Red Bull Privateers

Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2018          Temps: Low 56 degrees -  High 78 degrees

Tides: Incoming til 11:40 am  - High 11:48 am  - Low 3:15 pm


Teams of 4 SUP Paddlers have 2.5 hours to navigate through the mangrove mazes of Ten

Thousand Islands to retrieve treasure from 15 hidden treasure chests. The team to collect all 15

gold doubloons and cross the finish line in the shortest amount of time wins.

Red Bull Privateers Rules and Format

  • Participants will start on Cape Romano, Ten Thousand Islands, FL.
  • At the sound of the cannon teams take off into the course in any direction they choose.
  • Teams will have two and a half hours to collect one doubloon from each of the 15 treasure chests.
  • The team that collects all the doubloons and crosses the finish line in the fastest time, wins!
  • All team members must be present at the beach with their medallions before they may cross the finish line.

Additional Info/Rules
  • All teams will consist of 4 team members. Participants will be assigned to a team if they enter as an individual
  • Participants may have more than one person per board if they choose, but may not go over the 4 person per team restriction.
  • Teams can stay together of split up, depending on strategy.
  • Each participant shall receive a map 15 minutes prior to the start of the event of the general location of each of the treasure chests
  • 15 chests total shall be anchored throughout the course, each containing 50 – 100 gold doubloons
  • Chests may run out of coins, but this plays into team strategy
  • Teams must stay on their board in mangrove areas and may only get off board in designated beach areas or to retrieve a coin.
  • Foot protection is recommended
  • PFD, Leash are required by all participants required
  • SUP and Prone will be allowed to participate. No canoes, kayaks, or boards with additional propulsion of any kind.
  • Entry fee is $25 per person/$100 per team
  • A portion of entry fees shall be donated to the Rookery Bay Estuarine Research Reserve

Event Location Information

  • The event will be taking place on Cape Romano, just South of Marco island. 
  • The Recommended launch point is Caxambus Park and Boat ramp on the South side of Marco Island. 
  • Once in the water, it is a short paddle across the main channel and to the Northern tip of the  island. 
  • There will be a boat shuttle running from Caxambus Park on Friday and Saturday to the main location on Cape Romano on a 30 min schedule. If you need a ride out to the island you may hop on board. PLEASE NOTE THAT THERE IS LIMITED ROOM FOR PEOPLE AND SUPPLIES SO DO NOT COUNT ON THIS AS YOUR PRIMARY TRANSPORTATION OUT TO THE ISLAND. THIS IS FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. (See race schedule tab for more info)
  • Team check In, the captains meeting, main event and all pre and post event activities shall take place on Cape Romano. ALL PARTICIPANTS must check in and will not be allowed to participate without receiving their team shirt and wrist band at check in. 

Parking Information

  • Caxambus Park (where you will launch from) is a public park with free parking (You must pay to use the boat ramp and park a trailer). There are many vehicle spaces at the park as well as a large overflow lot in the grass. The lot closes at 6pm and there is no overnight parking. Parking here will be at your own risk and Red Bull will not be responsible for any lost/stolen/damaged property or tickets. Please park responsibly and do not impair the locals using the ramp.
  • We have also secured a free private parking lot at the Hilton Hotel about .75 miles away from Caxambus park. This is a secure lot with gate guard on duty. There will be a shuttle running all day Saturday to and from the Hilton and Caxambus park for people that choose to park here. If you choose to park here, drop off all of your boards and gear at Caxambus park first and then go park your car to save room in the shuttle. You may also paddle directly from the public beach access next to the Hilton Hotel to Cape Romano if you choose. This is the only location for overnight parking if you intent to arrive/camp on Friday. Please not that the Hilton Hotel is closed for renovations, so please DO NOT walk through the hotel. 

