Red Bull Privateers

Date: Saturday, February 10th, 2018          Temps: Low 56 degrees -  High 78 degrees

Tides: Incoming til 11:40 am  - High 11:48 am  - Low 3:15 pm


Teams of 4 SUP Paddlers have 2.5 hours to navigate through the mangrove mazes of Ten

Thousand Islands to retrieve treasure from 15 hidden treasure chests. The team to collect all 15

gold doubloons and cross the finish line in the shortest amount of time wins.

Red Bull Privateers Rules and Format

  • Participants will start on Cape Romano, Ten Thousand Islands, FL.
  • At the sound of the cannon teams take off into the course in any direction they choose.
  • Teams will have two and a half hours to collect one doubloon from each of the 15 treasure chests.
  • The team that collects all the doubloons and crosses the finish line in the fastest time, wins!
  • All team members must be present at the beach with their medallions before they may cross the finish line.

Additional Info/Rules
  • All teams will consist of 4 team members. Participants will be assigned to a team if they enter as an individual
  • Participants may have more than one person per board if they choose, but may not go over the 4 person per team restriction.
  • Teams can stay together of split up, depending on strategy.
  • Each participant shall receive a map 15 minutes prior to the start of the event of the general location of each of the treasure chests
  • 15 chests total shall be anchored throughout the course, each containing 50 – 100 gold doubloons
  • Chests may run out of coins, but this plays into team strategy
  • Secret doubloons will be hidden throughout the course (not in chests) and they will be redeemable for special prizes donated by our sponsors.
  • Teams must stay on their board in mangrove areas and may only get off board in designated beach areas or to retrieve a coin.
  • Foot protection is recommended
  • PFD, Leash are required by all participants required
  • SUP and Prone will be allowed to participate. No canoes, kayaks, or boards with additional propulsion of any kind.
  • Entry fee is $25 per person/$100 per team
  • A portion of entry fees shall be donated to the Rookery Bay Estuarine Research Reserve


Check In, The Captains Meeting, The Main Event and all pre and post event activities shall take place on Cape Romano. There shall be several "On Island" Events happening from Friday, February 9th until Sunday, February 11th. Food, drinks, music, bonfires, Manufacturer equipment and board demos, an on beach screening of "Plastic Oceans", shall be provided at Sponsor Campsites. Food Boats shall be anchored offshore 24 hours a day from mid day Friday until Saturday night. Cape Romano is an uninhabited Island with no bathrooms, fresh water or shelter. We'll post Cape Romano camping area maps and guidelines that shall assist in your preparation and planning to make this weekend one to remember.

Mainland Launching Points:​ 

Check In:​ Friday 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm, Saturday, 7:00 am - 9:30 am at the Check In Tent on the Beach on Morgan Key Beach, Cape Romano.

On Site Location:​ Morgan Key Beach, Cape Romano, Ten Thousand Islands. Located on the west or Gulf Side of Cape Romano. We will use this as our staging area for the start of the race and where racers shall come back to when completing the course to turn in their medallions.

Captains Meeting: ​Morgan Key Beach, Ten Thousand Island, FL - ​Saturday, 10:30 am in front of Director’s Tent in front of large map of the course. All teams shall gather and receive direction on the start procedure, confines of the course, medallion checkpoints, safety guidelines, location of safety boats, time limit and medallion turn in point for finish.

