SUP to SERVE : A Paddle for a Purpose Community Fundraiser

The vision of SUP to Serve is to bring paddlers together for the purpose of raising awareness and financial support for local charities. This year’s event sponsors the Rhonda Coon Woman's Home in Fort Walton Beach, an organization dedicated to providing aid to women needing safe housing, counseling, life skills, and other needs.  100% of all proceeds go to the home.

The Gulf Restaurant is this year's host site. It is a perfect location with good food, beverage, and great water conditions for paddlers at any level!

If you sign up for one of the races then you do not also need to sign up and pay for the Group Paddle. However, if you are only interested in the Group Paddle then you are required to sign up and pay to support the cause. *Kids under 12 paddle for free.

We can't wait to see you at our inaugural event!!! 
7:00AM - The Gulf will open its doors for board drop off.
*Please drop off boards on beach side of building (look for flagged walkway)

7:30AM - Registration and Check-In will begin. * Prices will be increased $5 day of. Pre-register to save.

9:00AM - 1 Mile Race Start

10:00AM - 5 Mile Race Start

12:15PM - GROUP PADDLE *We encourage racers to also participate in the group paddle to support the cause.

We welcome you to stay at The Gulf, eat, drink, play for as long as you would like!!!

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Cassandra Andrea1AllAllAll
Todd Mcginnis3AllAllAll
Patrick Tatum5AllAllGuy
Michael Alger11AllAllGuy
Jk Devoe15AllAllGirl
Lisa Goldsmith20AllAllGirl
Buddy Goldsmith21AllAllGuy
Baili Mcdonald24AllAllGirl
Grant Taylor25AllAllGuy
Andrew Lanier26AllAllGuy
Rachel Sanders30AllAllGirl
Mark Elliott32AllAllGuy
Jonathan Steinmetz35AllAllGuy
Rick Meredith36AllAllGuy
Jordan Meredith37AllAllGirl
Barbara Brown38All50+Girl
Heather Shultz40All49 & underGirl
Bonnie Broersma41All50+Guy
Tina Suton42All50+Girl
Sherry Borsos44All49 & underGirl
Mark Broersma45All49 & underGirl
Lisa Boisjolie47All50+Girl
Tony Gomez48All50+Guy
Gary Maddock4SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Stefan Halushka10SUP Under 12'6"50+Guy
Edward Rudzki12SUP 14'50+Guy
Mj Janczewski13All other types49 & UnderGirl
Jack Bartlett22SUP 14'49 & UnderGuy
Stephen Gornto27SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Phil Asselin28All other types49 & UnderGuy
Curt Hawn29SUP 14'50+Guy
Rob Hansill31SUP 14'49 & UnderGuy
Ken Asbell39SUP 14'50+Guy
Kent Sutton43SUP 14'50+Guy
Chris Irons46SUP 14'49 & UnderGuy
Blake Dumas49SUP 12'6"49 & UnderGuy
Steve Heagerty50SUP 12'6"49 & UnderGuy
Scott Boisjolie51SUP 14'50+Guy
Norbert Nebucz52SUP 14'49 & UnderGuy
Maciej Guzik53SUP Under 12'6"49 & UnderGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Jul 29, 2017


Fort Walton Beach, FL