Shark River Paddle Battle

You can also register in person either at Kelly's Tavern on Friday night 
or on Saturday morning from 7am-8am at Memorial Park
Shirts are first come first serve.

Located at Memorial Park in Neptune City, there will be:
- a 5 Mile Race for more experienced paddlers
- a 2.75 Mile FUN Paddle for more leisure paddlers

100% Proceeds will benefit two AMAZING charities:
$40 In-advance - guarantees a SHIRT for those who registered by Monday, 9/22 
$45 On Friday, 9/26
$50 Day-of event
Includes race entry and post-race party and buffet at D'JAIS in BELMAR.

Pre-registration and Packet Pick-up Friday 9/26 6pm-9pm at KELLY'S TAVERN in NEPTUNE.

Craft Categories:
   *12'6 & Under
   *14' & Unlimited (any SUP over 12'6 will be in this category)
   *Stock (12' or Under)
   *14' & Unlimited

SHORT COURSE (Leisure Paddle) - 2.75 Miles
SUP (All)

Age Groups:
19-39 OPEN
40-49 Masters
50+ Grand Masters

SUP RENTALS - please contact ANDY at PADDLE OUT MANASQUAN at (732) 223-3131

Friday 9/26
6-9 pm - Pre-Race Registration and Swag Pickup @ KELLY'S TAVERN PATIO (Neptune City)

