Paddle for the Bay 2018

Race day registration starts at 7:30 a.m.  Long and short races start at 9 am. Lunch and awards following the race. 

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Tim Jones2AllAllGuy
John Contos4AllAllGuy
Teela Robertson8AllAllGirl
Christi Linardich15AllAllGirl
William Farrell17AllAllGuy
Kristi Dazevedo22AllAllGirl
Christine Sanchez1SUP RaceboardAllGirl
Kurt Woodham3OC-1AllGuy
Michael Shroyer5SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Paul Evans6SUP Non-RaceboardAllGuy
Stephen Zawisa7SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Phil Mutton9Surfski SingleAllGuy
Russell Brooks10OC-1AllGuy
Adam Piepkorn11SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Rusty Mclain12OC-1AllGuy
Gray Berryman13SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Leza Mclain14OC-1AllGirl
Roxane Robinson16SUP RaceboardAllGirl
Theresa Haught18OC-1AllGirl
Larry Dickens19KayakAllGuy
Kirsten Schmidt20SUP RaceboardAllGirl
Felix D'arboussier21SUP RaceboardAllGuy
Roseann Rimocal23KayakAllGirl
Bill Hoker24Surfski SingleAllGuy
Raven Torrence25SUP RaceboardAllGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Sarah Constant Beacjh Park, 300 W. Ocean View Ave., Norfolk, VA 23503


Aug 4, 2018


Norfolk, VA