Paddleworks Race Series: Race 3

Paddleworks is holding a time trial race series twice a month in June, July, and August.  Set goals, measure performance, try different combinations of equipment or technique.   

There will be staggered starts with a choice of 4 paddlers or individual.  The 2.5 mile course is tidal with 2 buoy turns.  Race starts in Stockton Beach Park, through the canals to the end of the Glimmer Glass, out to the river and back.  

You will be given a beer token; join us at Leggetts after the race!

Registration is $10.
Arrive 6:15 PM
Races Start 6:30 PM

June 1,15, 29
July 13, 27
August 10, 24
June 1,15, 29
July 13, 27
August 10, 24

Arrive 6:15
Races start 6:30

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Lynda Cubelo1AllAllAll
Andrea Kahikina2AllAllAll
Gene Boyle4AllAllAll
Nolan Vanderslice5AllAllAll
Allison Angell6AllAllAll
Roy Kvalo7AllAllAll
Karl Miran8AllAllAll
Jason Skidmore9AllAllAll

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Stockton Beach Park
69 2nd Ave 
Manasquan, NJ


Jun 29, 2016


Manasquan, NJ