Riverthon℠: The Ohio River Challenge 2016

About Riverthon:The Ohio River Challenge

September 17th, 2016

Riverthon℠ is a series of three paddle sport racing events that take place on the mighty Ohio River within the greater Louisville, KY area. Our signature event is the Louisville 50 Race, a 50 mile race from Westport to West Point, KY. Enter the Mayors Cup 22 Race and be the first male and female solo paddler to cross the finish line and have your name engraved on the Louisville Mayor’s Cup trophy. Experience the thrill of open water paddling racing 7 miles downstream in the Ohio River 7 Race. Each of these are a fun, challenging, and unique way to connect with the water, fellow paddlers, and experience both the rural beauty of the Ohio River Valley and the Louisville area urban landscapes and architecture along the way.

Registration Deadline: September 8th at 12 PM EST

Admiral Level Sponsors:

Stellar Kayaks River City, Stellar Kayaks, and Metro Louisville

Schedule of Events

Race Day: Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weather Date: Sunday, September 18, 2016

Friday, September 16

  • 4 - 7 P. M Westport Boat Dock: Stellar Kayak River City Demo                       Our Admiral level sponsor Stellar Kayaks River City invites you to join them for a Stellar Kayaks Demo clinic as part of the 2016 Riverthon: The Ohio River Challenge schedule of events. SKRC owner, Pat Dour will have several models of Stellar Kayaks surfskis and kayaks available for a test paddle at the Westport boat ramp the Friday afternoon before the 2016 Riverthon. When you come to drop off your boat for race day, feel free to sign a waiver, and take a Stellar out for a demo paddle on the Ohio. This event is free, open to the public, and all level of paddlers are welcome to join. Please remember to bring your PFD, which must be worn while paddling any of the demo boats. Stellar paddles will also be availabe for demo and other paddling items available to look at and try on, like the Mocke Paddling Racer PFD. Riverthon event special pricing on boats and gear will be available at the demo. We hope to see you there!
  • 5 - 10 P.M Westport Boat Dock: welcoming bonfire, boat drop off and          pre-registration.

Saturday, September 17: 

Registration begins 2 hours before the race begins, the mandatory captain's meeting is 45 min. before the race begins.


  • The Louisville 50: Westport to West Point -  race begins 7 A.M .
  • The Mayor’s Cup 22: Westport to Downtown Louisville - race begins 11 A.M .
  • The Ohio River 7:   Harrods Creek to Downtown Louisville – race begins 2 P.M .

Finish line celebration – 3 to 8 P.M

Refreshments: 3 P.M to 7 P.M (The National Jug Band Jubilee is going on at the same time)

Dinner: 6:30 P.M

Awards: 7:00 P.M  (some of the Louisville 50 paddlers might still be on the river)

Check for updates on the Riverthon℠ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Riverthon

Questions email:

