SUP Run Championships McNears Beach San Rafael


The SUP Run Championships @ McNears Beach San Rafael, Ca
4 Mile SUP Race followed by 4 Mile Running Race

$40 Entrance Fee Per Competitor (
$10 per car park entrance fee (payed at the park entrance gate).

Men Race 14' SUP Maximum (shorter boards are welcome/encouraged to race but there is one. Open Division is up to 55 years of age. Masters is 56+)

Women Race 12'6 SUP Maximum (shorter boards are welcome/encouraged to race but there is only one division for scoring. Open Division is up to 55 years of age. Masters is 56+)

Race boards available for rent with Paddle and Life Jacket delivered to the race site for only $30.

Pre-race Party Friday October 28th 6pm @ 101 Surf Sports 115 Third St. San Rafael.

Saturday October 29th - McNears Beach
8am Gates Open
8:30am - 9:45am Mandatory Check In
10am Skippers Mandatory Meeting
10:30am Start
1pm Awards Ceremony

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Brian London2AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Holly London3AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Madeleine King4AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Lynne Robertson5AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Brian Thomas6AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Rick Coven7AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Angela Rafner8AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Rick Harbeck9AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Ashley Taylor10AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Catherine Lucey11AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Andi Traynor12AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Bill Cheney13AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Julian Mitchell14AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Debbie Parish15AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Rebecca Cushing16AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Kate Major17AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Justin Kelly18AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Lori Drourr19AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Pete Gauvin20AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Jeremy Lee21AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Kalia Alexiou22AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Dan Miller23AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Nathan Lau24AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Barry Wicks25AllOpen - up to 55Guy
John Alexiou26AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Dave Hook27AllMasters 56+Guy
Cary Riter28AllMasters 56+Guy
Matt Haisch29AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Jackie Auchard30AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Karen N Chen31AllOpen - up to 55Girl
Bryce Harbert32AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Janet Walp33AllMasters 56+Girl
May Yang34AllOpen - up to 55Girl
James Robison35AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Leo Montero36AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Darren Howe37AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Josh Mcdonald38AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Ben Liu39AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Geoff James40AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Mitch Powers41AllMasters 56+Guy
Grant Mcfadyen42AllOpen - up to 55Guy
Graham Marshall43AllOpen - up to 55Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

To be released the week before the race.
200 Cantera Way - San Rafael,-122.457612


Oct 29, 2016


San Rafael, CA