Friday Afternoon Schedule​, November 17th

Departing JW Marriott Marco Island 2:00 pm

Cape Romano 2:30 pm

JW Marriott Marco Island 3:00 pm

Cape Romano 3:30 pm

JW Marriott Marco Island 4:00 pm

Cape Romano 4:30 pm

JW Marriott Marco Island 5:00 pm

Cape Romano 5:30 pm

Saturday Morning Schedule​, November 18th

Departing JW Marriott Marco Island 7:00 am

Cape Romano 7:30 am

South JW Marriott Marco Island 8:00 am

Cape Romano 8:30 am

South JW Marriott Marco Island 9:00 am

Cape Romano 9:30 am

JW Marriott Marco Island 10:00 pm

Stay on Cape Romano 10:30 pm

Saturday Afternoon Schedule​, November 18th

Departing Cape Romano 2:00 pm

JW Marriott Marco Island 2:30 pm

Cape Romano 3:00 pm

JW Marriott Marco Island 3:30 pm

Cape Romano 4:00 pm

JW Marriott Marco Island 4:30 pm

Cape Romano 5:00 pm

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Beth Schadd, Damien Lin, Donna Catron, Jen Hayes4Team of 4OpenGirl
Mario Kroeff, Chip Walter, Lizi Ruiz, Raul Ruiz5Team of 4OpenMixed
Barrett Hoard, Tim Warner, Jennifer Hoard, John Meskauskas6Team of 4OpenMixed
Alex Irons, Allie Mcclory, Christine Irons, Chip Irons7Team of 4OpenMixed
Nicolette Christopher, Heather Hamel, Silvana Visbal, Arianna Bowman8Team of 4OpenGirl
Natty Yacoub, Daniel Daniello, Sydney Carey, Nicole Jackman9Team of 4OpenMixed
Laura Wyness, Rebecca Polzin, Melissa Wyness, Cyrus Pattermann10Team of 4OpenMixed
Karen Kennedy, Cindy Gibson, Katherine Pyne, Aymee Vasquez11Team of 4OpenGirl
Matt Flores, Bryan Flores, Christian Holmes, Trenton Kincaid-tucker12Team of 4OpenGuy
Kenny Main, Pat Butler, Bobby Richardson, Brad Neville13Team of 4OpenGuy
Daniel Clark, Robert Sorenson, Jason Nardella, Talayna Fortunato14Team of 4OpenMixed
Stephanie Dangler, Jodi Ziajka, Steve Nagy, Stephanie Dangler15Team of 4OpenMixed
Ella Khan, Alexis Cubillo, Alex Deiorio, Estefania Filgueiras17Team of 4OpenGirl
Luis Henrique Baster Massud, Eduardo Perez, Georgios Kollilekas, Luiz Pereira18Team of 4OpenGuy
Michaela Raffaele, Alexis Kish, Justin Lent, Jacob Smith19Team of 4OpenMixed
Giovanni Zago, Lucas Tafuri, Felipe Bof, Henrique Trindade20Team of 4OpenGuy
Kaillani Ribeiro, Arthur Pons, Leonardo Nakau Murata Silverio, Henrique Correa21Team of 4OpenGuy
Henrique Rizzi Ferreira, Carlos Santos, Cristiano Fernandes Filho, Henrique Guimaraes22Team of 4OpenGuy
Adam Pollock, Kim Hillhouse, Erika Lane, Malissa Austin23Team of 4OpenMixed
Arthur Mello, Carlos Jose Sousa Santos, Mateus Munhoz, Thiago Trigo24Team of 4OpenGuy
Hernan Grosbard16SUP (All)OpenGuy
Sophina White25SUP (All)OpenGirl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The Map below is an aerial view of Cape Romano and outlines the routes through the Islands and Mangroves that the Treasure Chests may be found. A detailed map of the exact treasure chests shall be given out at the Captains Meeting, 15 minutes before the start of the race.

Directions to the JW Marriott Marco Island Beach Resort:
400 South Collier Boulevard
Marco Island, FL 34145
Telephone: (239) 394-2511

From Tampa: 
Take I-75 south to exit 101
Take CR-951 South to Marco Island where 951 turns into Collier Boulevard.
The Resort is on the right.

From Miami: 
Take I-75 towards Naples
Take Exit #101 (CR-951) towards Marco Island/Naples.
Turn Left onto Collier Boulevard.
The Resort is on the right.

There are two main public access points on South Marco Island close to the Cape Romano staging area, South Marco Island Public Beach Access and Caxambas Park. Both would require the dropping off of boards and other equipment and then finding parking for your vehicle. 

Their addresses are:

South Marco Island Public Beach Access (southern most tip of Marco Island, a mile south of the JW Marriott)
930 Swallow Ave.
Marco Island, FL 34145

Caxambas Park
Collier Ct,
Marco Island, FL 34145

A third option is much farther away but may be easier for parking and the unloading boards and gear, it is called Caloosa Island Marina. 

Caloosa Island Marina
385 Angler Dr.
Goodland, FL 34140
(239) 394-3668 

Many Teams that have organized the rental of a boat, jetskis or chartered their own transportation have down so through Caloosa Island Marina. 


Feb 10, 2018


Cape Romano, Collier County, FL