Paddle & Pint

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Greg Redman54OC-1Masters 40+Guy
Kerry Willis56OC2Masters 40+Girl
Shannon Larrett-bliss57OC2Masters 40+Mixed
Alan Stirling58OC2Sr. Masters 50+Mixed
Mel Durban59OC2Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Leanne Stanley60OC-130-39Girl
Joey Hertz61OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Carmen Prehofer62OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Steve Wallick63OC-1Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Sandy Redman64OC2Masters 40+Girl
Sandra Mowat65OC2Masters 40+Girl
Kathy Montgomery123OC-1Masters 40+Girl

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Apr 16, 2015


Kelowna, BC