60 And UpGuy
Robert Hartman79Surfski Single40 To 49Guy
Jeff Cowley83Surfski Single40 To 49Guy
David Thomas85Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Steven O'boyle86Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Jeff Schnelle87Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Dana Gaines89Surfski - 18ft and Under50 To 59Guy
Bruce Deltorchio95Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Todd Furstoss106Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Steve Delgaudio108Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Julieta Gismondi116Surfski SingleUnder 40Girl
Nick Alshayev119Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Jenifer Kreamer131Surfski Single40 To 49Girl
Ryan Mechini133Surfski SingleUnder 40Guy
Chris Kielb140Surfski Single40 To 49Guy
Robert Flanagan141Surfski Single40 To 49Guy
Bradley Ethington146Surfski Single50 To 59Guy
Sean Milano, Mark Ceconi9Surfski DoubleAllGuy
Eric Costanzo, Craig Impens22Surfski DoubleAllGuy
Andrius Zinkevichus, Aleksandras Ambotas68Surfski DoubleAllGuy
Ulrike Sherer15Surfski SingleAllGirl
William Baldwin26OC-1AllGuy
Dan Murn45Surfski SingleAllGuy
Ryan Bardsley54Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Michele Sorensen55Sea KayakAllGirl
Dave Grainger56Surfski SingleAllGuy
Nancy Teufel61Sea KayakAllGirl
Frank Horvath81Sea KayakAllGuy
Pete Peterson82Sea KayakAllGuy
John Zirckel84Surfski SingleAllGuy
Maria Yeremeev88Sea KayakAllGirl
Derry Woodhouse90SUP 14'AllGuy
Scott Misner96Sea KayakAllGuy
Arne Borgnes100Surfski SingleAllGuy
Steve Maccharoli102OC-1AllGuy
Beth Umlanfd110Surfski - 18ft and UnderAllGirl
Nicholas Clarke117Sea KayakAllGuy
Noriko Okaya120SUP 14'AllGirl
Jennifer Hung121SUP 14'AllGirl
Kaity Wong122SUP 14'AllGirl
Bernie Stringer125Sea KayakAllGuy
Michael Maronich126Surfski - 18ft and UnderAllGuy
Mark Mckenzie127Surfski SingleAllGuy
Mark Weiner132Surfski SingleAllGuy
Igor Ioshpa134Sea KayakAllGuy
Kevin Blagys137Prone 14'AllGuy
John Kutner143SUP 14'AllGuy
Jeff Lenihan6Rowing Workboat SingleAllGuy
Terry Bradley11Prone 14'AllGuy
Dan Havens21OC-1AllGuy
John Redos23OC-1AllGuy
Michael Santella31Sea KayakAllGuy
Bogdan Kordulski33OC-1AllGuy
Roger Crossland42OC-1AllGuy
Jean Kostelich53Sea KayakAllGirl
Edward Nauss58Sea KayakAllGuy
Kevin Cheung70OC-1AllGuy
Matthew Sun71OC-1AllGuy
Bucky Taylor76Sea KayakAllGuy
Emery Korpi77Sea KayakAllGuy
Mikhail Iogman78Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Ken Long91Sea KayakAllGuy
Robert Jehn94Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Chenda Cernovsky97Sea KayakAllGuy
Ed Roche98Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Kwansene Kenner101OC-1AllGirl
Fergus Sloan103Prone 14'AllGuy
Marshall Seddon105Sea KayakAllGuy
Dwight Nishimura107Sea KayakAllGuy
Carlos Fonseca109Sea KayakAllGuy
Michel Fitoussi111Sea KayakAllGuy
Joel Clement112OC-1AllGuy
Jim Pacholka113Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Riddell Roper114Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Peter Oudheusden115Rowing Touring SingleAllGuy
Roger Gocking118Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Johan Slabbert123Rowing Touring SingleAllGuy
Andy Knight124Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Beatrice Weinberger128Sea KayakAllGirl
Ted Taylor129OC-1AllGuy
Kenneth T Walls130OC-1AllGuy
Marcella Baum, Tom Tarrant137Sea Kayak DoubleAllAll
David Lind, Dennis Moran139Sea Kayak DoubleAllAll
Sean Coffey, Cesar Jiminez135Sea Kayak DoubleAllAll
Felix Geyfman, Dick Traum136Sea Kayak DoubleAllAll
David Bedworth, Nihal Erkan138Sea Kayak DoubleAllAll

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The Race Course

The course, starting at Shady Beach in Norwalk, will go around Sprite Island, then around the east side of Pecks Ledge Lighthouse and then to the south of  Goose Island and the rest of the Norwalk Islands, continuing down to Greens Ledge Lighthouse. The return is along the same course to finish in front of Shady Beach. Staggered start times will be used, grouping boats of similar style and/or speed. Racers typically finish in two to four hours.

Note that the course runs to the south of all islands. If you are rowing, all islands will be on your left on the outbound leg and on your right on the homebound leg. If you are paddling, all islands will be on your right on the outbound leg and on your left on the homebound leg. Failure to follow the course will result in disqualification.


Please carefully study the race course as published to familiarize yourself with the route, landmarks and boundaries. Arm yourself with a GPS or chart and attend the captains meeting to ensure you are appraised of the course and conditions. One change this year will be that the Greens Ledge Turn will be COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. Be aware of your heading at all times and also respect maritime conventions when crossing boat channels.

Folks - remember "Goose Island 2012" - no gimmees' this year.

See the course map and details on the L2L website.

Directions To Race Location


Shady Beach/ Calf Pature Beach is Exit 16 off I-95 in Norwalk, CT

I-95 South – end of ramp go left

I-95 North – end of ramp go right.

Take left after cemetary, bear right

Left at monumednt/rotary

Right on Beach Road to guardhouse

Bear left into Shady Beach

Parking is free with so long as you provide your license plate number during online registration. Also free if you are a Norwalk Resident with a Sticker.

Race Rules

The principles of sportsmanship and safety govern the race. Race fairly and race within your limits.

The Race Commitee reserves the right to:

- Refuse to register any individual or boat for any reason.

- Expel or disqualify any individual or boat for lack of required equipment, unsafe operation, disregard for event rules or unsportsmanlike behavior at anytime.

- Disqualify any individual or boat who has gained an advantage by drafting any boat outside of its registered class, blocking an overtaking boat, ignoring someone in distress, or causing damage to another craft, or not navigating the course as published.

All racers participate at their own risk. Competitors will be required to agree to a waiver as part of the registration process and provide a signature on the waiver on race day.


Time Limit

The maximum time allowed to complete the course or navigate back to the start as a DNF is 4 hours. After this time you will be on the course at your own risk. If you are not at the half way point on either the 7 or 14 mile course within 2 hours you are asked to discontinue your effort and return to Shady Beach. Please consider carefully your abilities and fitness before entering the race.



PFD’s consistent with Coast Guard regulations are required for each competitor. Whistles or horns are required on each boat. Boats should have bailers, pumps or self-bailers. A backup bailer is recommended. Compasses, charts, gps units, cell phones etc. are also good to have. You should have water and/or sports drink. Hats and sunscreen should be considered.

Racers observing another vessel in trouble or requiring help must assist to the extent of their ability. Time credit and recognition will be awarded to anyone providing help to others during the event. The race organizers reserve the right to direct racers from the course and event for any reason.


See you there!


Sep 16 to Sep 17, 2016


Norwalk, CT