Sandy Point Paddlefest ***Date Changed to Oct 10th***

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Join Special Olympics Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay on Saturday, October 10th, 2015 at picturesque Sandy Point State Park in Annapolis, Maryland for a fun-filled, family friendly day on the water.  We have races for all ability levels for both Stand Up Paddlers and Kayakers.  

Registration Fees
Technical Slalom "Elite" Course
  • $55 through August 1st (with coupon code 'earlybird')
  • $65 through October 9th
  • $75 Day-Of

Rec Course

  • $40 through August 1st (with coupon code 'earlybird')
  • $50 through October 9th
  • $60 Day-Of

We will also have Day of registration for a short and free kid's race that will take place in the protected portion of East Beach.  Kid's can use provided boards and paddles or use a board of their choosing 11'6" or less in length. 

      We couldn't do this without the support of amazing sponsors.  Please consider a sponsorship to support an amazing cause.  Information about sponsorship can be found in the sponsor package here: Sponsorship Information

      We have teamed up with some great shops for participants looking to rent stand-up boards or kayaks for this event.  All rentals will be brought to Sandy Point the day of the event, so no need to worry, just show up, get your board and join the fun.  

      For Stand Up Paddle rentals, the Sandy Point Paddlefest preferred providers are:

      For Kayak rentals, the Sandy Point Paddlefest preferred providers are:

      Contact: or (443) 231-7096
      The following schedule is subject to change depending on race-day conditions:

      7-8:30 am - Registration/Check-in
      8:50 am    - Welcome/Recreational Racer's Meeting
      9:05 am    - Recreational Race Start
      10:00 am  - Elite Racer's Meeting
      10:15 am  - Elite Race Start
      Noon         - Lunch
      1:00 pm     - Kid's 2-lap Sprint Race (Day of Registration ONLY)
      1:30 pm    - Awards/Acknowledgements/Closing Remarks

      Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

      Sophie Troy41KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
      Neil Macindoe3SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Emerson Smith26SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Mary Howser27SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Alicia Shea29SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Jeff Cook32SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Wyatt Everhart50SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Shendan Grove51SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Jeffrey Matthews59SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Basil Tydings61SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Jack Ballard69SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Meredith Jorss71SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Scott Jorss72SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Erik Kauffman73SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Rich Price74SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Kevin Rawls75SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Matthew Nacy80SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Lianne Dunbar84SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Scott Barbour87SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Charlie Bauer92SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Jason Phipps95SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Ron Gossard97SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Nicholas Bollinger98SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Bryan Barton104SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Pete Bova1SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Candice Hill2SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Cindy Sating4SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Jody Fillman5SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Linda Kirchner6SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Donna Smith7SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Adriane Watson8SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Danielle Lowe9SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Bev Mansfield10SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Ellen Meissner11SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Jennifer Lahtinen12SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Jennifer Erline13SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Philip Depalo14SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Keri Kilbourne15SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Robert Turner16SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Nicole Wagner17SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Lisa Minker18SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Alexandra Wehling19SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Christi Darcy20SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Jessica Wisner21SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Sonia Montes De Oca22SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Eileen Kurtz23SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Mark Sanfacon24SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Jim Calvert25SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Kelly Cooke28SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Christopher Buell30SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Erin Kundolf31SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Heather Johnson33SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Karla Horton34SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Scott Cooper35SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Marissa Walch36SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Margo Coruzzi37SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Grorge Norberg38SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Aysha Saqib39SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Lesa Sipes-eser40SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Chris Warner42SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Moria Nisbet43SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Mark Vanreuth44SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Cira Pereira45SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Brooke Donlon46SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Corrie Spohn47SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Stephan Abel48SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Ursula Abel49SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      John Chiu52SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Katie Ficca53SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Geno Giordano54SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Kyle Barnes55SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Nick Hock56SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Garry Jakoby57SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Michelle Scott58SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Julie Coyle60SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Elyza Dolby62SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Jay Schwarz63SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Sarah Minard64SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Michelle Barrick65SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Carleen Birnes66SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Kathy Jones67SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Teresa Byrnes68SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Julie Santoboni70SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      William Barrish76SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Nicholas Barrish77SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Veronica Lee78SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Jon Valentine79KayakOpen (All Ages)Guy
      Tristan Hinkley81SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Guy
      Jessie Benson82SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Erin Hoyle83SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Ben Hoyle85SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Cortney Butler86SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Corey Butler88SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Caitlin Butler89SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Christopher Nacy90SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Julie Mychalus91SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Lindsey Bauer93SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Nicci Deangelo94SUP 14'Open (All Ages)Girl
      Justin Markel96SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Gary Katz99SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Tyler Grove100SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Lois King101SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl
      Griff Hall102SUP Under 12'6"Open (All Ages)Guy
      Tine Dickey103SUP 12'6"Open (All Ages)Girl

      Results Select an event to view results.

      Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

      There are two courses for this event: an Elite 5-mile slalom (in & out) course (4 laps) for SUP and a Recreational 2.5-mile (out & back) course (1 lap) for SUP and Kayaks.  The kid's race will feature a short sprint course within the protected area on East Beach with a short beach run.

      Technical Course Map - 4 laps with beach run

      Recreational Course around the Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse and back

      Sandy Point Shoal Lighthouse

      Sandy Point is at the western terminus of the Bay Bridge, off U.S. Routes 50/301 at exit 32.  The event is located in the East Beach area. 


      Oct 10, 2015


      Annapolis, MD