North Shore Cup

A spectacular kayak and SUP event that you definitely don't want to miss. The competition will begin in the beautiful, protected Marina of the North Shore Villas. 

The course takes paddlers along the shoreline of Lake Marion, while spectators watch the race from the luxury of the grassy lawn of North Shore. There will be a 12 mile race for the competitive paddlers and 6 mile paddle for the paddling enthusiast. 

Afterwards, there will be a lunch and an awards presentation poolside at the North Shore Clubhouse. Don't miss it! 

Where: 1226 Bridgeview Lane, Summerton, South Carolina

When:  October 15, 2016

Weekend Timeline

5:00pm - 9:00pm Pool Party, BBQ, & Libations 

9:30am-10:45 Check-In & Registration 
11:00am Race Start 
1:00pm Awards & More Food

Award Categories:
HPK - High Performance Kayaks
FSK - Fast Sea Kayak
SUP - Stand Up Paddleboard 
OC1 - Outrigger Canoe 

5:00pm - 9:00pm Pool Party, BBQ, & Libations 

9:30am-10:45 Check-In & Registration 
11:00am Race Start 
1:00pm Awards & More Food

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Hype Mattingly1High Performance KayakAllGirl
Randy Taylor3High Performance KayakAllGuy
Jesse Lishchuk5High Performance KayakAllGuy
Austin Kieffer6High Performance KayakAllGuy
Henri Kieffer7High Performance KayakAllGuy
Joseph Dichiacchio8High Performance KayakAllGuy
Myrlene Marsa9High Performance KayakAllGirl
Mark Poole10Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Reid Hyle12High Performance KayakAllGuy
Sunny Jackson13OC-1AllGirl
Sara Jordan14High Performance KayakAllGirl
William Schaet18High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Mike Canfield19High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Larry Dixon20High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Pam Boteler27High Performance KayakAllGirl
Joe Hester28High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Ted Burnell33High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Jan Lupinski34High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Alain Raas35High Performance KayakAllGuy
Ivo Pavlov38High Performance KayakAllGuy
Justin Rawley40Fast Sea KayakAllGirl
Nate Humberston44High Performance KayakAllGuy
Tetauira Putoa49High Performance KayakAllGuy
Lee Mcgregor51High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Bruce Gipson52High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Flavio Costa56High Performance KayakAllGuy
Christine Nocito2OC-1AllGirl
David Hurlock4High Performance KayakAllGuy
Charles Goodson11High Performance KayakAllGuy
Heidi Leah Schmidt15SUP (All)AllGirl
Lauren Hurlock16Fast Sea KayakAllGirl
Elizabeth Poacher17Fast Sea KayakAllGirl
F Charles21High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Lynn Marie King22Fast Sea Kayak50+Girl
David Jeffcoat23SUP (All)AllGuy
Ariel Allison24Fast Sea KayakAllGirl
Jacob Nist25High Performance KayakAllGuy
Cliff Roach26High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Lindsey O'shea29High Performance KayakAllGirl
Beth Bee30SUP (All)AllGirl
Alice Freeman31SUP (All)50+Girl
Jess Key32OC-1AllGirl
Daniel West36Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Joe Stibler37Fast Sea Kayak50+Guy
Villy Mateeva39High Performance KayakAllGirl
Kyle Gibbons41High Performance KayakAllGuy
Henry Lawrence42High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Justin Schaay43SUP (All)AllGuy
Jim Budi45Fast Sea Kayak50+Guy
Kim Mallard46SUP (All)AllGirl
Terry Perkins47SUP (All)50+Guy
Andy Mcmarlin48High Performance KayakAllGuy
Robert Gordon50High Performance Kayak50+Guy
Kim Goodall53OC-1AllGirl
Pete Chaplin54Fast Sea Kayak50+Guy
Ashley Starkey55SUP (All)AllGuy
Dave Novak57High Performance Kayak50+Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Oct 15, 2016


Summerton, SC