Na Pali Race 2015

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Evan Valiere1Prone Stock30-39Guy
John Romyn2Prone Unlimited40-49Guy
Terry Stevens3SUP Stock 1440-49Guy
Rob Gittoes4SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Clyde Weddell5SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Fred Andersen6SUP Stock 1460+Guy
Mike Dilloughery7Prone Stock40-49Guy
Scott Shimada8Prone Stock40-49Guy
Ikaika Pidot9SUP Under 12'6"18-29Guy
Kanesa Duncan Seraphin10Prone Unlimited30-39Girl
Derek Moore11SUP Under 12'6"40-49Guy
Mark Frazier12OC-140-49Guy
Colleen Tessler13Prone Stock30-39Girl
Ricky Ikeda14SUP Stock 1418-29Guy
Scott Shoemaker15SUP Stock 1440-49Guy
Johan Loo16Prone Stock30-39Guy
Jhonatan Figueroa17Prone Stock30-39Guy
Ryan Tomlinson18OC-130-39Guy
John Hicks19Prone Stock40-49Guy
Anna Togias20Prone Stock18-29Girl
Sandy Rodriguez21SUP Under 12'6"40-49Girl
Lane Saito22Prone Stock30-39Guy
Roderick Untalan23SUP Stock 1440-49Guy
Dylan Thomas24Surfski Single30-39Guy
Alana Goo25OC-130-39Girl
Krishan Yatagama Lokuge26SUP Stock 1430-39Guy
Kainoa Lum27SUP Stock 1418-29Guy
Mariko Strickland Lum28SUP Stock 1418-29Girl
Dan Britzmann29SUP Unlimited50+Guy
Adam Quandt30SUP Stock 1430-39Guy
Tommy Hale31SUP Under 12'6"40-49Guy
Freddie Hampe32SUP Unlimited18-29Guy
Lynn Ham Young33SUP Surfboard60+Girl
Sue Cooper34SUP Stock 1440-49Girl
Holly Amodio35SUP Under 12'6"30-39Girl
Mark Evans37SUP Unlimited60+Guy
Naoshi Grady39Prone Stock30-39Guy
Kawika Goodale40OC-160+Guy
Noelani Sawyer-auger41OC-140-49Girl
Teak Owen42SUP Stock 1418-29Guy
Steve Cole44OC-150+Guy
Rocco April45OC-140-49Guy
Kevin Fujimoto46Prone Stock30-39Guy
Makana Denton47OC-118-29Guy
Heather Gaines48SUP Stock 1450+Girl
Luke Evslin49OC-130-39Guy
Vance Paul Collins50SUP Stock 1460+Guy
Mcelroy Brett51Prone Unlimited18-29Guy
Laola Aea52SUP Stock 1460+Girl
Dane Mcbride53SUP Stock 1418-29Guy
Jeffrey Mcbride54OC-150+Guy
Liko Mcbride55SUP Stock 1418-29Guy
Brav Ellis56SUP Unlimited50+Guy
Lauren Denton58SUP Under 12'6"18-29Girl
Warwick Gray59SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Armie Armstrong60SUP Stock 1440-49Guy
Janet Nathanson61OC-150+Girl
Brandon Krovoza62SUP Unlimited50+Guy
Katy Otsuji63OC-150+Girl
Daniel Russell64SUP Stock 1418-29Guy
Beth Carter65SUP Unlimited40-49Girl
Martin Russell66SUP Stock 1418-29Guy
Jesse Palumbo67OC-130-39Guy
Jenny Alderman68SUP Under 12'6"40-49Girl
Christian Marston69OC-118-29Guy
Jacob Pembrook70Prone Stock30-39Guy
Jaecey Suda71SUP Stock 1450+Girl
Sara Watson72OC-130-39Girl
Maui Kjeldsen73OC-140-49Guy
April Mcdavid74OC-118-29Girl
Rick Busch76SUP Stock 1460+Guy
Stephen Mccarthy77Prone Unlimited30-39Guy
Bernard Matsumoto78Surfski Single50+Guy
Nick Marvin79SUP Unlimited50+Guy
Clay Posner80Prone Stock18-29Guy
Marc Beeby81SUP Stock 1440-49Guy
Jack Edgehill82OC-160+Guy
Migz Graham83OC-140-49Guy
Nicolas Lindman84Prone Unlimited30-39Guy
Ron Winegar85SUP Stock 1460+Guy
Liana Pyne86SUP Stock 1430-39Girl
David Roggenkamp87SUP Stock 1450+Guy
Ian Wyatt Santos88SUP Stock 1430-39Guy
Ismael Garcia90Prone Stock30-39Guy
Jared Vargas92Surfski Single30-39Guy
Joshua Comstock94Surfski Single40-49Guy
Hogan Kania95Prone Stock18-29Guy
Matt Milbrand96SUP Unlimited40-49Guy
Michelle Freire97SUP Under 12'6"30-39Girl
Ian Ham Young98SUP Under 12'6"18-29Guy
Tyler Newton99SUP Stock 1418-29Guy
Jeremy Lloyd100SUP Stock 1440-49Guy
Jr Hoopii101OC-150+Guy
Valerie Owen, Syrus Melandish, Carol Andrews38SUP 14' (3 Person)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Mikeala Owen, Austin Owen, Mike Wilson43SUP 14' (3 Person)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Victoria Otto, Lorelei Sunshine, Kawika Carvalho57SUP 14' (3 Person)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Tony Bardin, Shaked Terner, Justin Kanoho89SUP 14' (3 Person)Open (All Ages)Mixed
Darcie Gray, Darcie Gray91OC-2Open (All Ages)Mixed
Leticia Mccoy, Leticia Mccoy93OC-2Open (All Ages)Mixed
Rick Marvin36SUP (All)AllAll
Billy O'sullivan75OC-1AllAll

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Aug 1, 2015


Kapaa, HI