  • Riverthoninfo@gmail.com 
  • Gerry@explorekentucky.us

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Jim Brunton1Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Joe Rice8SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Andrew Clones10Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Ron Hatch, Jaime Bays16C2AllGuy
Jason Bonner21Sea KayakAllGuy
Tim Schramm23High Performance KayakAllGuy
Will Ryan, Dick Ryan30C2AllGuy
Chris Chandler35Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Ryan Milby37Sea KayakAllGuy
Karen Miller, Keith Miller46K2AllMixed
Scott Kellogg52KayakAllGuy
Lee Droppelman53Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Shaun Ross69KayakAllGuy
Chris Williams73Sea KayakAllGuy
Eric Buelna74Sea KayakAllGuy
Randy Ray75Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Lauren Milby78Fast Sea KayakAllGirl
Steve Weeks98C1AllGuy
David Kannappel111Sea KayakAllGuy
Mary Flynn2High Performance Kayakmiddle age - 19 to 60 Girl
Mary Louise Graff3OC-1middle age - 19 to 60 Girl
Patrick Dour6Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Lora Shepherd7Sea KayakAllGirl
David Long9Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Larry Holt11KayakAllGuy
Ronald Hall15C1AllGuy
Kathy Jones19Sea KayakAllGirl
Cierra Woodard22Sea KayakAllGirl
Mike Caudill32Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Andrew Lorenz34Sea KayakAllGuy
Ethan Kopke, Brian Kopke36C2AllGuy
Fred Tuttle, Fred Tuttle42C2AllGuy
Adrian Angell45SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Jacob Naylor48KayakAllGuy
Lisa Sciara50Sea KayakAllGirl
Jerry Gillissen51High Performance KayakAllGuy
Cara Gaines55KayakAllGirl
June Mizoguchi65SUP 12'6"AllGuy
David Wicks66Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Wayne Chatfield71Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
William Cummins76High Performance KayakAllGuy
Larry Hill77SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Adam Schoenbachler79KayakAllGuy
Elizabeth Schluter81SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Leslie Maclin82SUP 12'6"AllGirl
William Jackson84Sea KayakAllGuy
Jack Mangeot85KayakAllGuy
Deb Klapperich91SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Jacob Crox94SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Kris Davis95Sea KayakAllGuy
Todd Schindler96High Performance KayakAllGuy
Aaron Denney97Sea KayakAllGuy
Troy Hickman100Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
David Leach, Bernadette Leach103OC-2AllMixed
Adrienne Beers, Nicholas Josefik104C2AllMixed
Alex Davila106Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Eileen Burk, Brad Kinckiner, Mike Maggard, Jose Tellez108C4AllMixed
Justin Thompson109Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Gerry James13SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Jonathan Ware14SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Doug King17SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Darryl Gibson18KayakAllGuy
Hugh Brooks24SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Mimi Hahn25SUP Under 12'6"AllGirl
Bruce Hahn26SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Ben Miller27SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Max Wike28SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Molly Wike29SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Kristen Clifford31SUP Under 12'6"AllGirl
Eric Doran33SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Joe Stibler, Bill Serad38K2AllGuy
Matt Walker39C1AllGuy
Leah Fuller40SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Jonathan Egan41SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Casey Scherzinger44SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGirl
Charles Luke49SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Sue Douglas54Fast Sea KayakAllGirl
Donna Hall57KayakAllGirl
Matt Hall58KayakAllGuy
Charles Westrip, Charles Westrip59K2AllMixed
Holly Westrip, Holly Westrip60K2AllMixed
Georgianna Dotson61SUP Under 12'6"AllGirl
Edie Call62SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Daniel Bates63Prone (All)AllGuy
Cecil Mcfarland64KayakAllGuy
Andrew Alvarez68SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Ted Nelson70SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Chuck Clark72SUP Under 12'6"AllGuy
Vicki Lohr80KayakAllGirl
Debra Cyrus83KayakAllGirl
Marla Layton86SUP Under 12'6"AllGirl
Melissa Modlinski87SUP Under 12'6"AllGirl
Ellen Van Nagell92SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Richard Davis93KayakAllGuy
Bob Cummins99Fast Sea KayakAllGuy
Brady Doran102SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Alan Farmer, Kevin Wieman105C2AllGuy
Zack Tharp108SUP 14' & UnlimitedAllGuy
Shannon Miller110SUP Under 12'6"AllGirl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Louisville Community Boathouse


1435 River Road

Louisville, KY, 40206

(Waterfront Park -Yellow Parking Lot on River Road)


http://louisvilleky.gov/government/ parks/louisville-community-boathouse


Mailing Address:

Louisville Community Boathouse

c/o Metro Special Events

527 West Jefferson Street

Louisville, KY 40202

The Louisville 50 and the Mayors Cup (22​ Mile) races begin at Westport Park and Boat Dock,  656​7 Main Street,  WestportKY 40077

The Ohio River 7 mile race begins at Captain's Quarters at the confluence of Harrods Creek and the Ohio River.

5700 Captains Quarters Road, Prospect, KY 40059

The Louisville 50 finish line is at:

West Point Park on the Ohio 

 399 North 4th Street   

West Point, KY 40177

The Awards Ceremony for all Riverthon events are at the Community Boathouse

Detailed paddling and shore information available at www.riverthon.org


Sep 17, 2016


Louisville, KY