Stand up to Alzheimer's

Join us on July 9 for a day of races to benefit Alzheimer's research. We will have a 6 mile race, a 2 mile fun race, and luck of the draw relays. 
Just because we have Stand up in our name doesnt mean you cant race other craft. SUP, Prone, OC-1, OC-2, Surfski and kayak are all welcome.
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All proceeds go to the Stanford Alzheimer's Disease Research Center

Please note that we will have water provided. Please bring reusable water bottles to fill at the event.
7:00 am - Registration opens
9:00 am - Long course start
11:00 am 2 mile fun race

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Josh Pederson4Prone (All)18-49Guy
Rob Blagg5SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
Robert Demarco8SUP Under 12'6"18-49Guy
Elaine Peat-foster9SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Girl
Claudia Breuer12SUP Under 12'6"18-49Girl
Janet Walp13SUP Under 12'6"50+Girl
Randy Whitchurch14SUP Under 12'6"50+Guy
Marla Pontrelli17SUP Under 12'6"18-49Girl
Alex Groswird19SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Levi Auchard20SUP 14' & Unlimited17uGuy
Benjamin Gradle21SUP Under 12'6"18-49Guy
Ric Ortega22SUP Under 12'6"18-49Guy
Robi Rousset24SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
Randy Bogardus27SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Bill Boosman28SUP Under 12'6"50+Guy
Kalea Mckenna29SUP Under 12'6"18-49Girl
Daniel Ward30SUP 14' & Unlimited50+Guy
Jackie Auchard31SUP Under 12'6"18-49Girl
Albert Mendoza2SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
Carolyn Jolly3SUP Under 12'6"18-29Girl
Danielle Warner6SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Girl
Alana Blagg7SUP Under 12'6"18-49Girl
Chris Cook10SUP Under 12'6"18-49Guy
Randy Whitchurch14SUP Under 12'6"50+Guy
Bud Miller15Kayak50+Guy
Shawn Cronin16SUP Under 12'6"18-49Guy
Kelly Oshea23SUP Under 12'6"18-49Girl
Victoria Sandau25SUP Under 12'6"17UGirl
Kyle Pederson32SUP Under 12'6"17UGuy
Summer Pederson33Prone (All)17UGirl
Lily Pederson34Prone (All)17UGirl
Chaz Mckenna35SUP 14' & Unlimited18-49Guy
Cary Fergus1OC-1AllGuy
Alex Kurth11Surfski SingleAllGuy
Michelle Craig26Surfski SingleAllGirl

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Note: All live times are unadjusted and unofficial.

Long course will paddle around the buoy by Lovers point and round a second buoy that will vary depending on the wind and swell direction of the day. Course will total six miles.

The short course will round a buoy roughly one mile off shore.
We will set up East of Monterey Bay Kayaks, right in from of Monterey Bay park. Monterey Bay Kayaks address is 693 Del Monte Ave


Jul 9, 2016


Monterey, CA