Middle States and Masters' Regattas, Oct 8, 2016

Saturday, Oct. 8, 2016

200m & 500m events - Results are on the Schedule Tab

8am - race meeting and registration
9am - races start (schedule will be emailed out the night before)

10K event
2pm race meeting and registration
3pm race start (all paddle craft at once)

BBQ to follow race

Please note that there is no parking inside the club gates. Bring you boat to the club and drop it off. There is parking on Water Street and elsewhere nearby in Georgetown.

Sprint Race Results

Bantam K1 500m

1st Paulo Ferreira              3:14

2nd Romy Smith                                 3:27

3rd Eme Quioco                                 3:52

Open/Masters 30+ Men’s K1 500m

1st Oleg Panchenko         2:15.4

2nd Leo Cacatian                2:15.8

3rd Tom Dziadkowiec      2:23.6

4th Yosef Dayan                 2:30.1

5th Dmitry Melnik             2:31.5

6th Carlos De La Hoz         2:50.9

Open Women’s K4/Juvenile Men’s K4 500m

1st Paulo, Tomas, Mason, Dan     2:31.0

2nd Betsy, Victoria, Eme, Romy   2:45.6

3rd Kelly, Kathleen, Erin, Becca   2:49.8

Open/Masters 30+ Women’s K1 500m

1st Mellisa Goyette          2:43.6

2nd Lisa Ramm                    2:45.9

3rd Talia Horner                 2:47.1

Open C2/Juvenile C2/Bantam K2 500m

1st Romy & Eme                 3:19.3

2nd Erin & Victoria             3:22.1

3rd Becca & Helen             3:41.9

4th Ann & Luke                   5:47.7

 Masters 50+ Men’s K1 500m

1st Andriy Lyssikov           2:14.3

2nd Yosef Dayan                                2:24.3

3rd Chris Stomberg           2:35.6

4th Bill Woodruff               2:49.7

5th Charlie Johnson          2:56.4

Open Women’s K2 500m

1st Kelly & Kathleen         2:19.4

2nd Betsy & Victoria         2:28.6

3rd Lisa & Leslie                  2:34.3

Open OC-1/OC-2 500m

1st Luke Rhodes                                                2:36.5

2nd Leo Cacatian                                2:54.1

3rd Kelly & Anna Rhodes                                2:59.2

4th Paul Colasito                                                3:02.8

5th Elizabeth Ravensteijn               3:29.8

Open Mixed C4 500m

1st Becca, Helen, Tomas, Dan      2:28.2

2nd Larry, Erin, Luke, Ann               2:42.9

Masters 30+ Mixed K2 500m

1st Talia & Yosef                 2:20.9

2nd Carlos & Mellisa         2:25.4

3rd Lisa & Alejandro         2:31.7

4th Leslie & Bill                    2:44.0

 Bantam Women’s C1 500m

1st Erin Rhodes                  3:27.4

2nd Becca Schuette          5:12.8

3rd Helen Schuette          7:30.1

Masters 30+ Mixed/Men’s K4 500m

1st Yosef, Andriy, Dmitry, Oleg    2:02.0

2nd Bill, Tom, Leslie, Lisa                 2:15.6

Juvenile K1 500m

1st Tomas Ferreira            2:27.3

2nd Mason Mailloux         2:39.1

3rd Victoria Stocker          2:42.5

4th Dan Konoplev              2:51.9

Open C1 500m

1st Alejandro Schwedhelm           2:33.7

2nd Tomas Ferreira                           2:43.9

3rd Larry Schuette                            2:48.7

4th Ann Armstrong                           3:08.5

Open/Masters Men’s K2 500m

1st Oleg & Andriy

2nd Tom & Leo

3rd Carlos & Yosef

4th Charlie & Bill

 Peewee Men’s K1 200m

1st Sam Rhodes                 1:24.5

2nd Haj Quioco                   1:32.4

3rd Hisham Quioco           1:56.5

Bantam K1 200m

1st Paulo Ferreira              1:06.5

2nd Romy Smith                                 1:10.2

3rd Eme Quioco                                 1:21.9

Open/Masters 30+ Men’s K1 200m

1st Dmitry Melnik              0:39.78

2nd Leo Cacatian                0:40.94

3rd Tom Dziadkowiec      0:45.15

Open Women’s K4/Juvenile Men’s K4 200m

1st Paulo, Tomas, Mason, Dan     0:53.1

2nd Lisa, Victoria, Eme, Romy       0:58.6

3rd Kelly, Kathleen, Erin, Helen   1:25.8

Open/Masters 30+ Women’s K1 200m

1st Talia Horner                  0:56.1

2nd Mellisa Goyette         0:57.2

3rd Lisa Ramm                    0:57.5

