Sea TreK 35th Annual Regatta

The annual Sea Trek Regatta is a chance for the Bay Area paddling community to share in a fun and challenging day of paddling on San Francisco Bay. Come join us on Saturday October 21st for the West Coast’s largest, most popular, and definitely most fun sea kayaking event of the year. The Regatta is open to sea kayakers, stand-up paddlers, outriggers, and other paddling crafts.
This years Sea Trek Regatta is a benefit for Environmental Traveling Companions (ETC), a Bay Area nonprofit organization providing accessible outdoor adventures for people with disabilities and disadvantaged youth since 1972.
With a variety of race classes and courses, the Regatta is perfect for paddlers looking to race competitively as well as those who are just looking for a spirited paddling event to support a great cause!
Registration starts at 7 am
Mass Start at 10 am Sharp

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Bob Cooper5Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Guy
Thu Sokol7SUP Under 12'6"OpenGirl
Jackie Klinck12Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGirl
Susan Rumsey13Kayak Sit on Top (1)Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Karen Hawkes22SUP Under 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Bruce Ahlbom26SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Jerry Albright, Charlie Albright, Kay Albright27Team of 3Sr. Masters 50+Mixed
Avis Licht, Bob Licht3Sea Kayak DoubleSr. Masters 50+Mixed
Scott Langmack6Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Bruce Chan10Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Beta Colussi11Sea KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Wes Wittey, Robert Pippin15Sea Kayak DoubleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Carina Trowbridge16SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Alice Jessup17Sea KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Steven Yan19Surfski SingleOpen (All Ages)Guy
Jonathan Gray23Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Shelley Levin25Sea KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Kristy Moulton28Sea KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Tanya Baxter29Sea KayakOpen (All Ages)Girl
Patricia Shea30Sea KayakSr. Masters 50+Girl
Galen Licht, Kiki Wykstra2Surfski DoubleOpenMixed
Julieta Gismondi4Surfski SingleOpenGirl
Michael Hamilton8Sea KayakOpenGuy
Joshua Marsland9SUP 14'OpenGuy
Leigh Claxton14SUP 14'Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Kenny Howell, Sean Morley18Surfski DoubleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Barry Wicks20SUP 14'OpenGuy
Paul Macintyre21Surfski SingleSr. Masters 50+Guy
Steve Ward24Surfski SingleOpenGuy

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

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Richardson Bay Course – Beginning/Intermediate, 3.45 miles: Paddlers begin at the starting line in Richardson Bay and paddle clockwise around the buoy of Belvedere Point returning to the Bay Model in Sausalito.  Requires 1-2 hours of paddling.

Angel Island Course – Advanced, 9.5 miles: Paddlers begin at the starting line in Richardson Bay, circumnavigate Angel Island going counter clockwise returning to the Bay Model in Sausalito.  Requires 2-4 hours of paddling.

Golden Gate and Angel Island Course – Expert, 13.5 miles: Paddlers begin at the starting line in Richardson Bay, paddle to the north tower of the Golden Gate Bridge and Lime Point then around little Harding Rock to Angel Island, continuing counter clockwise around the Island, returning to the Bay Model in Sausalito.  Requires 2-4 hours of paddling.


Oct 21, 2017


Sausalito, CA