Saturday 9/27
7:00 am - On-site Registration
8:00 am - Registration Closes

8:20 am - 5 Mile Race 
8:25 am - 2.75 Mile Leisure Paddle

10:45 am - After Party - D'JAIS, 18th Avenue and Ocean Avenue, Belmar, NJ

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Micki Lees1SUP (All)Masters 40-49Girl
Sandra Carlin3SUP (All)Masters 40-49Girl
Jeanne Goonan4SUP (All)Masters 40-49Girl
Laura Kupsch5SUP (All)Masters 40-49Girl
Glenn Kupsch6SUP (All)Masters 40-49Guy
Clare Freda8SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Cindy Wesloske11SUP (All)Masters 40-49Girl
Al Lees12SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Mark Lacey13SUP (All)Masters 40-49Guy
Kate Sadowska14SUP (All)Masters 40-49Girl
Erin Tompkins15Kayak Sit on Top (1)Open 19-39Girl
Michelle Hines16SUP (All)Open 19-39Girl
Justin Mcneill18SUP (All)Open 19-39Guy
Elise Dittamo20SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Diane Moss22SUP (All)Masters 40-49Girl
Tyler Lees23SUP (All)Open 19-39Guy
Tom Dombroski28SUP (All)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Kristen Harris35SUP (All)OpenGirl
Sean Duggan37SUP (All)Open 19-39Guy
Shannon Petruccelli Ortlieb38SUP (All)Open 19-39Girl
Michael Ortlieb39SUP (All)Open 19-39Guy
Jessica Pratt40SUP (All)Masters 40-49Girl
Katie Pliszka44SUP (All)OpenGirl
Juliann Gilbert46Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGirl
Mary Kate Duggan50Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGirl
Rian Landers-ramos51SUP (All)OpenGirl
Taryn Landers52Prone (All)OpenGirl
Rita Papagian54SUP (All)OpenGirl
Mary Lynn Wentway56SUP (All)OpenGirl
Robert Fioresi63SUP (All)OpenGuy
Mark Jarmon64Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGuy
Caolan Sinisi65Prone (All)OpenGirl
Michael Sinisi66Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGuy
Samantha Hamill74Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGirl
Phil Glawe77SUP (All)OpenGuy
Bill Manley79SUP (All)OpenGuy
Corrina Weinkofsky82Prone (All)OpenGirl
Marcie Jannetti83Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGirl
Sarah Tantillo86SUP (All)OpenGirl
Mike Mahedy90SUP (All)OpenGuy
Ken Gluck91SUP (All)OpenGuy
Erik Riivald92SUP (All)OpenGuy
Susan Castiglia93SUP (All)OpenGirl
Bob Kasinow96SUP (All)OpenGuy
John Rossetto101SUP (All)OpenGuy
Julie Lehr103SUP (All)OpenGirl
Raoul Nolan105SUP (All)OpenGuy
Alison Carton107SUP (All)OpenGirl
Maryellen Keane111SUP (All)OpenGirl
Mary Nacarlo112SUP (All)OpenGirl
Susan Chapman115Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGirl
James Henry121SUP (All)OpenGuy
Michele Paul124SUP (All)OpenGirl
Lynda Cubelo125SUP (All)OpenGirl
Kathy Bascom128SUP (All)OpenGirl
Patti Grabas129SUP (All)OpenGirl
Donna Silverthorne130SUP (All)OpenGirl
Edward Silvey132SUP (All)OpenGuy
Laurie Poulos140SUP (All)OpenGirl
Steve Hough141Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGuy
Taylor Hough143Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGirl
Kerry Moldoch145SUP (All)OpenGuy
Linda Moldoch146SUP (All)OpenGirl
Sarah Devin147SUP (All)OpenGirl
Vito Chiaravalloti156SUP (All)OpenGuy
Brenda Darcy157SUP (All)OpenGirl
Ross Fales160SUP (All)OpenGuy
Chris Ryan162SUP (All)OpenGuy
Howard Hough163SUP (All)OpenGuy
Liam O'donnell166Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGuy
Diane Wilson167SUP (All)OpenGirl
Chip Eichhorn168SUP (All)OpenGuy
Chris Pringle170Prone (All)OpenGuy
Matt Titko177SUP (All)OpenGuy
Victoria Elberecht183SUP (All)OpenGirl
Lisa Klein185SUP (All)OpenGirl
Eden Malone186SUP (All)OpenGirl
Shane Huteh187Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGuy
Hank Malone189SUP (All)OpenGuy
Gene Boyle192SUP (All)OpenGuy
Kerry Patterson193SUP (All)OpenGirl
Stuart Patterson194Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGuy
Christopher White195Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGuy
Mathew White196Kayak Sit on Top (1)OpenGuy
Ryan Lavender2SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Joanne Woodland7SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Jason Smith9SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Colette Tabor10SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Rebecca Mencel17SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Girl
Timothy Harris19SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Dan Nolan21SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Steve Swenson24Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Scott Cleveland25SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Miller Corrigan26Prone StockU19Guy
Brian Pasternak27Prone 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Lewis Ostrander29Prone 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Andy Seyr30SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Richard Bubnowski31SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Kim Levins32SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
Robert Demasco33SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Tania Branquinho34SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Kate Dowling36SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Mary Dawson41SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Girl
Paul Moat42SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
William Moloney43SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Sean Cavanagh45Kayak Sit on Top (1)Open 19-39Guy
John Judge47SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Alex Ferencz48Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Charles Mencel49Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Mark Spagnuolo53Prone 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
George Havranek55SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Guy
Mark Tarnuzzer57SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Guy
Kristiana Tarnuzzer58SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Michael Brazinski59Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Jennifer Nolan60SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Joshua Nolan61SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Guy
Rob Fioresi62SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Abbey Sangmeister67SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Becky Jenkins68SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Dee Schmitz69SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
John Erhardt70SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Tony Chapman71SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Todd Mooij72SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Bianca Valentini73SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Joe Lemke75Prone 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Michael Fithian76SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Guy
Josip Mars78SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Alanna Yonelunas80SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
Richard Cubelo81SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Joanna Jodar84SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Andrea Kahikina85SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
Ryan Wade87Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Gary Rancourt88SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Brad Mcginnis89SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Darryl Heale94SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Kevin Kahikina95SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Mark Colino97SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Joseph Edwards98SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Edward Greco99SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Sean Thomas100SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Christopher Kalwinsky102SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Michael Jacobus104SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Ryan Bowser106SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Guy
Deborah Fattibene108SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Girl
Leo Imperial109SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Jill Fattibene110SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Dawn Ehman113SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
Robert Milazzo114SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Krista Chapman116SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Girl
Jennie Beauchamp117SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Michael Stehle119SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Jake Schmehl120Kayak Sit on Top (1)Masters 40-49Guy
Ric Anastasi122SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Ricky Testa123Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Melanie Matthews126SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
Dan Sherman127Kayak Sit on Top (1)Open 19-39Guy
Amy Papola131SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
Dan Grothues133Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Janet Prentice134SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Josette Lata135SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
Ed O'kinsky136SUP 14' & UnlimitedSr. Masters 50+Guy
Ben Schaible137SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Harris Davis138SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Will Connaughton139SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Chris Sperry142SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Guy
Jan-richard Gaszynski144Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Rob Hammond148SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Shannon Roberts149SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Girl
Guy Peterson150SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Sean Thompson151Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Bill Mccudden152SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Tom Vroman153Prone StockOpen 19-39Guy
Joe Yonelunas154SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Dave Darcy155SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Guy
Joe Ward158SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Ryan Oliver159SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Andrew Dima161SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Patty Lawrence164SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Jack Gramlich165Surfski SingleOpen 19-39Guy
Gregory Greco169SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Mike Holcomb171SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Gerald Matthews172SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Ken Boyle173SUP 12'6"Open 19-39Guy
Doug Stetz174SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Patrick Dermody175SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Guy
Gil Ross176SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Greg Errion178SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Chris Black179SUP 14' & UnlimitedMasters 40-49Guy
Evelyn O'doherty180SUP 12'6"Masters 40-49Girl
Eric Costanzo181Surfski SingleOpen 19-39Guy
Mary Scheerer182SUP 12'6"Sr. Masters 50+Girl
Kevin Duffy184Kayak Sit on Top (1)Sr. Masters 50+Guy
Denny Hood188Prone 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Robin Delgado190SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Guy
Noel Fitzpatrick191SUP 14' & UnlimitedOpen 19-39Girl

Results Select an event to view results.

Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Memorial Park, Neptune City, NJ,+1-41+Riverview+Ave,+Neptune,+NJ/@40.1991869,-74.0358868,15z/data=!4m13!1m4!3m3!1s0x89c22877d7e7fe73:0x5252f0eee10d092e!2sMemorial+Park!3b1!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x89c22877d7e7fe73:0x5252f0eee10d092e!2m2!1d-74.03038!2d40.193736


Sep 27, 2014


Neptune, NJ