Camping Information

Participants who want to stay on island Friday night will get to be a part of the event atmosphere with music, bonfires, manufacturer equipment and board demos, and games provided at partner campsites. 
  • If you plan on camping Friday night you must park at the Hilton Hotel as Caxambus Park does not allow overnight parking
  • You can either paddle from the public beach access next to the Hilton directly to the island, or drop your stuff off at Caxambus Park first.
  • If you plan on camping, you are responsible for getting you and your gear out to the island yourself, however there will be a boat shuttle running on Friday on a limited basis if you need to catch a ride. This is first come first serve and if space is available. 
  • If you plan on camping please follow all the rules of the Rookery Bay National Estuary, do not damage the environment and please clean up after yourself.
  • This is very primitive camping, so you MUST be prepared to bring all the supplies you and your team will need to survive. Come prepared with all the food, water, bug spray, shelter, safety and race gear you will need for the night. 
  • Additional supplies and concessions can be purchased at the Caxambus Park ship store if needed. 
  • Food Boats will be onsite all day Saturday to provide food and drink options for participants so be sure to bring some cash if you want to buy breakfast or lunch. Dinner will be provided for all participants with a complimentary Pig Roast Luau on the sand after the race!!!

Mainland Launching Points:​ 

Check In:​ Friday 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Saturday, 7:00 am - 10:00 am at the Check In Tent on the Beach of Blind Pass, Cape Romano.

On Site Location:​ Blind Pass Beach, Cape Romano, Ten Thousand Islands. Located on the west or Gulf Side of Cape Romano. This will be the main staging area for the start/finish of the race, camping location for all participants, and location for after party Luau. 

Captains Meeting: ​Blind Pass Beach, Ten Thousand Island, FL - ​Saturday, 10:30 am in front of Director’s Tent in front of large map of the course. (Please plan to arrive on time) All teams shall gather and receive direction on the start procedure, confines of the course, medallion checkpoints, safety guidelines, location of safety boats, time limit and medallion turn in point for finish.

Water Shuttle Schedule (First come first serve as space is available)

