Stand Up for the Lake 2017

This year's event will be held on the beautiful shores of Oakledge Beach in Burlington and includes a $3500 cash purse. We're expecting a huge turnout of SUP enthusiasts, racers, and all around good time people. We'll have food, clinics, a 3 mile recreational race, a 6 mile elite race, and plenty of good times. All proceeds go to benefit the Community Sailing Center.
We'll be running the race again this year at Oakledge Park on the south end of town which gives us the opportunity to run a beach start. We'll also have better access and parking for racers and spectators.


Friday, August 4th

6:00 to 8:00PM Registration Party 
Please join us for our pre-registration party at The Spot on the Dock. This is your chance to register for the race, pick up your race packet and grab a beer or two with your fellow competitors while gazing on the beautiful shores of Lake Champlain.

Saturday, August 5th

11:00 - 11:45 Onsite Registration
Come pick up your registration packets or register in person at Oakledge Park. Parking is easily available.

12:00 Elite and Rec Paddler’s Meeting
Meet Race Emcee, Marc Angelillo at the registration table to go over the day's race rules and course.  

12:15 Elite Race Start for Men & Women
This is a 6 mile course rounding the north and south buoys for two laps. The race begins with a beach start and a right hand buoy turn around the near shore buoy before heading north. After completing the second lap, paddlers will round the near shore buoy and head to the beach for a sprint across the finish line.

12:30 Recreational Race Start for Men & Women
This is a 3 mile course rounding the north and south buoys for one lap. The race begins with a beach start and a right hand buoy turn around the near shore buoy before heading north. After completing the first lap, paddlers will round the near shore buoy and head to the beach for a sprint across the finish line.

2:00 Kids Race (ages 5-11)
Kids will race from the beach to the near shore buoy and back. 

2:30 Lunch
Our fish taco bar will be set up on the beach for all racers to enjoy a complimentary lunch and beverage.

3:30 Awards Ceremony
First place trophies will be awarded to the fastest male and female paddler in the elite race along with prize money for first, second, and third places in the 14' and 12'6" board classes. We've also got a pile of prizes generously donated by our sponsors for the top recreational race winners. 

5:00 - 9:00PM After Party at The Spot on The Dock
Please join us at The Spot on the Dock for dinner and drinks and a photo slideshow of the day's activities.

Event Entries Click on an event to see who entered.

Bob Arnot101SUP 14'AllGuy
Francis Toutant102SUP 14'AllGuy
Tommy Buday106SUP 14'AllGuy
Wendy Tillett108SUP 12'6"AllGirl
David Rose109SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Vincent Dion110SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Kelsy Hartley111SUP 14'AllGirl
Mattias Eriksson113SUP 14'AllGuy
Matthew Crow114SUP 14'AllGuy
Neil Fesette116SUP 14'AllGuy
April Zilg117SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Corey Curtis118SUP 14'AllGuy
Tim Morey120SUP 14'AllGuy
Brian Macchi122SUP 12'6"AllGuy
John Miller124SUP 14'AllGuy
Terry Kent125SUP 14'AllGuy
Russ Scully126SUP 14'AllGuy
Jeff Henderson127SUP 14'AllGuy
Ali Marchildon128SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Erika Miller129SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Matt Strobeck130SUP 14'AllGuy
Laura Kavaliauskaite131SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Veronica Ribot-canales132SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Ginna Quinn133SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Bob Dale134SUP 14'AllGuy
Chris Marshall136SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Jay Appleton143SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Bruce Macdonald144SUP 14'AllGuy
Roxanne Scully148SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Chuck Patterson150SUP 14'AllGuy
Danny Stacey151SUP 14'AllGuy
Bob Lobel152SUP 14'AllGuy
Louise Schmidt153SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Andrew Kellar154SUP 14'AllGuy
Maddy Schmidt155SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Brent Schmidt156SUP 14'AllGuy
Andrew Glidden159SUP 14'AllGuy
Alex Graham161SUP 14'AllGuy
Peter Milhous162SUP 14'AllGuy
Jonathan Bischof165SUP 14'AllGuy
Wes Grove166SUP 14'AllGuy
Natalie Vorsteveld172SUP 14'AllGirl
Rachel Belino103SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Jean Laroche104SUP 14'AllGuy
Mike Steen105SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Nikki Pruksakasemsuk107SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Sean Meagher112SUP 14'AllGuy
Jay Pilcer115SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Shannon Stergas119SUP 14'AllGirl
Brett Stergas121SUP 14'AllGuy
Sean Mahon123SUP Surfboard Over 9ftAllGuy
Tyler Hornidge135SUP 14'AllGuy
Katie Marshall137SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Anna Bridges138SUP Surfboard Over 9ftAllGirl
Helaina Stergas139SUP 14'AllGirl
Shannon Lipkin140SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Baxter Scully141SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Jeff Ouellette142SUP 14'AllGuy
Ellen Miller145SUP 12'6"AllGirl
John-patrick Hui146SUP Surfboard Over 9ftAllGuy
Malia Hui147SUP Surfboard Over 9ftAllGirl
Samuel Bulcourt-lafleur149SUP Surfboard Over 9ftAllGuy
Amberly Wright157SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Mike Macdonald158SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Karen Dalury160SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Dave Winslow163SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Chris Vessey164SUP 14'AllGuy
Katie Crow167SUP 14'AllGirl
Sofi Dillof168SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Arismendy Gonzalez169SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Carrie Schumacher170SUP 14'AllGirl
Jason Starr171SUP 12'6"AllGuy
David Morgan173SUP 12'6"AllGuy
Alexandre Fortier174SUP Surfboard Over 9ftAllGuy
Allison Monniere175SUP Surfboard Over 9ftAllGirl
Tina Jarvis176SUP 12'6"AllGirl
Debby Hanley177SUP 12'6"AllGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.


Aug 5, 2017


Burlington, VT