Middle States and Masters' Regattas, Oct 10 and 11, 2015


Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015 - 6K & 10K events
4pm race meeting and registration
5pm race start (all paddle crafts at once)
BBQ to follow race

Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015 - 200m & 500m events
8am - race meeting and registration
9am - races start (please check detailed schedule on the schedule tab)
BBQ to follow races

Please note that there is no parking inside the club gates. Bring you boat to the club and drop it off. There is parking on Water Street and elsewhere nearby in Georgetown.

Saturday,  Oct. 10, 2015 - 6K & 10K

 4:00 PM       Race Meeting

 5:00 PM       Race Start

 Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015 - 500m & 200m (tentative & subject to change)

8:00 AM Race Meeting
9:00 AM   500m Open M C1
9:10 AM     500m Open M K1
9:20 AM   500m OC-1
9:30 AM   500m Open M K2
9:40 AM   500m Open M C2/ W K2
9:50 AM   500m Open W K1/Junior M/W C1/K1
10:00 AM   500m Surfski
10:10 AM   500m Junior M/W C2/K2
10:20 AM   500m Open M C4/W K4/M K4
10:30 AM   500m Open Mixed K2/ C2
10:40 AM   500m Open Mixed K4
10:50 AM   500m OC-1/Surfski Relay
11:00 AM   500m War Canoe
11:10 AM   500m SUP
11:20 AM   500m OC-6 
12:00 PM   200m Open M C1
12:05 PM   200m Open M K1
12:10 PM   200m OC-1
12:15 PM   200m Open M K2
12:20 PM   200m Open M C2/ W K2
12:25 PM   200m Open W K1/Junior M/W C1/K1
12:30 PM   200m Surfski
12:35 PM   200m Junior M/W C2/K2
12:40 PM   200m Open M C4/W K4/M K4
12:45 PM   200m Open Mixed K2
12:50 PM   200m Open Mixed K4
12:55 PM   200m Sprint Relay
1:00 PM   200m OC-1/Surfski Relay
1:05 PM   200m War Canoe
1:10 PM   200m SUP
1:15 PM   200m OC-6 

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Linda Lensch5C1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
John Chiu6AllAllAll
John Meise7AllAllAll
Blaise Rhodes8AllAllAll
Amber Tomas10AllAllAll
Jeffrey Matthews11AllAllAll
Maureen Williams12AllAllAll
Danila Konoplev16AllAllAll
Tomas Ferreira17AllAllAll
Matt Jones18AllAllAll
Kim Stewart20AllAllAll
Dan Young21AllAllAll
Miroslaw Podloch22AllAllAll
Pam Boteler24AllAllAll
Kelly Rhodes25AllAllAll
Nik Miller27AllAllAll
Laura Davis28AllAllAll
Devin Maier30AllAllAll
Eric Haught31AllAllAll
Stephen Benkert32AllAllAll
Gavin Ross33AllAllAll
Greg Jones34AllAllAll
Steve Gurney35AllAllAll
Chuck Conley37AllAllAll
Louise Flynn38AllAllAll
Colin Gandy40AllAllAll
Kathy Summers42AllAllAll
Nathaniel Day43AllAllAll
Chris Stomberg44AllAllAll
Charles Haberlein45AllAllAll

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Oct 10 to Oct 11, 2015


Washington, DC