Silver Blade Regatta

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The Silver Blade Regatta is for kayaks, canoes, surfskis and stand up racing-- all on a sprint style regatta course. Silver Blade trophies and awards for top canoe, kayak, surfski and SUP paddlers!

1000m, 500m, 200m and 2000m races plus 200m relays. Utilizing all types of paddle craft. You must be on the same craft in the 200m and 2000m to win. Need minimum of 3 entries to make a division.

On Saturday, April 6th, 2013 at the USA Olympic Training Center boathouse in Chula Vista, CA.

Check out the Silver Blade Regatta Facebook Page and the San Diego Canoe Kayak Team Facebook Page!


Bring a boat/board bag or racks to put your board on in the equipment area or you can place your boat/board on the grass. You will be given your heats and lane assignments following Registration.

Please view the Silver Blade Regatta as a type of a National Team Trials in your sport. Consequently you should not be late for your race as the starter will not wait if you are not on the start line, in the correct lane and at the correct time.

We will be providing numbers and number holders for you to attach to your craft. You will need a number on your craft that corresponds to the lane that you are assigned. We will be holding a Pre-Race meeting at 9am on Saturday where you will be given last minute race instructions and then races will start promptly at 1000am.

Questions? Call (858) 273 0063 or email

DRAFT.. Actual Schedule will be posted following entry deadline.. 9:00am Check in 9:30am 2000m, 1000m and 500m Heats and Finals 12:30pm 200m Heats and Finals 3:00pm Awards

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Parker Roberts6SUP (All)U14Guy
Daniel Chevallier7SUP (All)18&UGuy
Ruthy Vesler14SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Rohan Marsters18SUP (All)U14Guy
Nicholas Petersen21SUP (All)U14Guy
Sydney Bohlman22SUP (All)18&UGirl
Dorothy Horn27SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Susie Hopper28SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Tucker Ingalls29SUP (All)18&UGuy
Michael Richards30SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Kristin Thomas31SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Noa Hopper39SUP (All)18&UGuy
Thomas Maximus41SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Ryan Maloney42SUP (All)18&UGuy
Sarah Messina43SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Rose Hinchcliff44SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Alexandria Higginson48SUP (All)U14Girl
Patrick Higginson49SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Sofia Dewolfe50SUP (All)18&UGirl
Ej Johnson52SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Andrea Johnson53SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Juliette Clark55SUP (All)U14Girl
Alleanna Clark56SUP (All)18&UGirl
Sean Pangelinan58SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Rick Ranjo59SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Ron Mays60SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Pamela Strom61SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Devin Bartlet62SUP (All)U14Girl
Shae Foudy66SUP (All)18&UGirl
Rami Zur67SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Krisztina Zur68SUP (All)Open 19+Girl
Nicholas Scheel70SUP (All)18&UGuy
Tyler Jones71SUP (All)18&UGirl
Les Hopper73SUP (All)Open 19+Guy
Chris Barlow1K1Open 19+Guy
Evan Truesdale2K118&UGuy
Josephine Ballard3K118&UGirl
Sammie Barlow4K118&UGirl
Jonathan Espinosa5K118&UGuy
Daniel Chevallier7C118&UGuy
Bayley Olds8K118&UGuy
Samantha Lee10K118&UGirl
Leilani Borm11K118&UGirl
Danielle Borm12K118&UGirl
Peggy Peattie13Surfski SingleOpen 19+Girl
Calvin Raab15K118&UGuy
Ryan Miller16K118&UGuy
Michael Miller17K118&UGuy
Brittany Reed19K118&UGirl
Sydney Bohlman22Surfski Single18&UGirl
Mira Corrao23K118&UGirl
Adam Lee24K118&UGuy
Jon Brindle25Surfski SingleOpen 19+Guy
Brittany Thibault26K1Open 19+Girl
Geome Ramirez32K118&UGirl
Michael Lowe34K118&UGuy
Sage Harmon35K118&UGuy
Carly Dacosta36K118&UGirl
Lauryn Dacosta37K118&UGirl
Teresa Boli38Surfski SingleOpen 19+Girl
Noa Hopper39K118&UGuy
Emiliana Glasser40K118&UGirl
Rose Hinchcliff44Surfski SingleOpen 19+Girl
Mike Holmes45Surfski SingleOpen 19+Guy
Austin Kieffer46K1Open 19+Guy
Austin Russell47K118&UGuy
James Mccarthy51K118&UGuy
Martin Traaseth63K1Open 19+Guy
Debra Kettler64Surfski SingleOpen 19+Girl
Kenneth Fry65Surfski SingleOpen 19+Guy
Rami Zur67K1Open 19+Guy
Krisztina Zur68K1Open 19+Girl
Hanieh Khatibi69K1Open 19+Girl
Tyler Jones71C118&UGirl
Christa Czer72K1Open 19+Girl
Les Hopper73Surfski SingleOpen 19+Guy
Parker Roberts6LightningU14Guy
Allyra Ballard9LightningU14Girl
Rohan Marsters18LightningU14Guy
Nathan Raab20LightningU14Guy
Nicholas Petersen21LightningU14Guy
Nicolas Nebel33LightningU14Guy
Hollyn Brooks57LightningU14Girl
Devin Bartlet62LightningU14Girl
Sammie Barlow, Heather Fenske, Chris Barlow1SUP RelayOpenMixed
Samantha Lee, Sydney Bohlman, Adam Lee22SUP RelayOpenMixed
Bill Maloney, Susie Hopper, Les Hopper28SUP RelayOpenMixed
Alleanna Clark, Noa Hopper, Ryan Maloney39SUP RelayU14Mixed
Katy Arnold, Mark Avina, Tyler Jones71SUP RelayOpenMixed

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Location: USA Olympic Training Center Boathouse Wueste Rd. Chula Vista, Ca.


Apr 6, 2013


Chula Vista, CA