Ride the Bull 2018

The 6th annual Ride the Bull race will be held on June 16, 2018. Hosted by Wesley Echols and Tim Dwyer, this 9 mile race on Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay is a true open-water event, with rough ocean conditions likely. Although primarily for surfskis, outrigger canoes are also welcome to participate.

There is no registration fee for this race.  However, you must register prior to race day unless you receive express permission from Wesley or Tim.  No awards will be given, but this race is part of both the SurfskiRacing.com and New England Surfski point series. There will likewise be no food or drink provided, although we'll go out together after the race for lunch.  

Here's a link to the course map. Paddlers will meet at Fort Wetherill, located off of Fort Wetherill Road in Jamestown, Rhode Island.

11:30 - Registration and check-in
12:30 - Captain's meeting
1:00 - Race start

After the race, we'll gather for lunch elsewhere in Jamestown.

Past Results and Race Reports
2017 Race Report from Wesley Echols
2017 Race Report from Greg Lesher
2016 Race Report from Wesley Echols
2016 Race Report from Greg Lesher
2015 Race Report from Greg Lesher

See Surfski America for past results.

Disclaimer and Warning
This race is being run under the Common Adventure model.  You are responsible for your own safety.  The race directors assume no liability.  There will be no chase boats.  All paddlers must have a PFD, leg or paddle leash, phone or VHF radio in waterproof case, and whistle.  Failure to carry these items will result in exclusion from the official results.  Orange smoke flares are highly recommended, but not required.  Do not register for this race unless you are comfortable paddling alone in rough water and have good self-rescue skills.
11:30 - Registration and check-in
12:30 - Captain's meeting
1:00 - Race start

After the race, we'll gather for lunch elsewhere in Jamestown.

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Greg Lesher1Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Timothy Dwyer2Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Guy Gilliland3Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

The course has a few twists and turns, so please study the directions and look at the map carefully.

Starting from West Cove, you'll round the rock at the mouth of the cove and proceed west into Concord Gulf Cove, where you'll go inside of an orange marker buoy deep in the cove.  You'll then continue west around Southwest Point, turning into Mackerel Cove.  A short ways into this cove, you'll round a small island close to the shore (counterclockwise), then head southwest across Mackerel Cove towards Short Point.  You'll round the point and head into Hull Cove, where you'll round an orange marker buoy (counterclockwise) before heading back around Short Point.  You'll reverse your path across Mackerel Cove, round the small island you turned on a while back (this time clockwise), then repeat the lap back around the marker in Hull Cove.  So you'll be crossing Mackerel Cove 4 times total.

As you finish the second lap you'll round the island in Mackerel Cove (still clockwise) and start reversing the first part of the course.  You'll go back around Southwest Point, inside of the marker buoy in Concord Gulf Cove and head east back past the start.  You'll continue east along the south coast of Jamestown, past the Fort Wetherill boat docks, past Bull Point (inside of the large rocky island off the coast), past the House on the Rock, and turn on green channel buoy G-11 (counterclockwise).

You're now heading home.  Retrace your steps west past the House on the Rock,  Bull Point, and the Fort Wetherill boat docks.  You'll now be back at the start at West Cove.  Continue across the mouth of that cove, cutting between shore and the rocky island off the far point (the one you went around at the start).  You'll finish in the small cove where you launched your boat at the last rocky point on the shore to your right.

(and then click on the little map markers for additional info)

Naturally, the course may be changed if conditions warrant.
The race will start near the easternmost parking lot on the one-way road within Fort Wetherill State Park.  Ample parking is available.

There will be a post-race gathering somewhere within a 10 minute drive of the race venue.


Jun 16, 2018


Jamestown, RI