Friday Afternoon, February 9th

Departing Caxambus Park 2:00 pm

Cape Romano 2:30 pm

Departing Caxambus Park 3:00 pm

Cape Romano 3:30 pm

Departing Caxambus Park 4:00 pm

Cape Romano 4:30 pm

Departing Caxambus Park 5:00 pm

Cape Romano 5:30 pm

Saturday Morning Schedule​, February 10th

Departing Caxambus Park 7:00 am

Cape Romano 7:30 am

Departing Caxambus Park 8:00 am

Cape Romano 8:30 am

Departing Caxambus Park 9:00 am

Cape Romano 9:30 am

Departing Caxambus Park 10:00 pm

Stay on Cape Romano 10:30 pm

Saturday Afternoon Schedule​, November 18th

Departing Cape Romano 2:00 pm

Departing Caxambus Park 2:30 pm

Departing Cape Romano 3:00 pm

Departing Caxambus Park 3:30 pm

Departing Cape Romano 4:00 pm

Departing Caxambus Park 4:30 pm

Departing Cape Romano 5:00 pm

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Jen Hayes, Damien Lin, Donna Catron, Beth Schadd4Team of 4OpenMixed
Raul Ruiz, Lizi Ruiz, Chip Walter, Mario Kroeff5Team of 4OpenMixed
John Meskauskas, Jennifer Hoard, Tim Warner, Barrett Hoard6Team of 4OpenMixed
Chip Irons, Christine Irons, Allie Mcclory, Alex Irons7Team of 4OpenMixed
Arianna Bowman, Silvana Visbal, Heather Hamel, Nicolette Christopher8Team of 4OpenGirl
Nicole Jackman, Sydney Carey, Daniel Daniello, Natty Yacoub9Team of 4OpenMixed
Cyrus Pattermann, Melissa Wyness, Rebecca Polzin, Laura Wyness10Team of 4OpenMixed
Aymee Vasquez, Katherine Pyne, Cindy Gibson, Karen Kennedy11Team of 4OpenGirl
Eric Edwards, Christian Holmes, Bryan Flores, Matt Flores12Team of 4OpenGuy
Brad Neville, Bobby Richardson, Pat Butler, Kenny Main13Team of 4OpenGuy
Talayna Fortunato, Jason Nardella, Robert Sorenson, Daniel Clark14Team of 4OpenMixed
Doug Newell, Steve Nagy, Jodi Ziajka, Stephanie Dangler15Team of 4OpenMixed
Estefania Filgueiras, Alex Deiorio, Alexis Cubillo, Ella Khan17Team of 4OpenGirl
Luiz Pereira, Georgios Kollilekas, Eduardo Perez, Luis Henrique Baster Massud18Team of 4OpenGuy
Jacob Smith, Justin Lent, Alexis Kish, Michaela Raffaele19Team of 4OpenMixed
Henrique Trindade, Felipe Bof, Lucas Tafuri, Giovanni Zago20Team of 4OpenGuy
Henrique Correa, Leonardo Nakau Murata Silverio, Kaillani Ribeiro, Arthur Pons21Team of 4OpenGuy
Henrique Guimaraes, Cristiano Fernandes Filho, Carlos Santos, Henrique Rizzi Ferreira22Team of 4OpenGuy
Malissa Austin, Erika Lane, Austin Grippo, Adam Pollock23Team of 4OpenMixed
Thiago Trigo, Mateus Munhoz, Carlos Jose Sousa Santos, Arthur Mello24Team of 4OpenGuy
Harrison Hoppe, Corbin Ferrantegennaro, Cameron Krebes, Leonardo Montoya26Team of 4OpenGuy
Nicolas Mangini, Gavin Thompson, Bradley Baker, Johnny Carroll27Team of 4OpenGuy
Gina Lare, Suzanne Noel, Jesse Noboa, Marybeth Dee28Team of 4OpenMixed
Shea Showalter, Merrick Antel, Brian Antel, Al Schwartz30Team of 4OpenMixed
Josh Riccio, Robert Hess, Andrew Dima, Brad Ward31Team of 4OpenGuy
Michele Porter, Eric Winsberg, Bridget Donovan, Melissa Trinidad34Team of 4OpenMixed
David Cupp, Christian Bizzotto, David Gauzens, Michael Napoles35Team of 4OpenGuy
Michael Milner, Katrina Best, Annika Estelle, Amy Murphy36Team of 4OpenMixed
Gina Siegers, Neil Uden, Jen Hulett, Timothy Myers37Team of 4OpenMixed
Evan Hawes, Richard Saunders, Aaron Sanson, Dan Ross39Team of 4OpenGuy
Thomas Sedita Jr, Jair Reategui, Bryan Dishong, Lauren Dishong55Team of 4OpenMixed
Nicolette Borros, Farron Bevard, Susie Hernandez, Alex Bevard56Team of 4OpenMixed
Nova Pollard, Sawyer Pollard, Aaron Pollard, Karla Gore58Team of 4OpenMixed
Christian Castano, Max Montaldo, Mohamed Anis, Camila Aime63Team of 4OpenMixed