Open C2/Juvenile C2/Bantam K2 200m

1st Ann & Luke                   1:00.8

2nd Erin & Victoria             1:08.4   

3rd Romy & Eme                                1:11.0

4th Becca & Helen             1:15.2

Masters 50+ Men’s K1 200m

1st Andriy Lyssikov           0:45.3

2nd Chris Stomberg          0:49.1

3rd Yosef Dayan                 0:50.2

4th Charlie Johnson          0:56.5

5th Carlos De La Hoz         0:56.5

6th Bill Woodruff               0:58.7

7th John Lederer                               1:00.4

Open Women’s K2 200m

1st Kelly & Kathleen         0:49.4

2nd Melissa & Talia            0:51.4

3rd Lisa & Victoria              0:54.9

Open OC-1/OC-2 200m

1st Luke Rhodes                                                0:53.4

2nd Leo Cacatian                                1:00.0

3rd Paul Colasito                                                1:01.6

4th Kelly & Sam Rhodes                  1:06.2

5th Elizabeth Ravensteijn               1:14.2

Open Mixed C4 200m

1st Larry, Erin, Luke, Ann                                0:54.2

2nd Becca, Helen, Tomas, Dan     0:55.4

Masters 30+ Mixed K2 200m

1st Carlos & Mellisa          0:50.9

2nd Lisa & Alejandro         0:52.8

3rd Talia & Yosef                                0:55.9

Bantam Women’s C1 200m

1st Erin Rhodes                  1:14.4

2nd Becca Schuette          1:57.8

3rd Helen Schuette          2:13.2

Masters 30+ Mixed/Men’s K4 200m

1st Yosef, Andriy, Dmitry, Oleg    0:41.9

2nd Bill, Tom, Leslie, Lisa                 0:41.9

Juvenile K1 200m

1st Tomas Ferreira            0:51.1

2nd Mason Mailloux         0:54.0

3rd Victoria Stocker          0:55.1

4th Dan Konoplev              1:00.5

Open C1 200m

1st Alejandro Schwedhelm           0:53.7

2nd Larry Schuette                            0:59.2

3rd Ann Armstrong                           1:05.5

4th Kathleen McNamee                 2:14.9

Open/Masters Men’s K2 200m

1st Oleg & Andriy              0:42.3

2nd Tom & Leo                    0:47.1

3rd Carlos & Yosef             0:48.8

4th Charlie & Bill                 0:59.8

Men’s SUP 10K

1st Joe Wald                                        1:04:06

2nd Alejandro Schwedhelm          1:08:18

3rd Steve Gurney                              1:09:45

4th Mariano Daguiar                         1:10:59

5th Mo                                                   1:14:05

6th Charlie Martel                             1:27:23

Women’s SUP 10K

1st Krisee              1:37.15

Men’s Surfski 10K

1st Yoseph Dayan                              50:39

2nd Chris Stomberg                          50:30

3rd Charlie Johnson                          50:42

4th Bill Woodruff                               55:24

Women’s Surfski 10K

1st Pam Boetler 50:28

2nd Talia Horner 55:20

Women’s C1 10K

1st Ann Armstrong           1:12:32

Women’s C2 10K

1st Betsy Ray & Melissa Goyette                59:11

Men’s OC-1 10K

1st Luke Rhodes                                54:26

2nd Paul Calasito                1:09:20

Men’s Sea Kayak 10K

1st Chung Ha       58:59

Men’s ICF K1 10K

1st Leo Cacatian                 51:26

2nd Carlos De La Hoz        59:27

Women’s ICF K1 10K

1st Lisa Ramm     57:54


Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Chung Ha18Sea KayakAllGuy
Mariano Daguiar3SUP (All)AllGuy
Chris Lee25SUP (All)AllGuy
Charlie Martel27SUP (All)AllGuy
Charlie Johnson1Surfski SingleAllGuy
John Meise10Surfski SingleAllGuy
Yosef Dayan13Surfski SingleAllGuy
William Woodruff19Surfski SingleAllGuy
Chris Stomberg30Surfski SingleAllGuy
Hype Mattingly2Surfski SingleAllGirl
Talia Horner17Surfski SingleAllGirl
Pam Boteler36Surfski SingleAllGirl
Luke Rhodes12OC-1AllGuy
Paul Colasito37OC-1AllGuy
Leonardo Cacatian39OC-1AllGuy
Kate Mooney38OC-1AllGirl
Kelly Rhodes20OC2AllAll
Kelly Rhodes21OC2AllAll
Jasmin Quioco24OC2AllAll
Dan Konoplev23C1AllGuy
Ann Armstrong28C1AllGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Oct 8, 2016


Washington, DC