Place of the Gathering Paddlers

Lookout MKE, CWO is here!! Join us for a day long on the water event at Lakeshore State Park! Race check in at 8am.  Race start 9am (3.1 and 6.2 mile offerings, beach start)  Register for the race at  10am demo our expansive fleet of stand up paddleboards and kayaks.  Take in a group paddle tour with us!  Ultimate frisbee, food vendors, and more!  Meet the Clear Water Outdoor Adventure staff and learn more about our high quality product lines with the vendor reps.

3.1 and 6.2 mile race

$20.00 entry fee

8am check in

9am beach start - everyone races at the same time

10am demo 

2pm closing time

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Georgia Foley3SUP UnlimitedAllGirl
Leslie Boll7SUP UnlimitedAllGirl
Ken Cox8SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Austin Kuttruff9SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Mark Miller11SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Michelle Mize12SUP UnlimitedAllGirl
Bryant Carlson18SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Chris Lueders22SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Elsie Kmecak23SUP UnlimitedAllGirl
Thomas C Pionek25SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Chris Pinkerton1SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Karl Eugster2SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Becky Striet5SUP UnlimitedAllGirl
Jeff Schnelle6SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Sarah Schuster10SUP UnlimitedAllGirl
Leslie Maclin13SUP UnlimitedAllGirl
Dave Schultz14SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
John Huenink15SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Nate Waldera16SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Andy Hammen17SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Steven Landick19SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Kevin Julka20SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
David Gould21SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Steve Kmecak24SUP UnlimitedAllGuy
Illya Fiuty26SUP UnlimitedAllGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

link to race map here
There is no parking inside the park.

Board Drop off location is on E Erie St behind Marcus amphitheater.  Drop off and then go park on E Erie Street.
Parking is along Erie Street.


Jun 14, 2015


Milw, WI