Narragansett Bay SUP Championship

Join us on June 28 for the Narragansett Bay SUP Championship. The event will be held on the Spectacular Narragansett Bay in the beautiful waters off the north west  shore line of Aquidneck Island. The course sits in view of  the Mt Hope Bridge, Prudence Island, Hog Island and the Hog island Light House. 

The event will be held at the exclusive Newport Beach Club resort in Portsmouth, an extraordinary venue.

Proceeds to benefit Aquidneck Island Outreach

8:30am: Check in and registration
9:00am: Paddler's Meeting
9:30am: Start of Race

After race, enjoy our post event party for awards, refreshments and enjoy listening to the Dave Charnley Band

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Jamie Mey31AllAllGirl
Stephanie Borges Federico40AllAllGirl
Elizabeth Gugliotta41AllAllGirl
Pete Martin43AllAllGuy
Laura Peterson48AllAllGirl
Ron Dimauro50AllAllGuy
Delia Ives63AllAllGirl
Charlie Mey65AllAllGuy
Avery Mey66AllAllGirl
Kirsten Mey67AllAllGirl
Russ Johnson71AllAllGuy
Jeff Thompson72AllAllGuy
Jenny Mae Kho74AllAllGirl
Charlie Mey32AllU12Mixed
Jonathan Bischof34SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Sam English35SUP Under 14'AllGuy
Anthony Ogg37SUP Under 14'AllGuy
Steve Sebolt38SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Patrick Sheerin39SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Ralf Steitz42SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Jeff Krawczyk44SUP Under 14'AllGuy
Mark Preece47SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
David Lockwood49Prone (All)AllGuy
Justin Casey51Prone (All)AllGuy
Alessandra Ghezzi52SUP Under 12'6"AllGirl
Adrian Johnson53SUP Under 14'AllGuy
Jeff Henderson54SUP Under 14'AllGuy
Patrick Broemmel55SUP Under 14'AllGuy
Tod Murphy56SUP Under 14'AllGuy
Andrea Breyer59SUP Under 12'6"AllGirl
Jack Egan60SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Kim Reilly61SUP Under 12'6"AllGirl
Taylor Resnick62SUP Under 14'AllGuy
Walter Mey64SUP Under 14'AllGuy
Paul Marshall68SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Terry Mey69Prone (All)AllGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

2 Mile Recreational Race
6 Mile Elite Race
Relay Race - 2 member team
Newport Beach Club  in Portsmouth RI
22 Harbor View Road, Portsmouth RI


Jun 28, 2014


Portsmouth, RI