San Quentin Breakout

The Second Annual Marin Brewing Company San Quentin Breakout Paddle race is on tap! This 7 mile one way paddle is an adventure on two bays. Start on San Francisco Bay - go under the Richmond Bridge - Marin Islands to port and finish 7 miles later with a lunch at 101 Surf Sports! No short course this time around!

We'll be celebrating St Patrick's Day in full force so please 'be green' and ready to have a good time after racing.

Shuttle 1 Leaves 101 Surf Sports - 10:00am (these shuttle CAN carry your boards to the start)

Shuttle 2 Leaves 101 Surf Sports - 11:00am (these shuttle CAN carry your boards to the start)

Registration & (Energy Bars and Water) - Larkspur landing from 10:30:11:30 (just past Marin Country Mart Mall in Larkspur)

Mandatory Skippers Meeting - 11:30 pm (road side parking just past the Marin Country Mart Larskpur Mall/1/2 mile or so past Golden Gate Ferry terminal)

Start - NOON SHARP pm

Shuttle 1 Back to Larkspur - 2:00pm

St Patrick's Awards/Marin Brewco Beer - 2:30pm -

Shuttle 2 Back to Larkspur - 3:15pm (these shuttles can not carry boards)

Final Shuttle Back to Larkspur - 4:00pm (these shuttles can not carry boards)

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Rick Simonsen1Surfski Single50+Guy
Cathie Simonsen2Surfski Single50+Girl
Sarah Cary3SUP Surfboard50+Girl
Luc Cary4SUP Unlimited18-49Guy
Cary Fergus5OC-150+Guy
Mike Chamberlain6Surfski Single18-49Guy
Aaron Mckinnon7Prone Unlimited18-49Guy
Emily Matthews8SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
David Bell9OC-150+Guy
Robert Macias10SUP 14'18-49Guy
Mike Crimmins11SUP 14'50+Guy
Riley Hurd12SUP 14'18-49Guy
Geoff James13SUP 14'50+Guy
Matt Hinckley14Surfski Single18-49Guy
Charlie Dresow15SUP 14'18-49Guy
Bob Cooper16Kayak50+Guy
Karen Lynn-lieb17SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Thad Lieb18SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Elaine Baden, John Dye19Surfski Double50+Mixed
Frank Perrott20SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Dino Wilson21SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Paul Macintyre22Surfski Single50+Guy
Benjamin Sarrazin23SUP 14'18-49Guy
Bojan Bernard24SUP 14'50+Guy
Dave Hook25SUP Surfboard50+Guy
Fred Andersen26SUP 14'50+Guy
John Alexiou27SUP 14'18-49Guy
Madeleine King28SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Lia Gaetano29Surfski Single18-49Girl
Jennifer Fuller30SUP 12'6"50+Girl
Jay Prigge31SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
James Robison32SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Chris Skelton33SUP 14'18-49Guy
Bruce Walters34SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Steve Funk35SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Heidi Scoble, Frank Peronetto36Surfski Double18-49Mixed
Ryan Funk37SUP 12'6"U18Guy
Travis Kelleher38SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Ian Torrey39Prone 14'18-49Guy
Mark Craig40SUP 14'18-49Guy
Kalia Alexiou41SUP 12'6"U18Girl
Kate Craig42Prone StockU18Girl
John Allen43SUP 14'50+Guy
Sumi Kaga44SUP 12'6"50+Girl
John Walsh45SUP 12'6"18-49Guy
Steve Smith48SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Alan Reynolds49SUP 12'6"50+Guy
Maura Prendiville50SUP 12'6"18-49Girl
Scott Estrada51SUP 14'18-49Guy
Kurt Kaunzinger52Surfski Single50+Guy
Rick Coven53Prone Stock50+Guy
Zack Cohen54Prone Stock18-49Guy
Brian Thomas55Prone 14'50+Guy
Kristen Podolak56Surfski Single18-49Girl
Liam Murphy57Prone Unlimited18-49Guy
Chris Naeve58SUP 14'18-49Guy
David Roseland59Prone 14'50+Guy
Nick Franco60Prone Unlimited18-49Guy
Joel Comer61SUP 14'50+Guy
Jean Rathle62SUP 14'50+Guy
Shane Rathle63SUP 12'6"U18Guy
Stephen Pugh64SUP 14'50+Guy
Tyler Conroy65Prone 14'18-49Guy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Starting Line - just off the Golden Gate Ferry Terminal in Larkspur. Then through the designated portion of the Richmond San Rafael Bridge (see image at bottom). Make a left hand rounding of the Marin Islands and finish in front of the dock at 101 Surf Sports. NOTE - To finish you must pass the finish line with the buoy on your left hand side and the 101 Surf Sports dock on your right. 

Meet at 101 Surf Sports please to take advantage of for before racing shuttles. This will really help us out. If you want parking is available at the starting line. There are two lots of parking at the starting line. About a 1/2 mile past the Golden Gate Ferry terminal. on East Sir Francis Drake Road you will see a strip of parking by the side of the road. Further down - directly in front of the front gates of San Quentin Prison is a bigger parking area. We will be set up with registration and checking at the first smaller lot. Everyone MUST CHECK IN.
Directions to 101 Surf Sports (101 Surf Sports is where to catch the shuttle and where the finish line will be)

Staring Line Directions - Look up San Quentin Prison on Google. We are  starting on East Sir Francis Drake between the prison front gates and the Marin Country Mart Mall.


Mar 15, 2014


San Rafael, CA