Stefanie Spear, Nick Metcalfe, Sarah Falkowski, Rj Choinski64Team of 4OpenMixed
Courtney Kent, Corey Petro, Sven Skelenger, Travis Banta66Team of 4OpenGuy
Angela Giammarusto, Alexis Robbins, Vanessa Robbins, Kelsie Arentsen69Team of 4OpenGirl
Naomi Berry, Nikki Gregg, Jeramie Vaine, Mackenzie Rawls75Team of 4OpenMixed
Heather Holman, Kat Lucchesi, Emily Walsh Ribeiro, Julie Roach76Team of 4OpenGirl
Lijana Labanauskas, Mike Madej, Lakathryn Llewellyn, Ken Llewellyn77Team of 4OpenMixed
Dawn Pelo, Kathy Donatto, Claudia F-estrada, Jaime Florez-estrada78Team of 4OpenMixed
Chris Mercier, Mac Wagner, Ryan Peacock, Brian Gibb80Team of 4OpenGuy
Michael Buis, Julie Cole, Ellen Morris, Edward Wright81Team of 4OpenMixed
Nick Rezac, Michael Dubrueler, Cody Ingersoll, Jake Kopp88Team of 4OpenMixed
Cassie Hardick, Miles Mattison, Andrea Kurjah, John Palm89Team of 4OpenMixed
Jason Sine, Victoria Chadsey, Drew Naeckel, Erica Benarroch90Team of 4OpenMixed
Chris Gardiner, Jon Kistemaker, Justin Chait, Alex Montgomery91Team of 4OpenGuy
Daniel Pereira, Felix Alvarez, Nick Ruiz, Frankie Ruiz92Team of 4OpenGuy
Tim Kearns, John Dolan, Tyler Gresham, Dan High94Team of 4OpenGuy
Ryan Young, Tyler Bess, Connor Comeriato, Johnathon Windsor96Team of 4OpenGuy
John Cleckner, Tye Blume, Phil Hughes, Chad Young97Team of 4OpenGuy
Conner Thompson, Kyle Camacho, Ryan Reynold, Dane Johnson98Team of 4OpenGuy
Stephanie Dangler15SUP (All)OpenGuy
Hernan Grosbard16SUP (All)OpenGuy
Sophina White25SUP (All)OpenGirl
Jenni Salomon32SUP (All)OpenGirl
Chris Cannavaro33SUP (All)OpenGuy
Gabriel - Koko Decaran-voigt38SUP (All)OpenGuy
Brandon Mendoza40SUP (All)OpenGuy
James Gallagher42SUP (All)OpenGuy
Carroll Jenkins43SUP (All)OpenGuy
Quetcy Laboy44SUP (All)OpenGirl
Drew Wilson45SUP (All)OpenGuy
Rob Selph46SUP (All)OpenGuy
Trent Counts47SUP (All)OpenGuy
Kevin Smith48SUP (All)OpenGuy
Josh Phillips49SUP (All)OpenGuy
Bruce Williams50SUP (All)OpenGuy
Efrain Viera51SUP (All)OpenGuy
Alec Leon52SUP (All)OpenGuy
Kev Lund53SUP (All)OpenGuy
Susie Hernandez56SUP (All)OpenGuy
Michael Shore57SUP (All)OpenGuy
Kelli O'donnell59SUP (All)OpenGirl
Akayla Butler60SUP (All)OpenGirl
Haven Wilgus61SUP (All)OpenGirl
Angel Subdiaz65SUP (All)OpenGuy
Darin Maginnes67SUP (All)OpenGuy
Ryan Soto70SUP (All)OpenGuy
Mackenzie Rawls71SUP (All)OpenGirl
Andy Weinbach72SUP (All)OpenGuy
Chrystal Mcdowell73SUP (All)OpenGirl
Evan Bump74SUP (All)OpenGuy
Brad Anderson79SUP (All)OpenGuy
Zachary Diamond82SUP (All)OpenGuy
Marie Diamond83SUP (All)OpenGirl
Amanda Howard84SUP (All)OpenGirl
Bonnie Feickert85SUP (All)OpenGirl
Alexa Terry86SUP (All)OpenGirl
Alejandro Catasus87SUP (All)OpenGuy
Paul Pelton93SUP (All)OpenGuy
Curtis Smith95SUP (All)OpenGuy
Corinne Bindslev99SUP (All)OpenGuy
Erik Bindslev100SUP (All)OpenGuy

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The Map below is an aerial view of Cape Romano and outlines the routes through the Islands and Mangroves that the Treasure Chests may be found. A detailed map of the exact treasure chests shall be given out at the Captains Meeting, 15 minutes before the start of the race.

Directions to the Hilton Marco Island Beach Resort:
560 S Collier Blvd
Marco Island, FL 34145
Telephone: (239) 394-5000
The Resort is on the right.

From Tampa: 
Take I-75 south to exit 101
Take CR-951 South to Marco Island where 951 turns into Collier Boulevard.

From Miami: 
Take I-75 towards Naples
Take Exit #101 (CR-951) towards Marco Island/Naples.
Turn Left onto Collier Boulevard.


Feb 10, 2018


Cape Romano, Collier County, FL